Sunday, February 28, 2021

Let's Get Rocking With New Music From Radar, Touch and Tremendous

After a chance meeting nearly 40 years ago between David West, Rod Jordan and Gary Stevenson, has turned into one of the longest waits for a debut album. Finally, on February 19th, the band Radar released their long, overdue recording titled "Lost In The Atlantic." The new ten track release kicks off with the energetic, eighties-sounding hard rock blast of "A Trick Of Light" and the more progressive feel of "Goodbye Mr. President." The album continues to deliver that nostalgic, syth-infused sound with "Laena" and "The Calling Time," while also flexing their more aggressive rock side with "Love Wars." The album wraps up with pop sensibility of "Someone's Crying" and the electronic overload of "Olympic Runner." To find out more about Radar and the album "Lost In The Atlantic," please visit

Also on the horizon from Escape Music Ltd. is the third full-length release from the band Touch. Their new album titled "Tomorrow Never Comes" features twelve tracks that simply rock, bringing their classic sound to modern times. They begin with addictive chorus of the title track "Tomorrow Never Comes," which burns with hard rock fury and energy. The guitars come out blazing on the adrenaline shot of "Let It Come" and the epic-sounding masterpiece "Swan Song." Touch come firing back with the electrifying sound of "Fire And Ice," before slowing down for the power ballad "Trippin' Over Shadows." They wrap up their new album with the straight up swagger of "Lil Bit Of Rock And Roll," the bluesy style of "Scream At The Sky" and the seventies-sounding FM radio anthem "Run For Your Life." To find out more about Touch and their latest release "Tomorrow Never Comes," please visit

The U.K. glam rock band Tremendous also recently released their debut album titled "Relentless." It features ten tracks, beginning with the addictive, nostalgic power of "Don't Leave Our Love (Open For Closing)" and the glamorous power ballad "Like Dreamers Do." This trio capture the essence of classic rock with "Rock 'n' Roll Satellite" and energy of "Daniela," in order to deliver a modern glam rock sound that should be turning heads in the music industry. Tremendous deliver the British rock vibe of "Take A Good Look At My Good," before finishing their new album with the aggressive, punk-like attack of "Heart Sinker," along with the big guitar sound that motors through the closer "Copycat Killer." To find out more about Tremendous and their latest release "Relentless," please visit

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Japan Returns To The "Quiet Life," While The Melvins Are Finally "Working With God"

English new wave band, Japan is reissuing their 1979 break-through album "Quiet Life" as a three-disc expanded set, which includes rare mixes and a live show from 1980. Japan banged out five albums in four years, before splitting up in 1982 after burning out, just as the band was achieving major commercial success. On March 5th, BMG will release Japan's "Quiet Life" deluxe edition on CD and a limited edition half-speed red vinyl version.

The original eight-song album is remastered and features that pure electronic/synthesized sound that made pop music in the eighties so addictive. The album lead off with the title-track "Quiet Life," which feels built for the dance clubs, while the atmospheric ballad "Despair" contains a timeless, relaxed quality to the song. The Lou Reed penned "All Tomorrows Parties" was also released as a single, after the group disbanded and cracked the Top 40 in the U.K. This new deluxe edition includes remixes of songs that did not appear on the "Quiet Life" album, like "European Son" and "Life In Tokyo," which appear here in their 7" and 12" remixed forms. Japan's cover of Smokey Robinson's "I Second That Emotion," was originally released as a single in 1980 to promote the album, and is included in this set in its remix forms. I wish "A Foreign Place" was included on the first disc, with the original album, as it was intended to be part of it's initial release, but is included along with the remixes and rarities.

Fans of Japan will no debut be ecstatic about the addition of the "lost " live in Budokan show from March 1980. The rough recording includes fifteen songs, which showcases another side to the band's polished studio sound and also displays their popularity in the Far East during this time period. The recording is not perfect and sounds like a bootleg recording that was cleaned up for this release. Don't get me wrong, the recording is definitely enjoyable and puts you right in the front row of the show. It includes some rare gems, like "In Vogue" and "Life In Tokyo" and closes with a punk-like version of "Automatic Gun" from their 1978 album "Obscure Alternatives." To find out more about the new deluxe edition of Japan's album "Quiet Life," please visit

