Monday, November 29, 2021

The Long And Winding Road Has Come To An End

As 2021 (and my music blog) come to a close, I would like to thank everyone that was involved with feeding my passion for music. Thank you to the Record-Journal Publishing Company for giving me the opportunity 13 years ago to express my feelings on new music releases and concerts. I also want to thank the countless artists and labels that sent me music, which I carefully examined and wrote about nearly every day for the last 13 years. As I close out this chapter in my life, I want all of my readers to know that I appreciate the time you have dedicated over the years to reading my opinion on new music. I wish everyone the best in what the future holds and hope that I brought a little enjoyment into your daily lives. Thank you again and take care. PEACE!

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Rivers Of Nihil Put In "The Work" For A New Album & Armored Saint Revisit A Classic For Latest Live Album

Since 2013, Rivers Of Nihil have been spreading their metal music across the charts with the release of each new album. Their fourth album, titled "The Works" was just unleashed at the end of September on Metal Blade Records. Their new 11-track collection begins with the slow, simmering opening of "The Tower (Theme From The Works)," which continues to build until the explosion of "Dreaming Black Clockwork." The band's songwriting has certainly excelled on this new release, as you listen to the trio of songs "Wait," "Focus" and "Clean" which sounds like a modern progressive metal masterpiece that needs to be witnessed. After the quiet, atmospheric reprise of "Tower 2," River Of Nihil deliver the emotional touch of "Maybe One Day" and the multi-dimensional 12-minute epic onslaught "Terrestria IV: Work" to close out their new album. To find out more about Rivers Of Nihil and their latest release "The Works," please visit

Legendary heavy metal giants, Armored Saints are preparing for the release of a brand new live album titled "Symbol Of Salvation Live" on October 22nd through Metal Blade Records. It features the band performing their 1991 album "Symbol Of Salvation" in its entirety during a show at New York's famed Gramercy Theatre in 2018. Lead singer John Bush refers to the original release as the "cornerstone album" for Armored Saint as they now enter their fourth decade as a band. 

The entire group sounds "on point" for this epic performance of all thirteen of the songs, as they added a little extra instrumental to tracks like "Last Train Home," "Symbol Of Salvation" and "Spineless." One of the highlights of the show is the nearly eight-minute epic "Tainted Past," which showcases the diversity in the band's songwriting so early in their career. As a bonus, the vinyl edition also includes five demos from the writing sessions for the "Symbol Of Salvation." Songs like "Nothing Between The Ears," "Medieval Nightmares" and "Pirates" displays the band's thrash metal side and is a great flashback to when Armored Saint were still hungry for success. To find out more about Armored Saint and their latest release "Symbol Of Salvation Live," please visit

Friday, October 8, 2021

Nektar "Sounds Like Swiss" On New Release Of Vintage 1973 Concert

Recently discovered were rare audio and video recordings of the legendary progressive rock band, Nektar performing in Switzerland during their 1973 promotion of their album "...Sounds Like This." This new two-CD/DVD set titled "...Sounds Like Swiss," features Nektar's performance on the Swiss TV show "Kaleidospop," as well as a complete soundboard audio recording of their performance at Pavilion des Sports in May 1973. The set also features new liner notes from bassist and founding members Derek "Mo" Moore and Mick Brockett. The line-up for these shows feature all of Nektar's original members, as they give a reminder why they are considering one of the premier bands of progressive rock.

The band start off the show with the full 22-minute opus of "Journey To The Centre Of The Eye," which is worth the price of this new release all on its own. Hearing the band perform this epic piece live, during their prime is a treasure to behold and listen to over and over again. The show continues with the different tempos changes of "Desolation Valley/Waves," while "A Day In The Life Of A Preacher" is an all out rock assault. Nektar also introduce music from their forth-coming 1973 album "Remember The Future," with the blues jam "Let It Grow." The second half of this release showcases the band's ultimate live performance of some of their newest songs like "Odyssee," "Good Day" and "1, 2, 3, 4," before finishing with the eleven-minute psychedelic medley of "Crying In The Dark/King Of Twilight." To find out more about this new live release from Nektar, please visit

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Drummer Carmine Appice and Guitarist Fernando Perdomo Team-Up For And "Energy Overload"

Drumming legend Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Blue Murder) has come together with guitarist extraordinaire Fernando Perdomo for a new album of instrumentals titled "Energy Overload." The album was released back in September through Cleopatra Records an features thirteen tracks that the two artists had recorded, each in their own home studio.

The album kicks off with the funky beats of "Blow Speaker Boogie," as Fernando takes the lead with his energetic solos, while Appice keeps the pace going. Keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Sons Of Apollo) lends a hand on the title-track "Energy Overload," which rocks as hard and anything else on this new album. Finally, its Carmine Appice's turn to shine on the heavy drum breaks of "Rocket To The Sun," before these two artists take on Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" with grace and honor, supported by the vocal contribution of singer Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd). Another gem on this album is the duo's spacey/funky instrumental cover of Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy," which Appice co-wrote and performed on originally with Stewart for his 1978 album "Blondes Have More Fun." Fernando Perdomo and Carmine Appice close out their new album with the quick-moving pace of "Starstream," along with the powerful drumming of "Thunder" and a short reprise of "Blow Speaker Boogie." To find out more about this duos newest release "Energy Overload," please visit

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The Vegetarians Look To Channel "Bill Haley" On Their Latest Album

The Vegetarians have returned with a brand new album titled "Bill Haley." The band is led by Swedish composer/musician Hans Annellsson, who began this project over 20 years ago, as a way to record and cover some of his favorite progressive rock songs. On this new album, Hans invites some of his favorite singers to help with the recordings of this latest batch of 15 songs.

The album begins with the Phish-like vibe of "Everything Is Everywhere" and the bluesy tone of "I'm Guilty," as you hear the diversity in the music that The Vegetarians have produced on this new album. Next, they flip the script once again with the showtune melody of "Reptilian's Folly" and the heavier pounding rock track "Louie." The Vegetarians display their more progressive side with the experimental/New Wave appeal of "Ones & Zeroes" and then they feel a bit nostalgic with the classic rock/pop touch of "Five Little Words." It's hard to categorize this latest release from The Vegetarians, as they also add some country into the mix with the song "Distant Traveler," before finishing with the swaying ballad of "Thank You," along with the sweeping melody and wonderful harmonies of the seven-minute closing epic "Under Control." To find out more about The Vegetarians and their latest release "Bill Haley," please visit

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Anyone Deliver A Concept Album For All "Humanity"

The progressive rock band, Anyone is preparing for its latest studio effort titled "In Humanity," which will be released on October 12th. The band was originally formed over two decades ago when multi-instrumentalist Riz Story teamed up with Jon Davison of Yes and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, along with guitarist Sean Murphy, to record some music together. When it became time to record their debut album for Roadrunner Records, Hawkins left Anyone to join Alanis Morissette's band and the original line-up fell apart. Riz was determined to make it work and Anyone released their first album in 2001. Now twenty years later, Riz Story has created the fourth studio album for Anyone by performing, producing, mixing and mastering the new album himself.

