Friday, January 22, 2021

New Music From These Two Ladies Of Song, Melbreeze and Sue Maskaleris

Turkey-born artist, Melbreeze has been calling Los Angeles her home when she began collaborating on songs with Grammy-winner Jimmy Haslip and Alan Pasqua. She released her debut album "Solitude: A Dream In Green Minor" almost a decade ago and has been on a role, releasing new music nearly every year since.  Her latest album titled "I Love Paris" is her first in the producers chair, as she co-produced the album with fellow artist, Scott Kinsey. Melbreeze's new ten track release features her re-imagined version of classic, traditional pop songs like "Autumn Leaves," "Sentimental Journey" and the title-song "I Love Paris." You will definitely appreciate the way she take a song like "I Fall In Love Too Easily" and makes it her own, by changing the tempo and delivering her vocals in a unique style. The way Melbreeze turns Oscar Brown Jr.'s "Dat Dere" into a swinging jazz/pop anthem is simply magical. Her singing style perfectly matches the sultry melody of "What Lola Wants," turning the song into one of the greatest musical pieces of her catalog. Melbreeze wraps up her new album with an elegant version of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly With His Song." To find out more about Melbreeze and her latest release "I Love Paris," please visit

Singer, songwriter, musician Sue Maskaleris recently released her new studio album titled "Love Is The Key." It features eleven tracks that showcase the many different styles of music that Sue simply loves and will have you falling in love with also. The album begins with the ticking rhythm of "Procrastination," which takes off with Sue's vocal excitement. The tempo slows down for the gentle flow of "Bliss," which wraps you up like a warm blanket on cold winter night. I feel that a musical is in her future, as she sings in Portuguese on "March Of The Refugee (Dire)," the choir sings in English and you can picture this big stage number. Sue delivers a swinging jazz vibe for "Love Is The Key," which appears again at the end of the album in edited form. She returns to singing in Portuguese once again during the samba-movement of "Voce Pra Mim," before finishing with a loving duet with Luiz Simas on "Summer" and the elegant jazz of "Flay Away," as the music is the featured guest on this closing number. To find out more about Sue Maskaleris and her latest release "Love Is The Key," please visit

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