Saturday, January 30, 2021

Let Your Mind Get Lost In The Progressive Rock Music Of Illuminae and Sonus Umbra

On February 12th, Gonzo Multimedia with be releasing the debut album from the progressive rock ensemble, Illuminae, which is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Ian Jones and singer/composer Agnieszka Swita. The new release titled "Dark Horizons" will also features guest appearances by Steve Hackett (Genesis) and John Helliwell (Supertramp) just to name a couple. The album begins with the nearly ten-minute epic piece "The Lighthouse," which finds Illuminae fueling Jones' symphonic rock side with this high-powered musical number, before delivering a more melodic feel to their song "Edge Of Darkness," which centers around the unique vocals of Agnieszka. The duo take a step back for the pop/rock tone of "Twice," before finishing their new album with the graceful power ballad "Sign Of Infinity" and the adventurous, eleven-minute closer "Dark Horizons," as Ian Jones and Agnieszka Swita form the perfect musical bond on this exciting prog-rock piece. To find out more about Illuminae and their latest release "Dark Horizons," please visit

Fellow progressive rock ensemble Sonus Umbra also recently unleashed a new studio album titled "A Sky Full Of Ghosts." This veteran rock band lays it all out for you to enjoy on their new nine-track release, which begins with the amazing instrumentation of the seven-minute opener "Antidentity." Sonus Umbra deliver the perfect combination of melody and hard rock edginess with "Bleary-Eyed People," as you begin to notice that the music is the main appeal of this band on songs like "Hidden In The Light" and "The Last Menagerie." Sonus Umbra wrap up their new album with the beautifully elegant acoustics of "Time Is Running Out" and the nostalgic touch of "Apogee." To find out more about Sonus Umbra and their latest release "A Sky Full Of Ghosts," please visit

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