Monday, December 7, 2020

New Music From Independent Music Artists Wax Mekanix and Old Gloria

Indie-rock artist Wax Mekanix recently released his latest full-length album titled "Mobocracy." It features six exciting, energetic tracks that will get your blood pumping. The new release kicks off with the hard-hitting pounding rhythm of "Blood In My Eyes," as Wax's vocals are edgy and commanding. He continues with the addictive, chanting chorus of "Victorious," which has mainstream success written all over it. The punk energy of "All Freaks" sounds like a battle cry for the outsiders, while "Mad World" finds Wax Mekanix summoning heavy metal power from the forces of evil. He wraps up his new album with smoldering, grunge-like rock of "Ghostland" and the acoustic, folk rock appeal of "Black." To find out more about Wax Mekanix and his latest release "Mobocracy," please visit

Next up from windy city comes the debut release from the newly formed band, Old Gloria with their simply titled EP "4 Songs." The band is led by Chicago veteran Steven Delisi (The Thin Cherries) and their music carries a nostalgic, psychedelic rock sound that does not look to overpower your ears, as displayed in the opener, "Old Gloria." The band keep things simple with the steady flow of "Tennis Ball," while "Twonty" has a bit of a new wave, punk touch to the energy of the song. They finish up their new album with the indie-pop flow of "Star Lounge," which you wish would go on longer than only three minutes. To find out more about Old Gloria and their latest release "4 Songs," please visit

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