Also, let's welcome back the Melvins with a new studio album titled "Working With God." Even though this is a new Melvins album, it actually features the line-up of Melvins 1983, which includes King Buzzo, Dale Crover and Mike Dillard. The new thirteen-track release kicks off with "I Fuck Around," which is sung in the same melody as The Beach Boys' "I Get Around" and is as addictive as hell to sing along to. The raw, hard rock sound that the Melvins are known for is still present in the tracks "Negative No No" and "Caddy Daddy," along with the classic, nostalgic punk-like fury of "Boy Mike." The album finishes with the slow grinding of "Hot Fish" and the sweet, harmonies of "Good Night Sweetheart." To find out more about the new album "Working With God" from the Melvins, please visit

Friday, February 26, 2021

Celebrate 30 Years Of "Shake Your Money Maker" With A New Box Set From The Black Crowes

It has been 30 years (32 actually) since the Robinson brothers (Chris and Rich) joined forces with Jeff Cease, Johnny Colt and Steve Gorman to bring their brand of southern rock swagger to the masses as The Black Crowes. Their debut album "Shake Your Money Maker" was originally released on February 13, 1990 and became an instant success, featuring four hit singles and ushering in a new wave of southern rock music during a time when the Northwest was becoming the melting pot for new music. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of their landmark album, UMe/American Recordings have dug into The Black Crowes vault to release a new 4LP, 3CD set, which due to COVID-19 will be available in March, but available February 26th on all digital platforms.

The original 11-track release has been remastered and displays a cleaner, more clear and spacious sound, allowing Rich Robinson's guitars to breathe on their own during tracks like "Could I've Been So Blind" and "Struttin' Blues." The acoustics on "She Talks To Angels" feels more natural, as if you were in the studio, hearing him pluck the strings, while Chris' timeless, iconic vocals sound youthful and energetic on "Thick n' Thin."

The new 30th anniversary edition of this release adds ten bonus unreleased songs and B-sides, along with their hometown show in Atlanta, GA from December 1990. One of the things that The Black Crowes did was take someone else's song and turn it into one of their own, as shown in their version of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" and Humble Pie's "30 Days In A Hole." The raw, acoustic version of "Jealous Again" sounds like what it would be to hang out with the band on the back porch of one of their houses, just loose and free. The addition of a couple tracks from their early demo, when they were known as Mr. Crowe's Garden, are also a nice addition and sound like they have been cleaned up, showing the band's early country side.

Their live show from 1990 sounds amazing and finds The Black Crowes in their true element, performing live to a crowd that has supported them early in their new career. Chris works up the audience with his between song banter, while the band perform every song from the "Shake Your Money Maker" album, along with a couple extras. The extended jam during "Words You Throw Away," is pure gold, as Rich's guitar work is second to none. Once again, The Black Crowes turn The Beatles' "Get Back" into one of their own, adding a bluesy, southern swagger to the song's famous lyrics. Also, the way The Black Crowes constructed their setlist was just masterful, interweaving their hits with lesser known tracks to keep the energy flowing through the entire performance. The deluxe version of this set includes a reproduction of one of the band's early posters, along with a backstage laminate and a 20-page book with liner notes from Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke. To find out more about this amazing new 30th anniversary set of "Shake Your Money Maker" from The Black Crowes, please visit

Thursday, February 25, 2021

New Instrumental Music From The David Angel Jazz Ensemble and Gregg Karukas

West coast jazz arranger/composer David Angel has teamed up with musician/producer Jim Self for a new 3-disc anthology titled "Out On The Coast." David Angel has been part of the music industry for over 60 years, first composing work for tv shows like "Bonanza" and "Lassie," before developing The David Angel Jazz Ensemble back in 1969. He has also become a teacher at a number of colleges in California. This new set of songs culminates Angel's work as a musician and a conductor, leading his thirteen-piece ensemble through 22 of David Angel's favorites. The album kicks off with the classic, big band sound of "Out On The Coast 2" and the more solo-filled sounds of "Wig," which also carries that swinging vibe. The melody slows down for the nine-minute emotion ties of "L'ilo Vasche," before diving into the smooth, elegant sounding cover of Duke Ellington's "Prelude To A Kiss." The first disc closes with a trio of epic pieces like horn-infused pace of "Ah Rite!" and David's rearrangement of Johnny Mandel's upbeat song "Hershey Bar."

