Monday, January 11, 2021

New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Dread Sovereign, Demon Head and Tribulation

Irish metal band, Dread Sovereign are ready to release their new studio album titled "Alchemical Warfare" on January 15th, through Metal Blade Records. The band combines a doom and death metal sound, as featured on the ten minute opener "She Wolves Of The Savage Season." The intensity of the song continues to climb during each verse, before pulling back the reigns to display a dark, dooming sound. Dread Sovereign continue with the storied lyrics and Viking calls of "The Great Beast We Serve," along with the slow-building aggressive heavy metal attack of "Nature Is The Devil's Church." The thrash metal guitar riffs of "Devil's Bone," continues to deliver the energy, before Dread Sovereign close out their new album with the nine minute mystical doom metal appeal of "Ruin Upon The Temple Mount" and the chaotic frenzy of "You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck)." To find out more about Dread Sovereign and their latest release "Alchemical Warfare," please visit

Also arriving this January from Metal Blade Records is the latest release from Demon Head titled "Viscera." It continues the bands consistency of releasing a new album every couple years and this new ten track release delivers a different type of metal experience, using mostly acoustic and brass instrumentation, along with mellotrons and church organs. They begin with the gothic-metal sounds of "Tooth And Nail," while "The Feline Smile" has a worshipping quality to the singing, while the music combines many different elements. Demon Head deliver the doom metal sounds of "Magical Death" with masterful experience, while the epic dark metal appeal of "Black Torches" will turn you into an instant follower of the music of Demon Head. To find out more about the band's new album "Viscera," please visit

Swedish metal band, Tribulation also get in on the action with their latest release titled "Where The Gloom Becomes Sound." It features ten new death metal anthems, beginning with the chugging guitar riffs and growling vocals of "In Remembrance," as you are drawn into Tribulation's musical world. The energy explodes with the addictive mainstream metal melody of "Hour Of The Wolf," along with the pounding doom metal rhythm of "Dirge Of A Dying Soul." Then, Tribulation flex their thrash metal muscle with the sonic attack of "Daughter Of The Djinn, before finishing off their new album with the amazing musicianship of "Elements" and the progressive metal touch of the album closer, "The Wilderness." To find out more about Tribulation and their latest release "Where The Gloom Becomes Sound," please visit

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