Tuesday, January 12, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From These Colors Fade, Crawl Below and Cortege

Arriving January 29th is the latest release from the one-man, hardcore metal act, These Colors Fade. This is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Keelan Donahue and his latest album "Contemporary Tragedy" features ten tracks, beginning with the three-part "Contemporary Tragedy Suite." Keelan lays it all out for you to enjoy on these first few tracks, as he combines soft classical sounds with raw, grunge and hardcore screams in order to get his message across. It's hard to completely categorize his sound, with each song including many different musical elements, as displayed in "Clarity" and "Beginning/End." The industrial buzz of "The Art Of A Burning Memory" and the ballad "Disappear" are a couple of his strongest pieces on this album, before finishing with part four of the "Contemporary Tragedy Suite," which keeps you listening until the final note. To find out more about These Colors Fade's latest release "Contemporary Tragedy," please visit facebook.com/TheseColorsFade.

Next month, we get the latest release from another one-man army, Crawl Below with his new album "9 Mile Square." This Connecticut artist focuses his new album on the history and legends of Norwich, CT. Crawl Below is the moniker of the multi-talented artist, Charlie Sad-Eyes and his new six song release kicks off with the slow-moving, doom metal sounds of "Feed The Towers Above The Trees" and "Fire Burning," as the music takes over the vocals in these songs. The rawness of "Kingdom Of The Ruined" gives the song a darker, "grunge" like tone, while "Tarnished The Name" mixes in a softer guitar sound, along with a chugging guitar riff, which gives the music more depth. Crawl Below finishes his new album with the seven-minute doom metal buzz of the title song "9 Mile Square." To find out more about Crawl Below and his latest release "9 Mile Square," please visit facebook.com/crawlbelow.

Another February release arrives from the Texas doom metal duo, Cortege. Their new two-song EP titled "Chasing Daylight" features this sixteen-minute song broken up into two parts. The deep, dark tones of "Chasing Daylight, Part 1" has a progressive quality to the music, as you follow every note and drumbeat that brings you along on this journey. The second part continues the song's slow-moving pace, but with glimpses of louder, chaotic instrumentation. To find out more about Cortege and their new album "Chasing Daylight," please visit facebook.com/cortegeatx.

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