It begins with the nine-minute opener "Elations," as the flow of the song keeps you glued to the speakers to see which direction the music is headed. The epic feel of "Apocalypse" showcases the layers of instrumentation that Riz recorded and melded together in order to deliver an iconic piece of music. His musical skills are on full display during the intense, energetic rockers "Emergence" and "Don't Swallow Tomorrow," before finally slowing down for the gentle, atmospheric ballad "Whole World's On Fire." Anyone wraps up their new album with the experimental, fifteen-minute soundscape of the title-track "In Humanity" and the ambient relaxation of "Curtain Call." To find out more about Anyone and their latest release "In Humanity," please visit

Monday, October 4, 2021

Expand Your Musical Palette With New Releases From Jo Berger Myhre and JU

Norwegian bassist/composer Jo Berger Myhre has started his solo trek with his debut album "Unheimlich Manoeuvre," which was released on September 24th, through RareNoise Records. His new nine song release experiments with elements of classical music, along with ambient soundscapes in order to make this album a unique listening experience. Myhre begins with the gentle bass sounds of "Everything Effacing" and the more ambient touch of "Smallest Things, Part 1," which allows his music to show dimension and depth, as you concentrate on everything that is going on with the instrumentation. He works on a solid musical path during "Aviary," which feels like it has a purpose and emotion given to the melody. The music slowly rises with a peaceful picking of an acoustic guitar on "Gate Opens," before finishing off the album with the solo bass work of "Perils" and the stark, atmospheric support of "Inner Relations." To find out more about Jo Berger Myhre and his latest release "Unheimlich Manoeuvre," please visit

Budapest music trio, JU also recently released their third studio album simply titled "III," through RareNoise Records, back in September 24th. Their confidence seems to grow with each new release, as this latest ten song release features a mix of originals and instrumentals based on traditional Middle Eastern folk music. The album begins with the chants of "Palaran" and the rock-based jam of "Cerberus." The trio quietly feel their way around "Oak," while "Ash," feels like an experimental piece that the band discovered while tuning their instruments during a warm-up. JU once again return to the raw, hard rock approach of "Thorn" and "Shashka," before closing with the eight-minute, progressive rock approach of "Minerva" and the quieter prayer of "Sumirana Karo Sada Dina Ratee." To find out more about JU and their latest release "III," please visit

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Rock Out To New Music From Danny Danzi and Heartland

After an 18-year break, American rock artist Danny Danzi returns with his latest work titled "Tribulations." His new 15-song album was released on September 24th through Escape Music Ltd. and continues right where he left off, with the high-powered, high-energy run of "Accountable" and the more bluesy-sounding "Don't." This album has been ten years in the making and considered a concept album by Danny, along with his drummer Guy DeFalco and bassist Joe DeFalco, based on obstacles they have overcome in their life. Danny continues to raise the bar (and volume) with the intense rockers "It Is What It Is" and "Restitution," along with the edgier feel of "American Dream." The trio tries to portray a positive message with "Hangin' On," which also includes some stellar harmonies and electrifying solos. Danny Danzi closes his new album with the heavy metal pounding, hard rock attack of "Shameless" and "Help Me Out," along with the deep emotional delivery of "Forever." To find out more about Danny Danzi and his latest release "Tribulations," please visit

Also on the horizon from Escape Music Ltd., is the latest release from Heartland titled "Into The Future." It features a dozen new tracks, as the band enter their third decade of existence. The new album kicks off with the exciting, progressive feel of "A Foreign Land," as vocalist Chris Ousey still sounds amazing, hitting all the high notes with ease. The intensity picks up with the chugging pace of "Caught Up," along with the timeless hard rock feel of "A Dangerous Game." Heartland's raw, grittier sound is presented in "Not Guilty," as the band match Chris' energy with some exceptional riffs. The album finishes with the swift, heavy pounding of "Bolt From The Blue" and the magical, nostalgic rock feel of "When The Band Plays." To find out more about Heartland and their latest release "Into The Future," please visit

Friday, October 1, 2021

Americana Trio Stash "Walk The Walk" On Debut Release

Arriving November 5th is the debut album from the LA County Americana supergroup, Stash, featuring bassist/singer Ted Russel Kamp, guitarist/singer Rich McCulley and drummer/producer Joey Peters. This band of artists came together during the pandemic, using their recording time as therapy, as each one recorded their parts from their own home studios. The trio wrote and recorded nearly twenty new songs, in which thirteen of them made it on to the new album titled "Walk The Walk." 

The album begins with the stomp/clap rhythm of "Smoke And Mirrors," as the melody mixes together blues, country and folk to make a modern Americana masterpiece. The tempo picks up with the more intense rocker "Catch Me If You Can," while "Queen Of The Highway" carries a nostalgic country vibe that always signals a good time. Stash take a step back for the more relaxed feel of "Into The Sunset," which sounds like a perfect soundtrack for a drive along the LA coast. They get the adrenaline flowing once again with the quick pace of "One Track Mind" and bring in the fun with the light-hearted pop flow of "Talk The Talk," featuring guest harmonies from Anna Marie Rosales. Stash finish off their new album with the country blues of "Sweet Salvation Of The Dawn," the gentle acoustics of "By Your Side" and the steady pounding rockabilly feel of "Hey, Hey, Hey." To find out more about Stash and their latest release "Walk The Walk," please visit

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Tommy Womack Wants His New "Fine" Album To Simply Rock

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Tommy Womack is returning October 15th with a brand new studio album titled "I Thought I Was Fine." This is Womack's eighth album and will be released through Schoolkids Records. It features thirteen songs that finds Womack plugging-in and rocking out, compared to his more well-known, laid-back Americana sound. He gets the energy flowing right from the opening chords of "Pay It Forward," which rides a steady drum beat, as Tommy makes the most of his time on the guitar, ripping off some great solos. He takes it up another notch with the punk-like furry of "A Little Bit Of Sex Part 2," as you can feel the freedom in the music he is producing on this new album.

