Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Check Out The International Sounds of Dwiki Dharmawan and Vasko Atanasovski

Pianist extraordinaire Dwiki Dharmawan recently released a new studio album titled "Hari Ketiga," which means "The Third Day." This new song suite is spread across two CDs and focuses on the documentation of alien terrain that protagonists have encountered. Dwiki delivers the spirit of those findings with melodic soundscapes and experimentation, with the help of Markus Reuter, Asaf Sirkis and Boris Savoldelli.

The first disc consists of only three tracks titled "The Earth," "The Man" and The Event Horizon." The first two musical pieces equal over an hour in length and take you on a musical journey of exploration, as Dwiki's piano leads the way, with Markus' guitar and Boris' vocals adding power and energy, while Asaf's drum add strength to these classical sounding improvisations. The six musical endeavors on disc two continue the journey with the spaced-out, jazz fusion of "The Loneliness Of The Universe," along with the beautiful piano piece "You'll Never Be Alone." Dwiki adds some of his Indonesian influence onto to energetic and spiritual delivery of "The Perpetual Motione," before closing his new album with the subtle musical movements of "The Memory Of Things." To find out more about Dwiki Dharmawan and his latest release "Hari Ketiga," please visit

Next, European maestro Vasko Atanasovski has gathered some of the best studio musicians from across Europe to create his Adrabesa Quartet. Together, this five-piece quartet recorded and released a new album in a matter of two months. The new release titled "Phoenix" features nine instrumental tracks, each of which highlights the many talents that this Adrabesa Quartet have to offer.

The album begins with the waltz-style melody of "Meeting," before slowing the tempo down to embrace the loving, classical flow of "Green Nymph." The eleven-minute suite of "Liberation" takes you on a musical journey, featuring hills and valleys of notes played perfectly by this ensemble. Vasko Atanasovski delivers the jazz fusion of "Balet" with shear force, before wrapping up his new album with the up-tempo, cabaret feel of "Concerto Epico" and the gentle climb of the closing track "Outro." To find out more about Vasko Atanasovski and his Adrabesa Quartet's new album "Phoenix," please visit

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