Sunday, January 24, 2021

New Music From Indie-Artists Reality Anonymous and AJ Rosales

Arriving this month is the debut album from alternative, melodic/psychedelic rock band, Reality Anonymous. The band is the brainchild of Lyn Vaus, a thirty-year veteran in the music industry, who was inspired to make music again by working on the films "The Darien Gap," "Next Stop Wonderland" and "Temptation." The new album titled "The Ghost Host, Vol. 1" features sixteen tracks, each with its own framed picture on the cover of the album. Reality Anonymous begins with the gently told story of "Penny," as the music simply floats along, while "I Love Her Everywhere" carries a sixties psychedelic-pop vibe. The music gets slightly more aggressive with the raw, grunge-style sound of "New Fire," while the music of "Bathhouse Frieze" swirls around, almost unnoticeably. Reality Anonymous keep flashing back to sixties with the nostalgic tones of "Out Of Nowhere" and "Neti Neti (I Lost My Context Lens)." They take a shot at the former president with "Orange Explosion," before finishing the album with the uplifting pop of "Happy Moments" and the dark, alt-country melody of "The Rest In Peace." To find out more about Reality Anonymous and their latest release "The Ghost Host, Vol. 1," please visit

Also new this month is the fifth solo album from singer/songwriter AJ Rosales titled "Manifestations." Rosales has toured with world-renown acts like Modern English and Vertical Horizons. His new album features a dozen tracks, beginning with the high-energy instrumental "Summoner" and the passionate folk explosion of "Disengage." The energy continues to flow through the alternative-pop strumming of "Tear It Apart," before finally slowing down for the bluesy ballad "Heaven," which flashes some of AJ's stellar guitar work during the song's solo. AJ Rosales closes out his new album with the addictive melody of "If Not Today" and the beautifully, elegant delivery of the instrumental "Snowflakes." To find out more about AJ Rosales and his latest release "Manifestations," please visit

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