He keeps things simply on "I Got No Place To Go," which makes it even more attractive to sing along to, while "Call Me Gary" is a storied tale, as Tommy paints a picture in your mind with his words. He turns the traditional country ballad "That Lucky Old Sun" into an up-tempo alternative rocker, before injecting the blues into the other cover song on Tommy's new album, "Miss Otis Regrets" (written by Cole Porter). Tommy Womack wraps up his new album with a return to his roots with the Americana strumming of "Job Hunting While Depressed," before closing with the quiet, acoustic folk ballad "I Wish I'd Known Better." To find out more about Tommy Womack and his latest release "I Thought I Was Fine," please visit

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The Benjamin Schnake Ensemble Find "The Joy Of Playing" On Latest Release

Chilean-born jazz guitarist Benjamin Schnake is preparing for the October release of his first album as an ensemble band leader. This new album is titled "The Joy Of Playing," which is the perfect motto for Benjamin, who has been performing and writing music professionally for nearly two decades. Benjamin Schnake has performed all across Chile and worked on the soundtrack to the HBO show "Profugos," while also writing music for the Benjamin Schnake Ensemble.

The seven-song album begins with the energetic melody of "Marisol," as Benjamin's guitar work opens and closes the song with the exciting plucking of the strings. The title-track "The Joy Of Playing" dates back abut four years and was one of the first songs written for this ensemble. It carries a very classic jazz style appeal with the perfect balance of horns, as Benjamin lets his band lead the way on this musical number. He slows down the pace with the gentle ballad "She's Gone," before returning to his roots with the traditional Chilean piece "Aju," which will put a swing in your step. The album finishes with the Benjamin Schnake ensemble rearranging the Charles Mingus original "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat," adding their own special touch to melody, while also staying true to the original, along with "Lakitas," which puts Benjamin's guitar/mandolin skills on display once again. To find out more about "The Joy Of Playing," the latest release from the Benjamin Schnake Ensemble, please visit

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

New Music Arriving From The Royal Hounds And Tom Rodwell

The Royal Hounds are a staple around the Nashville club circuit with two weekly residencies. Their brand of country mixes honky-tonk and rockabilly to create a good time, which is heard on their new studio album "A Whole Lot Of Nothin'." It is The Royal Hounds 5th album and will be released on October 15th and features thirteen tracks, beginning with the blazing rocker "Cheap Drunk," which get things moving quickly right from the opening notes. The album continues with the nostalgic, light-hearted swinging pace of "I Just Can't Two Step" and the bluesy sting of "I Got A Whole Lot (Of Nothin')." The Royal Hounds go straight-up country with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics of "Krismastofferson" and then pick up the tempo with the swift-moving "I Hope You Go To Hell." Their classic, honky-tonk sound returns with "Invitation To Be Lonely," before finishing the album with the fun, sing-along polka "Bring Out The Barrel Of Beer" and the only slow, country ballad "The Jukebox Is Broken," along with the short guitar boogie of "Dead Guy's Blues." To find out more about The Royal Hounds and their latest release "A Whole Lot Of Nothin'," please visit

The following week, on October 22nd arrives the new album from blues artist, Tom Rodwell titled "Wood & Waste." It features nine new tracks, beginning with the slow, steady blues of "Don't Be A Fugitive All Your Life," as Tom peels of some sweet guitar licks during the solo. He continues the album with the shuffle rhythm of "Keep On Knockin'," as the lyrics feel like an afterthought to the great guitar-work featured through out the song. Tom gets the energy flowing through the driving pace of "Touch Me Like A Teddybear," as he once again puts his guitar skills on display. He mixes in a calypso/island melody with "She's Go Me Boiling" and adds a bossa-nova beat to the gentle sway of "Make Believe," before closing with the gentle, ambient melody of "Dead End Road. To find out more about Tom Rodwell and his latest release "Wood & Waste," please visit

Monday, September 27, 2021

New Releases From Singer/Songwriters Dar Williams and Ian Jones

On October 1st, singer/songwriter Dar Williams will release her first album of new songs in six years. Her new album titled "I'll Meet You Here," was mostly recorded in late 2019 and early 2020, with an expected release date of the fall of 2020. Then, COVID hit and everything music-wise was put on hold. Williams spent her time writing her latest book "Writing A Song That Matters," before focusing on a 2021 release date for the new album and tour.

She begins the new album with the gentle, folk swaying of "Time Be My Friend," which features guest appearance by Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie) and Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan). The tempo picks up, with the alternative-pop melody of "You Give It All Away," Williams voice sounds timeless. She knows how to find a way into your heart with the gentle touch of music and poetically soft vocals of "Magical Thinking," as her words paint the perfect image in your mind. The mood lightens with the upbeat, country tone of "Today And Everyday," as Dar Williams sings about positivity in these dark times. She finishes her new album with the beautifully sweet lyrics of the quiet ballads "I Never Knew" and "You're Aging Well." Dar Williams is currently on tour with shows all the way through to December. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about her new album "I'll Meet You Here," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Ian Jones is also preparing the release of a new six-song EP titled "The Evergreens." It will be available on October 22nd, through Thin Silver Records and begins with the soft country ballad "Evergreens," as you are re-introduced to Ian warming, honest vocals. Next, he tells us the tale of a "Born Again Sinner," as the music turns darker to enhance the storied lyrics. During the pandemic, a song like "Hallelujah" is a welcoming inspiration of hope, as Ian Jones delivers the perfect remedy. He wraps up his new, short release with the steady pace of "Promised Land" and the up-tempo country two-step of "Last Call." To find out more about Ian Jones and his latest release " The Evergreens," please visit

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Helmet Go "Live And Rare" With New November Release

Be on the look-out this November for the first official live release from the alternative metal band, Helmet. Lead guitarist/vocalist Page Hamilton decided to dig through his old tapes of live shows for this release simply titled "Live And Rare." It features two shows (one from CBGB's & one from the Big Day Out Festival), as the band were still in the early stages of becoming a staple on alternative radio with their hit song "Milquetoast." These recordings sound pretty damn good for being shelved for over 30 years, as the first side features the band's six-song presentation of their set at the famed club, CBGB's. They deliver songs like "Impressionable" and "Your Head" with punk-like fury, while "Reputation" showcases more of Helmet's iconic, chugging rhythm. Helmet also debuted the song "Sinatra," filled with feedback, before closing with the intense two-minute chaos of "Rumble."

