Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Check Out New Music From The Wildroots and Feverseed

Music artists Victor Wainwright and Stephen Dees have been a solid team for more than sixteen years and after six-year break since their last album "Boom Town," the duo rejoined forces as The Wildroots with their new album "Wildroots Sessions, Vol. 1." Not only did Victor and Stephen invite Patricia Ann Dees to join them on this latest release, but they also invited an all-star line-up of singers and musicians to join them. Their new sixteen song album begins with a stellar, soulful version of Wilson Pickett's "634-5789" and the blues chant of "Something In The Water 2020, led by the vocals of Billy Livesay. The Wildroots get down and dark in shadows of "Our Last Goodbye" with John Oates' weathered vocals laying out the perfect setting for these emotional lyrics. Patricia Ann Dees' voice will lift your spirits on the simple, sultry jazz romp of "Easy Chair" and Nick Black injects energy into the swinging, soulful sound of "Memphis Queen." The back-porch acoustics of "King Snake Crawl Revisited" brings it all back to the beginning, when the blues was all their was. The Wildroots wrap up their new album with the big rock and roll chords of "Misty Morning In New Orleans" and the gospel-like soul recollection of "I'm Yours." To find out more about The Wildroots and their latest release "Wildroots Sessions, Vol. 1," please visit

The New York-based band, Feverseed is preparing to release their debut EP titled "Let Yourself Down" on February 1st. This new four-song release may be short on songs, but it's big on riffs, as displayed in the opening hard rock track "Let Yourself Down." The best friends' duo of George Panagakos and Chris Crosby are also joined by lead guitarist Wibbus and drummer Drew Bertrand to create a a big, loud sound like "Beat Me." They add more classic rock melody to their song "Imprint," before finishing with a radio edit, censored version of their single "Beat Me." To find out more about Feverseed and their latest release "Let Yourself Down," please visit

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