Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Musicians Peter Chilvers and Jon Durant Collaborate On A Pair Of New Albums

Keyboardist Peter Chilvers (Brian Eno) and guitarist Jon Durant have teamed up for the dual album releases of "Always Golden Sands" and "Vistas." These two musical geniuses decided to work together while quarantining in different time zones. Chilvers would create these amazing melodies on the piano and synthesizer for Durant to add his special guitar part too, in order to piece together these wonderful soundscapes. The "Always Golden Sands" was released on December 11th and is an appetizer to the main "Vistas" album which arrives on January 15, 2021.

The "Always Golden Sands" album contains only three tracks that slowly, elegantly move the music along, beginning with the light touch of the repeating melody of "Always Autumn." The music takes on a more "electronic" sound during "Shifting Sands," which keeps you guessing at the direction of the song. The short EP finishes with the more subtle touches of sound during the light, airy feel of "Golden."

The second part of this new dual album set is the five song endeavor titled "Vistas." It begins with the appropriately named "Quarantine," which is highlighted by moments of hope with the glimmer of piano keys, before finishing with the spaced-out guitar sound of wondering what comes next. The pure collaboration of these two musicians is heard on the ten-minute soundscape of "Embers," as the two create a journey through sound. The album closes with the twenty-two minute soundtrack to end each bright day with a beautiful "Sunset," as the music enlightens the experience. To find out more about this latest collaboration between Peter Chilvers and Jon Durant, please visit

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