The flip-side of this new release features part of their 1992 show from Australia's Big Day Out Festival, as Helmet were promoting their second album "Meantime." Songs like "Ironhead" and "Give It " show more maturity in the band's presentation of their music, nearly two years after their appearance at CBGB's. Helmet finish off their appearance at the festival with the raw, classic sounds of "Blacktop" and "Turned Out," along with the chaotic closer "In The Meantime." To find out more about Helmet and their new live album "Live And Rare," please visit

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Prepare For The Arrival Of New Albums From Trivium and Eyes Wide Open

Arriving October 8th from Roadrunner Records is the 10th studio album from American heavy metal band, Trivium titled "In The Court Of The Dragon." This quickly follows on the heels of their 2020 album "What The Dead Men Say," as the band were still quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their new ten track release begins with the rising instrumental "X," which then explodes with the intensity of the title song "In The Court Of The Dragon," as the band sound pissed, having been restricted from touring for so long. Trivium speed things up even more with the aggressive pounding of "Like A Sword Over Damocles," as their songwriting has excelled to new heights. The album's second single "Feast Of Fire" carries a more melodic metal tone that displays the band's decades of experience creating great heavy metal riffs and adrenaline fueled rhythms. Trivium also deliver a great progressive metal piece with the seven-plus minutes of "The Shadow Of The Abattior," before wrapping up their new album with the concise, hardcore feel of "No Way Back Just Through" and the extended, high-powered attack of "The Phalanx." Trivium are currently on tour in the U.S., before heading overseas in November. For a complete list of dates and to find out more about their new album "In The Court Of The Dragon," please visit

Swedish four-piece metal band, Eyes Wide Open are preparing for the November 12th release of their new studio album "Through Life And Death." The new album features twelve tracks, beginning with instrumental piece "World On Fire," which sets the stage for the deathcore metal attack of the album's lead single "Devastation." The pace quickens with the even more intense delivery of "Fallout" and the equally quick-moving "End Of Days," which is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. The marching beats of "Through Life And Death" feels like the band's new anthem, as a call to arms for their fans. The music just explodes out of the speakers for "Eraser," before Eyes Wide Open finish off their new album with the extreme chaotic sounding "Wildfire" and the raw energy of "Echoes." To find out more about Eyes Wide Open and their latest release "Through Life And Death," please visit

Friday, September 24, 2021

Loveland Duran Give You More Than "Any Such Thing" With New Album

Singer/songwriters Vicki Loveland and Van Duran have teamed up once again for a new album titled "Any Such Thing." This is the duos third studio album and their first in the last five years. Inspiration for this album came from traveling the world for promotion of the indie-film "Waiting: The Van Duran Story," by writing and recording in many amazing studios along the way. The new album will be released on October 1st through Edgewood Recordings and features ten tracks that were created over the course of the last couple years.

The album begins with the contemporary rock touch of "Tumbledown Hearts," as their voices harmonize beautifully on the chorus of this opening track. Next, they incorporate some blues into the raw rocker "A Place Of No Place," as Vicki takes the lead on vocals, belting out the lyrics with a purpose. The energy continues with the pop melody of "Ain't It Pretty To Think So," while "Skywriting (Tasmania)" is a lovely ballad that showcases the duos wonderful songwriting ability. The folk rock appeal of "Where Are We Going" carries a nostalgic tone, as Van's vocals have that timeless appeal. Loveland Duran finish their new album with the up-tempo country rock tones of "Bridges I Had To Burn" and the quiet, gentle ballad "Ending Again," featuring some more great, undeniable harmonies. To find out more about Loveland Duran and their latest release "Any Such Thing," please visit

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Omnivore Recordings Delivers A "Mighty Fine Tribute" To Country Icon Walter Hyatt

In the late seventies/early eighties, Uncle Walt's Band was one of the most popular country/folk bands in America. Their music influenced many artists including Lyle Lovett, Lucinda Williams and Jimmie Dale Gilmore, before the members went their separate ways in 1983. Lyle Lovett took a special interest in band member Walter Hyatt, producing his debut album and bringing him on tour, giving Hyatt a renewed interest in the music industry. He became an icon around the Austin, Texas music scene, before his career would be cut short in a plane crash in 1996. A year later, the Austin City Limits show paid tribute to Walter Hyatt with a special concert featuring many of his friends and fellow influenced artists. Now, nearly 25 years later, Omnivore Recordings is releasing the music from that Austin City Limits concert, along with six songs that were performed, but not shown during the television special. An extra bonus on this new release is four previously unissued recordings from Walter Hyatt making their debut on CD on "Mighty Fine, An Austin City Limits Tribute To Walter Hyatt" coming out  October 1st.

The show starts off with Willis Alan Ramsey performing a short, concise rendition of one of Hyatt's most well-known songs, "As The Crow Flies." Jimmie Dale Gilmore adds his special touch to the beautiful ballad "Georgia Rose," before the energy picks up with the country blues of "Are We There Yet Momma," performed perfectly with the big vocals of Marcia Bell. You can really appreciate the wonderful songwriting of Walter Hyatt during the stellar performances of "Tell Me Baby" by Allison Moorer and the lovely, touching duet between Lyle Lovett and Shawn Colvin during "Babes In The Woods." The show closes with Lyle returning for a solo rendition of "I'll Come Knockin'" and the whole ensemble joining in for the sing-along of "Aloha."

The six bonus tracks from the show consist of performances by Hyatt's fellow bandmates Champ Hood and David Ball, along with Lyle Lovett on the acoustic tracks "Rollin' My Blues," "Going To New Orleans" and "I'm Calling." Fans of Walter Hyatt will truly appreciate the four bonus tracks that showcase more of Hyatt's amazing talents as a singer/songwriter. His words paint the perfect picture "In A Christmas Dream" and his vocals are soft and pure during the country ballad "Early Days," before closing out this tribute with the rocking sounds of "Shouldn't Have Told Me That." To find out more about "Mighty Fine, An Austin City Limits Tribute To Walter Hyatt," please visit

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Singer/Songwriter Misha Seeff Takes You To "Dreamhaven" On Debut Release

Back on September 17th, teenage singer-songwriter Misha Seeff released his debut album titled "Dreamhaven." His new 15-song release begins with the undeniable pop tones of "Now," as Misha's youthful vocals and bright outlook become very addicting. He digs down deep with the emotional delivery of "April Haze" and rolls out the poetic lyrics of "You And I," which showcase his songwriting skills way beyond his years. Misha brings the energy back with the funky brakes of "Tonight" and "Lamplight," which both have the perfect recipe for mainstream success. This artist is a diamond in the rough just waiting for his moment to shine on the big stage.

