Thursday, January 14, 2021

New Music To Discover From Crack The Sky, Christopher Shayne and Walking Papers

Arriving January 15th is the new studio album from the American progressive rock band, Crack The Sky. It has been 45 years since the release of their self-titled debut album and their new thirteen track release titled "Tribes" is some of the band's best work in decades. They begin with the hard rock assault of the title-song "Tribes," as the words feel even more relevant in these troublesome times. The political charge continues with the funky bass/drum breaks of "Another Civil War," before the high-powered energy explodes with "Blowing Up Detroit." Crack The Sky's progressive side shines on the epic rock journey of "Quick," while "Another Beautiful Day" has a timeless, nostalgic quality to the music. Their sound take on a modern vibe with "Stranger In A Strange Land" and the electronic beats of "We Don't Know," before Crack The Sky finish their new album with the pounding drum and thick blues riff of "Boom Boom," along with the new wave funk of "The Lost Boys." To find out more about Crack The Sky and their latest release "Tribes," please visit

Then, next week we have the new seven-song EP from southern rocker Christopher Shayne titled "Ten High." Only six years have passed since his independent debut release, but Shayne has found the perfect hard edged, southern rock charm with this new set of tracks, beginning with the high-energy of "Pour The Bottle." The country rock with the blues backdrop of the title song "Ten High" features the perfect formula for chart success, as Christopher Shayne has the perfect remedy music to just let loose to. His sound takes a turn toward country with the guitar swagger of "Any Given Sunday," before getting down and dirty with the swampy blues of "Burn Me Down." Christopher Shayne closes out his new album with the hard rock attack of "Give A Damn" and the flipside acoustic strumming of "Just Get Drunk." To find out more about Christopher Shayne and his latest release "Ten High," please visit

Now, let's fast-forward to February for the latest release from Seattle rockers, Walking Papers. Their new album titled "The Light Below" features a dozen new tracks, beginning with the buzz of "The Value Of Zero," as the music simmers with raw smoldering rage. The modern, mainstream sound of "What Did You Expect" feels influenced by newly inducted Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers Depeche Mode," while Walking Papers take you on a sonic rock journey with the eight-minute epic piece "Divine Intervention." They find truly find divine intervention with the southern gospel-like appeal of "Going Nowhere," then dig deep into the electronic "grunge" sound of "Creation Reproduction And Death." Popularity awaits the discover of "Rich Man's War," which rings through your speakers with the rawness of The Black Keys. Walking Papers wrap up their new album with the quiet touch of "Where Did I Go Wrong" and the melodic flow of "California (One More Phone Call)." To find out more about Walking Papers and their latest release "The Light Below," please visit

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