Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock Team Up, Rat Scabies & Chris Constantinou Work On New Releases

American producer and multi-instrumentalist Don Falcone has assembled a new collective group of artists for his new Spirits Burning album titled "The Hollow Lands." This album is the second installment of from fantasy writer Michael Moorcock's "The Dancer At The Ends Of Time" series and features Falcone working hand-in-hand with Blue Oyster Cult's Al Bouchard on 15 of the album's 18 tracks. The upbeat, classic sounding rock of the title song "The Hollow Lands" and "Playing At Ships" both carry and iconic progressive rock sound that showcases the input from everyone involved with this project. The music takes on a more spacey, psychedelic rock voyage with "Dance Through Time," while "The Hunt" is a short musical piece that ends before it receives its own progressive rock solo moment. Spirits Burning also display a harder, edgier rock sound with the mean sounding tones of "Conflict & Illusions," which also features vocal contributions from Bridget Wishart. Then the album takes an odd turn with "A Conversation With H.G. Wells," as Moorcock's storied lyrics take centerstage. The band return to finish off the album with the floating melody of "My Underwood's Soliloquy," the pop/rock tempo of "To The Time Machine At Last" and the swirling vocal harmonies of "Make A Fire." To find out more about the latest release from Spirits Burning titled "The Hallow Lands," please visit cleorecs.com.

Another exciting collaboration comes from the joining of Rat Scabies (The Damned) and Chris Constantinou (Adam Ant) to create the new album "One Thousand Motels." The two met during their time together in the punk supergroup, The Mutants. During the downtime from recording another album Rat and Chris decided to work on some demos that Chris had lying around and the next thing they knew, there was a finishes album that both were very proud of. The album begins with the alternative-pop sound of "Beautiful Losers," which is just as addictive as anything on modern rock radio today. An edgier sound emerges from the "grunge" like feel of "Definition," while "Gone," feels like a spaced-out, psychedelic country song. The duo continue to touch upon that addictive pop sound, while also maintaining  a unique approach to the music, as displayed in "Andy's Wonder World." The album wraps up with a bolt of energy in the form of "Kill Me If You Love Me" and nostalgic, new wave feel of "Gerry's Ashes." To find out more about this new collaboration between Rat Scabies and Chris Constantinou, please visit facebook.com/OneThousandMotels.

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