The title track "Dreamhaven" is a beautiful ballad, where the lyrics and melody mesh together perfectly. Misha sings straight from the heart in "Boardwalk," as he adds that extra emotional connection to the words, making you feel his experiences. The album finishes with the upbeat, light-hearted fun tones of "Sun Is Shining," along with the dance/pop groove of "Dream" and the gentle closer "Look Around." To find out more about Misha Seeff and his latest release "Dreamhaven," please visit

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Jazz Artist David Finck Shows Us His "BASSic Instinct"

Acclaimed jazz bassist David Finck returns with a new set of songs titled "BASSic Instinct." This new album quickly follows on the heels of his 2019 release "BASSically Jazz" and features a mix of originals and jazz standards, beginning with the up-tempo, modern jazz vibe of the title track "Bassic Instinct." David wastes no time showcasing his skills on the bass during his cover of Irving Berlin's "The Best Thing For You (Would Be Me)," which also features some great piano work by Tedd Firth. The energy continues to flow through the band's rendition of "Dearly Beloved," before delivering the samba rhythm of "Bateu, Levou/Who's Wrong Or Right?," featuring vocals from Teka Penterichie and Trist Curless.

David takes a step back for the ballad "Seascape," which includes just himself on bass and Meg Ruby on piano to delivery this lovely melody. Finck then brings his entire 9-piece band together for the R&B touch of "So What," before finishing his new album with the upbeat, swinging sounds of "Tico Tico No Fuba" and the elegant original ballad "I Remember," featuring Melissa Errico on vocals and Tedd Firth once again on piano. To find out more about David Finck and his latest release "BASSic Instinct," please visit

Monday, September 20, 2021

New Jazz Releases From Steve Million, Susan Krebs, Cathy Segal-Garcia, Ray Obiedo and Roseanna Vitro

Just last month, jazz pianist Steve Million released his latest album titled "Jazz Words." It features eight contemporary jazz pieces, featuring vocals by Sarah Marie Young, beginning with the swinging rhythm of the lively opener "Heavens To Monkitroid," Million's tribute to the great Thelonious Monk. The energy continues to flow through "Missing Page," which is highlighted by Young's stellar vocal range. Steve Million adds a sort of bebop feel to "Nika's Changes," before finishing with a great sax solo on "Loss" by Jim Gailloreto and the mellow, graceful touch of "The Way Home." To find out more about Steve Million and his latest release "Jazz Words," please visit

At the beginning of September, vocalist Susan Krebs released her 8th studio album, "Daybreak." Although Susan is used to a smaller band ensemble, the pandemic forced her to record this album remotely with each member of the 7-piece band working from their own home studio. The process was slow, but the result is this new seven-song set, which starts off with Susan singing acapella, before the rest of the band join in on "Can't Get Out Of This Mood," a relaxed, mellow opener. She keeps things on the quieter side with the beautiful ballad "Inside A Silent Tear," before closing out her new album with the soaring vocals of "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" and a reimagined version of the jazz standard "Stardust," in which Susan makes it all her own. To find out more about Susan Krebs and her latest release "Daybreak," please visit

Fellow vocalist Cathy Segal-Garcia recently released her 14th studio album titled "Social Anthems Vol. 1." It features only six tracks (5 cover songs and 1 original), as Cathy lends her vocal talents to a set of songs that have a special message to people in today's crazy world. She starts off taking Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" and add her own special jazz spin to the melody, making the words and message stand out front to take notice. She adds a sweet, soulful melody to the original plea of "What Are We Gonna Do" and lets her voice soar sweetly on the Billy Joel classic "On So It Goes," along with special guest harmonica/vocalist, Paul Jost. Cathy Segal-Garcia closes out her new album with a pair of epic pieces, the combination medley of The Youngbloods' "Get Together" and Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home," along with the bluesy finish of Marvin Gaye's "Save The Children," featuring vocal contributions from Mon David. To find out more about Cathy Segal-Garcia and her latest release "Social Anthems Vol. 1," please visit

Jazz guitarist Ray Obiedo returns September 24th with volume two of his "Latin Jazz Project," which began in 2016 with volume one. This new set of songs includes seven originals written by Obiedo and one from the classic Latin rock group, El Chicano. The album begins with the up-and-down melody of "Still Life" and the high-energy salsa-swagger of "Criss Cross," featuring the great Sheila E. on congas. Next, Ray brings to down to the islands with the beach-vibe of "Santa Lucia," before paying tribute to one of his influences with smooth, soulful deliver of "Belafonte." Ray wraps up his new album with the steady pace of "Viva Tirado" and the laid-back, relaxed feel of "Big World." To find out more about Ray Obiedo and his latest release "Latin Jazz Project, Vol. 2," please visit

We finish with jazz vocalist Roseanna Vitro teaming up with Sheila Jordan, Bob Dorough and Marion Cowings on their tribute to the late, great Charlie Parker with "Sing A Song A Bird." This new twelve-song release begins with the wonderful, swinging vibe of "People Chase" and the nostalgic tone of "The Scatter." Marion Cowings big voice takes over "Parker's Mood" and Bob Dorough sings along to the blues tempo of "Audubon's New Bluebird," to showcase the different styles. Shelia Jordan takes a step back for the mellow run of "Quasimodo," before Roseanna Vitro finishes the album off with a wonderful cover of Charlie Parker's "Yardbird Suite" and the elegant closer "These Foolish Things." To find out more about Roseanna Vitro and her latest release "Sing A Song A Bird," please visit

Sunday, September 19, 2021

New Music From Legendary Jazz Artist Chick Corea and Musical Greats David Garfield and Hiromi

Back in February, the music world lost an iconic jazz musician when Chick Corea passed away from a rare form of cancer. His legacy is one of the most well-rounded, having played with fellow jazz greats Miles Davis and Stan Getz to Bela Fleck and one of his favorite trios, The Akoiustic Band with John Patitucci and Dave Weckl. One of the first posthumous releases from Chick Corea features a live performance from The Akoustic Band, recorded in January 2018 at the SPC Music Hall in St. Petersburg, Florida. This new thirteen-song album will be released on September 24th through the Concord Jazz label as a 2CD set. It begins with a lively, spirted performance of the early-era, Chick Corea classic "Morning Spirte," as everyone gets their moment to shine. The album continues with the graceful touch of a "Japanese Waltz," before delivering their special touch on a couple jazz standards, "That Old Feeling" and "In A Sentimental Mood." Corea lets his fingers fly up and down the piano on this fourteen-minute, high-energy jam of "Rumba Flamenco." There are two versions of his song "Humpty Dumpty" on this release, in which the band simply soars with delight and energy. The Akoustic Band also do an amazing job on the Miles Davis original "On Green Dolphin Street" and the Thelonoius Monk classic "Monk's Mood." The set finishes with Chick Corea being joined by his wife, Gayle Moran Corea, on the elegant, light-hearted jazz number "You're Everything." To find out more about the Chick Corea Akoustic Band and their latest release "Live," please visit