The set continues with the pure, honest, heart-filled emotion of Jimmy Davis' "Loverman," while the tempo picks up with the "feel good" melody of "Leaves." David Angel invests his love for jazz music into the nearly fifteen-minute flow of "Moonlight," which just flows with magical solos and a solid, flowing melody. The set finishes with the light, airy floating notes of "Love Letter To Pythagoras," along with the rhythmic delivery of "Waiting For A Train Part 2" and the final upbeat, swinging sendoff of "L.A. Mysterioso." To find out more about the latest release "Out On The Coast," from The David Angel Jazz Ensemble, please visit

Grammy Award winning musician/composer Gregg Karukas also recently releases a new album titled "Serenata." It is a solo piano piece that features fifteen tracks, a mixture of covers and originals, beginning with the elegant touch of "Travessia" and the uplifting magic of the keys in the title track "Serenata." Gregg delivers a grand gesture with the emotional touch of "Nascente," before lightening the mood with the wonderful piano key progression of "Paisagem da Janela." The way Gregg Karukas delivers the music is a work of art, as he wraps you around his finger with the beautiful sounds of "O Cantador," before closing out his new solo piano album with the classical piece "Lament (Final Embrace)" and the quiet, gentle touch of "Long Ago." To find out more about Gregg Karukas and his latest album "Serenata," please visit

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Omnivore Recordings Reissues Two Classic Albums From Legendary Comedian Richard Pryor

Arriving February 26th, from Omnivore Recordings, are two new expanded reissues of comedian Richard Pryor's first two albums, "Richard Pryor" and "Craps (After Hours)." Richard Pryor was a comedian's comedian. He held nothing back when he delivered his brand of humor. He released his first album in 1968, after already making regular appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "The Merc Griffin Show." Pryor's debut release was recorded at the Troubadour in West Hollywood and only featured thirty minutes of his act, which included everything for farting, to girls panties, to a black superhero. Pryor's delivery was honest and truthful and raw. This new reissue includes a second disc of Richard Pryor's material, which was recorded at different clubs throughout California and first appeared on the out-of-print "Evolution/Revolution (1968-1974)" set. This new addition adds 70 more minutes of Pryor's stellar comedy, discussing birth control, asking for directions and of course the story of "Hank's Place." The quality changes slightly with each recording, but all of the jokes are top notch and showcase Pryor's spot-on deliver.

It would be three years for Richard Pryor to release his second album "Craps (After Hours)" in 1971. The album was recorded live at the Redd Foxx Club in Hollywood and showcases how Pryor's material got more raw and raunchy. He would jump right into his relationship with his wife, how they would fight and gave every joke a spin about being black and going against the "white man." It was cutting edge comedy 50 years ago, which definitely paved the way for comedians today to just be themselves and not censor their work. This new reissue of the "Craps (After Hours)" album includes seventeen minutes of bonus material, which also appeared on the "Evolution/Revolution (1968-1974)" set. His delivery of "Wino & Junkie" is pure Richard Pryor at his best, while also discussing and giving his honest insight about "Attica" on a radio show. To find out more about these two new reissues of Richard Pryor's early albums, please visit

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Let's Go Surfin' Now With New Music From Los Dedos and The Breakers

It's time to go surfin', with a pair of new EPs from new comers Los Dedos and The Breakers. Los Dedos is a surf instrumental trio that hails from Bristol, UK and they are releasing their self-titled debut album on March 3rd. This new five song EP brings you the classic surf style guitar work of Dick Dale on the opening track "Crime Wave." Los Dedos take their time on the more melodic, dark tone of "Midnight Hustle," while "The Bat" is a shot of pure adrenaline, drawing similarities to The Ventures. Los Dedos wrap up their new album with the laid back tone of "High & Dry," along with the quick-hitting "Panic Buy." To find out more about Los Dedos and their new self-titled release, please visit

Another surf instrumental trio with a new album is The Breakers with "A Date With Destiny." It is the band's third release, since forming in Chicago in 2018. Their new seven-song album begins with the guitar wizardry effects of "Sub-Marine Time Machine," as the band create their own style of surf instrumentals. The album continues with the more traditional west coast stylings of "Turbulence," along with the raw, nostalgic sounds of "Big Question Mark." The Breakers finish their new album with the uplifting, floating melody of the title track "A Date With Destiny" and the rhythm-fueled garage rock attack of "Po'ino." To find out more about The Breakers and their latest release "A Date With Destiny,"  please visit

Monday, February 22, 2021

Blackmore's Night Finds "Nature's Light" With New Release & Saxon Pays Homage With "Inspirations"

