Thursday, December 31, 2020

Discover These New EP Releases From The Lickerish Quartet and Byron Dowd

Back in May, members of the bands Jellyfish and Imperial Drag teamed-up to create The Lickerish Quartet, and they released a four-song EP titled "Threesome, Vol. 1." Now, fast-forward eight months and on January 8th, The Lickerish Quartet with unveil, volume two of "Threesome." Again, it features only four tracks, beginning with "Do You Feel Better?," a modern, alternative-pop drug that you keep needing. The song's floating melody is very addictive, with a touch of sixties psychedelia to give it a nostalgic vibe. This is followed by the more "in-your-face" rocker "Sovereignty Blues," which moves you right along with its marching drum beat. The album closes with The Lickerish Quartet flexing their alternative rock/punk muscle with the high energy attack of "Snollygoster Goon," which hits you like a good shot in the arm of modern rock music. To find out more about The Lickerish Quartet and their latest release "Threesome, Vol. 2," please visit

We also have the arrival of the new five-song EP "High Road" from singer/songwriter Byron Dowd. After the birth of his son, Dowd stepped away from music following the 2012 release of his debut album. A simple question from his son asking why his Dad has so many guitars that he does not use, inspired Byron Dowd to once again pick up a guitar and write songs. He starts off his new release with the country vibe of "A New Way," which helps explain why he took a break from creating music. Byron's songwriting shines bright on the gentle flow of "High Road," before the energy kicks back in with the swift pace of the Americana sounding "Raindrop." He wraps up his new album with the storied lyrics of "Millertone." To find out more about Byron Dowd and his latest release "High Road," please visit

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