Fellow jazz pianist/keyboardist David Garfield is also preparing for the release of his new album titled "Stretchin' Outside The Box." It features 24-tracks, spread across two discs, as David dedicates these songs to many of his favorite artists and people, including Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Tom Petty, his parents and his brother Stan. This new set begins with performances of "Waiting For Your Love," which is dedicated to the great American keyboardist George Duke and a spot on cover of the great Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down," dedicated to the iconic artist. David Garfield brings on the blues with "Shufflin', dedicated to his brother Stan, before delivering the smooth, graceful keyboards of "Rainbow Seeker," featuring Chuck Loeb and Steve Jordan. Garfield gets a little funky with "Hunting Heads," his tribute to the legendary Herbie Hancock and keeps the energy flowing with his "Tune For Tony Williams," which features guest appearances from Vinnie Colaiuta and Gregg Bissonette. Vinnie shows up once again in "Cousin Vinnie," before David closes out his new album with his tribute to Cuban drummer Carlo Vega with "Remembering Carlos Vega." To find out more about "Stretchin' Outside The Box," the latest release from David Garfield, please visit

Last but not least, we have a new album on the way from virtuoso pianist and composer Hiromi titled "Silver Lining Suite," which was inspired by the pandemic. This new composition was created for a piano and string quartet, spread across nine-tracks, beginning with the classical/jazz combination of "Isolation," as the music gives identity to what many were feeling during these crazy, unknown times. The music gets more intense during "The Unknown," before becoming more graceful and flowing during the lush strings of "Drifters." The "Silver Lining Suite" finishes with the dark, marching rhythm of "Fortitude," which then lightens up to display Hiromi's exceptional skills on the piano. The album continues with the beautiful soft touch of "Uncertainty" and the energetic, classical strings of "Jumpstart" to get your heart racing. The album closes with the grand, ten-minute piano-led number "11:49 PM" and the quick-moving melody of "Ribera Del Duero." To find out more about Hiromi and her latest release "Silver Lining Suite," please visit

Friday, September 17, 2021

Omnivore Recordings Dig Deep Into The Vault For "The Original Demos" From The Bootheels

On September 24th, Omnivore Recordings will release the only known recordings of this fairly unknown band, The Bootheels. This California band came together for a brief period in 1988, without receiving much success outside of their little friendship circle, but each band member would go on to receive huge accolades on their own. The members of The Bootheels are Luther Russell (Those Pretty Wrongs), Jakob Dylan (The Wallflowers), Tobi Miller (The Wallflowers) and Aaron A. Brooks (Lana Del Rey, Moby) and for one moment in the late eighties, it was their first glimpse into the world of rock and roll.

Now for the first time, The Bootheels will release their "1988: The Original Demos" disc, which features a totally different sound than what you might have expected from this foursome. Kicking things off is "See It In Your Eyes," which sounds like it came straight from the blueprint of British punk music in the late-seventies, in which melody and singing were replaced by energy, speed and power. Their raw, unpolished, pre-grunge sound recalls the music of The Clash with "Thing Called Love," before slowing the tempo down for the underground alternative style of "The Deal." The Bootheels' California punk style was spread all over their songs, as displayed in the energetic romp of "Wasted Dime" and "Got Me On My Knees." They tried to show a bit more structure to their music with the addictive melody of "Halfway There," but instead find more pleasure in the punk furry of "Queen Of Hearts." This new release closes with a few of The Bootheels rough, unpolished recordings of their new wave sounding "Images Of You" and "Think Of The Time." To find out more about The Bootheels' "1988: The Original Demos" release, please visit

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The Red Spot Rhythm Section Pay Tribute To The Great Tom Petty & Julian Daniell Delivers "Only Words"

Back on August 6th, the Chicago-based ensemble Red Spot Rhythm Section released a tribute to the immortal Tom Petty with a new set of cover songs titled "A Roots Tribute To Tom Petty: Won't Back Down." The new twelve-track release begins with a sped-up version of the title track "I Won't Back Down," which features a spicy reggae backdrop led by the smooth vocals of Livingston. The Red Spot Rhythm Section stays in that reggae groove with Angela Peel delivering a full-on island vibe to "You Got Lucky." They stick pretty close to original on "You Don't Know How It Feels," while "Refugee" has an upbeat ska sound that is very addictive, along with the energetic, punky run through of "American Girl." The Red Spot Rhythm Section totally redoes "Runnin Down A Dream" into a psychedelic, funk/reggae piece to show how Tom Petty's words can work in many different genres. They wrap up their new album with Angela Peel returning to lead the band through the bluesy sway of "Two Gunslingers," along with a simplified rendition of the Petty classic "Wildflowers." To find out more about the Red Spot Rhythm Section and their latest release "A Roots Tribute To Tom Petty: Won't Back Down," please visit

Fellow Chicago-based singer/songwriter Julian Daniell also recently released a new set of song titled "Only Words." This new five song EP begins with "Memories," a blend of country and sixties soul music to create this unique, addictive melody. He switches gears for the quieter folk approach of "The Other Side," before bringing the tempo back up with the swinging melody of "Sweet Serene." Julian finishes his new short release with a return to the country/Americana roots of "Only Lonely" and the nostalgic soul stylings of "I Want It All." To find out more about Julian Daniell and his latest release "Only Words," please visit

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Get Into The Blues With Al Basile & Discover The Folk-Stylings Of RanchWriters

Eight-time Blues Music Awards nominee Al Basile will return September 17th with a brand new album titled "B's Testimony." It will be released through Sweetspot Records and features thirteen tracks, beginning with the nostalgic tone of "Lucky Man," which finds Al bringing back his bigger band sound compared to the stripped-down trio of his last album. The album continues with the sweet, slow blues licks of "Don't Kid Yourself Baby," as Al's experienced vocals fit the song's motif perfectly. The energy picks up with the blazing guitar riffs of "If All It Took Was Wishing" and the stellar horn solo of "Up Close And Personal Best." Singer, Shy Perry lends her vocal talents to the meaningful, swaying rhythm of the R&B flavored "One Day At A Time," before bringing on the classic blues-style of "I Ought To Be Your Monkey." Al wraps up his new album with the funk-infused blues romp of "Through Thick And Thin" and the iconic sounds of "He Said, She Said," as the band fires on all cylinders. To find out more about Al Basile and his latest release "B's Testimony," please visit