Arriving March 12th from legendary guitarist Richie Blackmore is the new album from his latest endeavor, Blackmore's Night. The new release titled "Nature's Light" is the band's 11th studio album and their first set of new music in six years. Right from the opening notes of "Once Upon A December," Blackmore and his merry band of minstrels lay down the perfect backdrop for lead singer, Candice Night to tells us a tale of a frigid winter long ago. While the band's Renaissance sound is still present on "Four Winds," their is also a touch of acoustic rock making its first appearance on the new album. The tempo picks up with the swift movement of "Feather In The Wind," before the earthly acoustics of "The Twisted Oak" are the perfect match to Candice's soothing vocals. The title-song "Nature's Light" feels like an medieval announcement with it brush, grand chorus, while "Wish You Were Here" is a poetic ballad that fills you with emotions. Blackmore's Night close out their new album with the uplifting tone of "Going To The Faire" and the six-minute epic piece which finally allows you enjoy the magnificent work of guitarist extraordinaire during his electrifying solo. To find out more about Blackmore's Night and their latest release "Nature's Light," please visit

Another legendary act releasing new album is the British heavy metal band Saxon and their newest release "Inspirations." This is the band's 23rd studio album during their illustrious 44 year career and this one pays homage to some of their favorite songs with a full-on covers album. The new eleven-song set begins with a raw, crunching version of The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black," which gives the classic song a shot of adrenaline. Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" is the perfect fit for Saxon to cover, as the band perform a perfect rendition of this high-powered classic. Saxon add heavy metal speed to The Beatles' "Paperback Writer," taking the song's energy up another notch, while Motorhead's "Bomber" is perfectly executed by lead singer Biff Byford and the band. One of the most pleasant surprises on this new set of cover songs is their version of Toto's "Hold The Line," which adds another dimension to the band's hard-hitting, guitar riff-infused sound. Saxon finish their new album with the hard-edged strut of AC/DC's "Problem Child" and a muscled-up power ballad version of The Kinks' "See My Friends." To find out more about Saxon and their latest release "Inspirations," please visit

Sunday, February 21, 2021

New Music From Metal Blade Records Artists Trial, Cult Of Luna and IOTUNN

During these cold winter months, Metal Blade Records rolled out a few hot new releases from Trial (swe), Cult Of Luna and IOTUNN. Following their 2018 tour with fellow label mates RAM and Portrait, Trial (swe) parted ways with longtime lead singer Linus Johansson and brought in former Air Raid lead singer Arthur Andersson to take his place. To introduce the new singer to the heavy metal world during this tough time, Trial (swe) decided to release a new, short two-song EP titled "Sisters Of The Moon." The title and lead song are a cover of the Fleetwood Mac single of the same name, with Trial (swe) adding an extra joint of adrenaline with their duel guitar line-up. Andersson fits in perfectly to this line-up, adding a fresh new life to their music. The other song on this release is a cover of Black Sabbath's "Die Young" (originally sung by Ronnie James Dio), as Tiral (swe) do their best to give the song it's proper heavy metal respect. To find out more about this latest release from Trial (swe), please visit

Another new introduction comes from the Swedish metal band, Cult Of Luna. They have a new sub-label titled, Red Creek Recordings and the debut release from the label is a new five-song EP from the band titled "The Raging River." It begins with the eight-minute epic metal number "Three Bridges," hits hard with pounding drums, growling vocals and adrenaline-fueled guitar riffs. Cult Of Luna keep the attack growling with the doom metal appeal of "What I Leave Behind," while "I Remember" showcases more of the band's musical technical side. The album closes with twelve-minute journey to the band's progressive metal side with the more melodic metal appeal of "Wave After Wave." To find out more about Cult Of Luna and their latest release "The Raging River," please visit

Arriving February 26th is the latest album from the Danish metal act IOTUNN titled "Access All Worlds." The band states that they finally feel complete on this new seven-song release, as they showcase every side to their hardcore metal sound. The chugging guitars of "Voyage Of The Garganey I" motors the songs' intense sound with Jon Aldara' vocals rising above the attack. IOTUNN display a more progressive sound with the nearly twelve-minute epic "Access All Worlds," while "Waves Below" has a more mainstream metal sound that will turn you into an instant fan of the band. The band speeds the tempo up even more during sections of "The Tower Of Cosmic Nihility," before finishing with the melodic undertone of "Safe Across The Endless Night," which only adds to the band's already high level of musicianship. To find out more about IOTUNN and their latest release "Access All Worlds," please visit

Saturday, February 20, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music From Newcomers Coronary, Sleepless, Lunar Shadow and Herzel

