Saturday, January 16, 2021

New Music From Indie-Rock Artists Sometimes Julie and Twiggy Branches

Back on New Year's Eve, indie-rockers Sometimes Julie released their fourth album titled "Where Are You?." It features a dozen new tracks that supports the full band's effort, beginning with the hard, edgy rock of "She Can't Kiss You," as singer Monica Sorenson's vocals add a revenge-type feel to the song. The album continues with the blues of "Knew It All Along" and the beautiful ballad "As Good A Day As Any," before delivering the southern swagger of "Walk Among The Dead." The band's stellar sound supplies the perfect rock and roll backdrop for Monica to strut out the lyrics of "Counterpart" and "Arachne's Pride -Minerva." Sometimes Julie finish up their new album with the nostalgic-sounding, street-style blues of "Love Me Gently" and the upbeat, alternative country vibe of "Counting My Lucky Stars." To find out more about Sometimes Julie and their latest release "Where Are You?," please visit

Also released just last year is the full-length debut album from Twiggy Branches titled "Hello From Sunny Sigils." The album was recorded live at Thunderdome Studios and features eight blazing tracks, beginning with the punk fury of "The Patient Twiggy Branches" and the raw energy of "Am I Going Sane?." The music smolders during "Runt Of The Litter," before letting loose with a precise sonic attack. Twiggy Branches deliver a spot-on, classic punk sound with "Therapeutic Drag, before wrapping up their new album with the addictive chorus of "Be My Babylon" and the chugging guitar riffs spewing vocals of "Dr. Dealer." To find out more about Twiggy Branches and their latest release "Hello From Sunny Sigils," please visit

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