Switching gears, we head north for the latest release from Canadian multi-platinum selling artists Barney Bentall and Geoffrey Kelly, who are preparing the unveiling of their latest collaboration, RanchWriters on September 17th, through True North Records. This new twelve track release takes you back to a simpler sound when all you needed was a couple acoustic guitars and a magical melody that simply floats on by. The album begins with the wonderful picking of the strings on "Chilcoutin" and the beautiful, graceful touch of "Marble Canyon Rag." The album continues with the soft acoustics of "Danrow Flats," before adding a few more strings into the mix with the worldly sounds of "Big Turk" and the folk/blues melody of "Upstairs Downstairs (For Penny)." The wonderfully peaceful flow of "Black Tusk" will certainly wash away your worries, while "Earl's Taxi" closes out the album with a nostalgic stomp rhythm and purposeful strumming of the strings. To find out more about the RanchWriters self-titled debut album, please visit

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

John McCutcheon Fills Up His "Bucket List" With Eighteen New Songs

Singer, songwriter John McCutcheon has been non-stop for nearly fifty years, until the pandemic put an immediate halt on the music industry. With no venues to perform in, John dedicated his time to songwriting, creating nearly a hundred new tracks. Last year, he released "Cabin Fever, Songs From The Quarantine," which just featured just John and an acoustic guitar on the most intimate release of his career.

Now, John McCutcheon returns with a brand new album titled "Bucket List," which will be released on September 17th and includes some of his longtime partners, like Jon Carroll, JT Brown and Stuart Duncan. This new 18-track release begins with the title-track "Bucket List," which delivers that warming, comforting tone, as John sings about his many perfect adventures. The mellow tone of "Be Still" allows you to get lost in John's poetic lyrics, while "Farmer" tell about the struggles of the occupation, while not knowing anything better or more important. The mood lightens with the beautiful folk strumming of "Art," before hitting home with the pandemic themed "Ghost Town," which happened all over the world during the lockdown of the virus. The nostalgic tone of "Moonshiner" is story that must be heard, as John delivers the melody perfectly, letting his decades of experience led the way. The album finishes with the politically-charged words of "Medicine Game," the emotional ballad "Sins Of The Father" and the wonderfully descriptive tale of "Zilphia's Piano." To find out more about John McCutcheon and his latest release "Bucket List," please visit

Monday, September 13, 2021

New Jazz Music From Trombonists Jared Dubin, Peter Tijerina and Altin Sencalar

Jazz trombonist/composer Jared Dubin is ready to release his new album "Excuses, Excuses" on September 24th, through NextLevel, an imprint of the Outside In Music record label. The album was recorded nearly a decade ago, as Jared and his band were still get comfortable with one another. The new nine-song release begins with the instant energy of "The Breaks," as you are introduced to Jared's leadership and musical skills. The music continues to swing with the odd time signatures of "Ain't No Thang," while "Time Apart" just floats on by as you relax and relish in the band's wonderful jazz sounds. Jared Dubin incorporates some smooth blues work into the flowing melody of "Worry Go Round," before finishing with energetic runs of the title track "Excuses, Excuses" and the bright, uptempo runs of "Martial Law." To find out more about Jared Dubin and his latest release "Excuses, Excuses," please visit

Fellow trombonist Peter Tijerina is also preparing the release of his debut studio album "Just Yesterday" on Outside In Music. It features ten tracks, beginning with the cool, swinging, energetic sounds of "It Could Happen To You" and the fun, light-hearted melody of "Lovely." The mood shifts with the slow pace of "In 'N Out Blues," as Peter stands tall during his solo pieces. The tempo picks back up with the wonderful, full band involvement of "It One Or The Other," before wrapping up the album with the beautiful melody of "Stardust" and the high-powered closer "This Could Be The Start Of Something Big," which just carries that timeless charm. To find out more about Peter Tijerina and his latest release "Just Yesterday," please visit

One final release comes from jazz trombonist Altin Sencalar titled "Reconnected." It was released back in August and finds the Mexican- born musician weaving together different traditions to create a unique sound that represents his multifaceted background. Altin starts out his new eight-song album with the solo piece "Chance," as his performance sets the stage with his melodic trombone notes. The energy picks up with the loose, jam session feel of "Links," before the rest of the band have their spotlight to shine on "A Modern Memory." The tempo slows down for the emotional flow of "Tenderly," as Altin makes each note a step toward relaxation and calmness. The album finishes with the full band delivering the swinging jam session numbers "Reaching Out For More" and "Reconnected." To find out more about Altin Sencalar and his latest release "Reconnected," please visit

Saturday, September 11, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music From Lvcifyre, Tentation and the Witnesses

U.K. death metal band, Lvcifyre recently released their new studio album "The Broken Seal" on September 10th, through Dark Decent Records. It features nine electrifying songs, beginning with the growling, high-powered attack of "God Awaits Us," which starts the album off in a heavy metal frenzy. The onslaught continues with thunderous drumming of "Tribe Of Khem" and the lightning speed of "Headless Rite," which makes Lvcifyre one of the must hear bands in the death metal genre. They deviate from the sonic metal blast to deliver the dark, more melodic tone of "Wolves Of The Great Dark," before finishing off their new album with the aggressive nature of "The First Archon" and the seven-plus minute evilness of the "Black Mass." To find out more about Lvcifyre and their latest release "The Broken Seal," please visit

French heavy metal band, Tentation are preparing to release their Gates Of Hell Records debut "Le Berceau Des Dieux," on September 25th. The album features ten tracks, beginning with the guitar frenzy of "L'Exode," which carries a nostalgic, early NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) sound. Tentation delivers some thrash metal riffs with "Le Couvent," along with the solid pounding attack of "Lachute des titans, which highlights the band's early influences. The band's sound comes together on "Taureau D'Airin," sound like a French version of an early Metallica track. Tentation switch gears for the slower, more melodic touch of "Baldr," before closing with the hardcore, sonic blast of "Heavy Metal," featuring guest vocalist from the bands Titan, Iron Slaught and Hexecutor. To find out more about Tentation and their latest release "Le Berceau Des Dieux," please visit

Doom-metal giants Witnesses are ready to return with their latest epic piece "The Collapse" on October 31st. Even though it only features six tracks, the music takes you on a journey, beginning with the eerie sounds of "Entrance," which led you down the path of the slow-burn of the title-track "The Collapse." The band's extends their sound with the eight-minute "Repose," which keeps the listener involved throughout the entire musical journey. After a short, melodic "Interlude," Witnesses wrap up their new album with the mellow, eleven-minute prog-metal piece "They Giveth And Taketh Away" and the doom metal buzz of "It Will Come For You, It Comes For Everyone." To find out more about Witnesses and their latest release "The Collapse," please visit

Friday, September 10, 2021

Candlebox Is Ready To Release The "Wolves"

The Seattle-based hard rock band, Candlebox return with their first set of new music in nearly five years with the September 17th release of "Wolves." This new eleven-song album rocks right from the the first notes of the raw sounding "All Down Hill From Here Now," as lead singer, Kevin Martin's vocals sound as good now as they did on the band's multi-platinum self-titled debut album. Candlebox lock into a "grunge" style blues riff with "Let Me Down Easy," which was co-written by Peter Cornell (Chris Cornell's older brother). The band still feel that they have a chip on their shoulder to prove that they are one of the top bands to emerge from the Northwestern corner of the country. They display a gentler, more melodic side with "Riptide," while "Sunshine" has a spaghetti-western vibe that would fit in perfectly in a Robert Rodriguez film.

