Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Deacon Blue Ride "The Tide Of Love" & A Scent Like Wolves Become "Triumphant"

Arriving early next month is the new full-length studio album from the Scottish rock/pop band, Deacon Blue. Their new release "Riding On The Tide Of Love" is a companion-piece to last year's top album "City Of Love." This new eight-song album was written and recorded during the 2020 lockdown and brings a joy to their music that is much needed in the world today. Deacon Blue kick things off with the fun, light, airy sounds of the title-track "Riding On The Tide Of Love," which should certainly lift your spirits during these dark times. They continue with a beautiful, gentle melody of "She Loved The Snow" and "Look Up," which keeps things simple, but emotional. The energy returns with striking lyrics and pulsating rhythm of "Time," before Deacon Blue finish off their new album with the bluesy-style ballad of "Send A Note Out" and the quiet touch of "It's Still Early," highlighted by the song's amazing harmonies. To find out more about Deacon Blue and their latest release "Riding On The Tide Of Love," please visit

Also arriving in February is the latest release from the American metal band, A Scent Like Wolves. Their new album titled "We Are Triumphant" features ten tracks that find the band focusing on the instrumentation of these tracks, to give their sound a deeper connection with the listener. A short instrumental gives way to the energetic attack of "Eastern Lights," as A Scent Like Wolves wastes no time delivering a addictive high-powered chorus and melody. The new album also features some special guests, like JT Cavey from Erra on the epic sounding "Bloom," which floats between mainstream rock and hardcore aggressiveness. They take their time on "Poison" leading up to the song's explosive crest of screaming vocals and chugging guitar riffs, while "Midnight Eyes" is an ambient guitar solo that sets up the second half of the album. The addition of Brian Wille of Currents on "Death Effect" gives the song an extra sonic blast of hardcore energy, before A Scent Like Wolves close out their new album with the gentler, more melody tone of "Dissolve" and the final explosive chorus of "Aquamarine." To find out more about A Scent Like Wolves and their latest release "We Are Triumphant," please visit

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