Candlebox deliver the sequel to their hit single "You" with the new track "We," which burns with passion as Martin sings his heart out, before the band erupts during the closing solo. They keep your adrenaline pumping with the intense, quick-paced rocker "Nothing Left To Lose" and try to recapture that mainstream audience with the addictive melody of "Trip." Candlebox wrap up their new album with the simmering rock anthem of "Don't Count Me Out" and the classic appeal of "Criminals," which will please long-time fans with its nostalgic sound. Candlebox are currently touring around the U.S., for a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Wolves," please visit

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Singer, Songwriter Wesley Stace Shows Off His "Late Style" With A New Album

English singer/songwriter Wesley Stace (formerly John Wesley Harding) has a new album titled "Late Style" arriving September 17th from Omnivore Recordings. Stace has released over twenty albums and received some minor chart success in the U.S. in the early nineties with the singles "The Devil In Me" and "The Person You Are."

This time around, Wesley decided to collaborate with musical director David Nagler on this new set of songs, beginning with the upbeat, jazzy vibe of "Where The Bands Are," which swings with positivity. Wesley Stace gets his samba-style going with the Brazilian touch of "Everything All The Time," before slowing the tempo down for the steady flowing ballad "Your Bright Future." He quickly returns to his natural pop aspects with the addictive, light-hearted delivery of "Hey Director" and "The California Fix," while still striving for the timeless jazz appeal with "All The Yous." Wesley Stace wraps up his new album with the poetic words of "The Impossible She," the classic R&B backdrop of "Do Nothing If You Can" and a return to his iconic folk sound with "How You All Work Me." To find out more about Wesley Stace and his latest release "Late Style," please visit

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Ana Egge Puts Her New Music "Between Us" On Her Latest Release

Arriving September 17th is the 12th studio album titled "Between Us" from acclaimed singer, songwriter Ana Egge. Writing for her new album began during the shutdown, when she began collaborating with Irish-based singer, songwriter Mick Flannery, which resulted in nine of the album's eleven tracks. Ana starts off with the steady flow of "Wait A Minute," as you are re-introduced to her smooth vocal touch, along with highlights of horns and keyboards to give the song that extra flair. The music quiets-down for the mellow delivery of "The Machine" and the fragile touch of "You Hurt Me," as Ana's vocals portray the perfect emotions to match the melodies. The mood picks back up with the sweet, vibrant rhythm of "Heartbroken Kind," before reaching the slow blues of "We Let The Devil."

The upbeat, pop sound of "Be Your Drug" allows Ana's vocals to be the star as her angelic range fills the words of the song with grace and emotion. The mood turns dark once again with the apologetic lyrics of "Sorry," as the music slowly moves along the song's poetic words. Ana finishes her new album with the addictive, R&B-style of "Want Your Attention," featuring a duet with singer J. Hoard, along with the quiet closing lullaby of "We Lay Roses." Ana Egge will be hitting the road in mid-September, beginning in Portland, Oregon. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about Ana Egge and her latest release "Between Us," please visit

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Omnivore Recordings Reissues Gleaming Spires Albums On CD With Loads Of Bonus Tracks

 The 1980's pop group, Gleaming Spires were swept up in the current of New Wave music hitting the airwaves and released three albums before disbanding in 1985. Those albums have been long out of print, but are finally getting reissued by Omnivore Recordings on September 17th, as three separate releases, with loads of bonus tracks. The band was envisioned by the Bates Motel duo of Ron and Russell Mael, who were also performing as the cult duo Sparks, they enlisted Leslie Bohem, David Kendrick (Devo) as the key performers, along with fellow Sparks members Jim Goodwin and Bob Haag to complete the line-up of Gleaming Spires. Right from the start, the band found popularity along the California coast with their hit single "Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?," but then quickly fizzled out. The band tried to recapture that magic by entering the studio with famed producers Stephen Hauge (Pet Shop Boys) and Greg Penny (Elton John) to record two more albums in four years, before going their separate ways in 1985.

Their three albums will be issued on CD for the first time since their initial release with loads of bonus tracks, including rare, unissued Bates Motel tracks, demos from the Eleven Blue Men sessions and songs from the Roger Corman film "School Spirit." The debut album from Gleaming Spires titled "Songs Of The Spires" includes the hit single "Are You Ready For Sex Girls?," along with the post-punk tracks from Bates Motel as bonus material, which hard to image that they have never been released. Songs like "The Way Marlena Moves" and "Only The Young Die Young" have a great punk vibe that will have you looking back and rediscovering more songs by Bates Motel. The other four bonus tracks on this reissue of their first album are from Gleaming Spires "Life On The Lawn" EP, which definitely sounds like an extension of the band's early New Wave sound.

Their second album "Walk On Well Lighted Streets" still keeps that New Wave sound flowing through tracks like "You're Right" and "Happy Boy." The bonus tracks featured along side the original ten album songs come from the well-received "Party EP," which features some of Gleaming Spires more experimental tracks like "Funk For Children" and "Brain Button." This new release also includes the song "Kinda Like The Movies" from the film "Bad Manners," along with a full band version of Gleaming Spires' "Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?" and "All Night Party" from the classic comedy film "Revenge Of The Nerds."

The third and final studio album from Gleaming Spires titled "Welcoming A New Ice Age" finds the band aiming toward a more pop-oriented sound with addictive ballads like "Tearaway" and "Your Secret Room," while also trying to recapture their early days with the sound of "What's Coming Next." The bonus tracks featured on this new CD reissue of the album come from the 1985 movie "School Spirit," which was the first film issued on Roger Corman's distribution company, Concorde Pictures. Plus, issued here for the first time, are a couple tracks from the Eleven Blue Men sessions, which was a failed attempt to keep the music flowing. A couple highlights from these bonus tracks include punk-style covers of Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds" and Bob Dylan's "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding." To find out more about these three new Gleaming Spires reissues, please visit