Finnish metal squad, Coronary just recently released their full-length debut album titled "Sinbad" through Cruz Del Sur Music. It features ten tracks that capture that nostalgic early days of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal sound, beginning with the high-powered attack of the title-track "Sinbad." Chugging guitar riffs and swift heavy metal drumming is what Coronary is all about, as they bring the energy to tracks like "Firewings" and "Reflector." The rawness of their sound is definitely present on "Burnout," which draws up similarity to early Saxon. Coronory close out their new album with the dark, simmering tone of "Mestengo" and the aggressive pounding of "Wonders Of The World" to finish off on a heavy metal high. To find out more about Coronary and their latest release "Sinbad," please visit

Speaking of classic metal, members of 80's death metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy have teamed up with guitarist, singer, producer Kevin Hahn to create the new band, Sleepless. They are preparing to release a new four-song EP titled "Blood Libel," which arrives March 12th through Necromantic Press Records. The trio kick things off with a renewed energy displayed in "The Man Who Could Not Sleep," as they capture your attention with raw emotion and never let it go. They speed things up with the quick-hitting attack of "Host Desecration," before wrapping up their new, short release with the classic death metal sound of "Blood Libel (A Vampire Tale)." To find out more about Sleepless and their latest release "Blood Libel," please visit

Also arriving in March from Cruz Del Sur Records is the latest release from Germany's indie-hard rock band Lunar Shadow. Their new album "Wish To Leave" includes only six tracks, but begins and ends with two, epic progressive rock pieces that will have you want more extended musical piece from this band. They take their time building up the energy on the nearly eight-minute "Serpents Die," which showcases a band that is much more experienced beyond their years together. Lunar Shadow delivers a nostalgic hard rock vibe with the addictive sounds of "I Will Lose You" and the more intense approach of "And Silence Screamed," before finishing with the ten-minute sonic journey of "The Darkness Between The Stars." To find out more about Lunar Shadow and their latest release "Wish To Leave," please visit

The French epic-metal band Herzel will finally release their full-length debut album "Le Dernier Rempart" on March 19th through Gates Of Hell Records. It features only six tracks, beginning with the over eight-minute "Maitres de I'ocean," which is sung in their native language, along with the high-energy music makes this and international release that needs to be heard. Herzel flex their heavy metal muscle on the quick-hitting attack of "La Flamme" and "L'epee des Dieux," before finishing with the more melodic, guitar riff infused adventurous closer "L'ultime Combat." To find out more about Herzel and their latest release "Le Dernier Rempart," please visit

Friday, February 19, 2021

New Music From The Pretty Reckless, A Scent Like Wolves, Jarhead Fertilizer and Of Mice & Men

Hard rock band, The Pretty Reckless continue to climb in popularity with each new album they release, and their latest "Death By Rock And Roll," may be their best so far. It came out on February 12th through Fearless Records and also features a few special guests as well. The Pretty Reckless start off their new twelve song release with the hard-hitting, pounding rhythm of the title song "Death By Rock And Roll," as lead singer Taylor Momsen delivers the verses with a bluesy-style, before exploding during the chorus. The raw, grungy feel of "Only Love Can Save Me Now" is supported by one half of Soundgarden, as Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron add an extra layer of nostalgia to the song. The Pretty Reckless meets Rage Against The Machine on "And So It Went," as chants of "the world does not belong to you" and a Tom Morello guitar solo take the music up another notch with a shot of adrenaline. The music turns dark on the slow moving ballad "25," while the acoustic strumming of "Got So High" feeds the emotional side of their new album. The Pretty Reckless wrap things up with the aggressive chorus of "Turning Gold," before paying homage to the rock stars that passed away before their time in "Rock And Roll Heaven," along with a return to the blues with "Harley Darling." To find out more about The Pretty Reckless and their latest release "Death By Rock And Roll," please visit

We also have the latest release from American metalcore band, A Scent Like Wolves. Their new album titled "Mystic Auras" features ten tracks, beginning with a short instrumental which opens the flood gates to the all-out aggressive assault of "Eastern Lights." A Scent Like Wolves also invite some special guests along for the ride like JT Cavey (Erra) on the hardcore balance of "Bloom" and Brian Wille (Currents) on the intense, growling/screaming vocals of "Death Effect." A Scent Like Wolves finish up their new album with the clean melody of "Dissolve," featuring Booka Nile (Make Them Suffer), along with the final sonic metalcore blast of "Aquamarine," which continues to keep this band in the conversation as one of the best American heavy metal band around. To find out more about A Scent Like Wolves and their latest release "Mystic Auras," please visit

As we move closer and closer to the end of the month, we also move closer to the debut release from deathmetal newcomers Jarhead Fertilizer. The album it titled "Product Of My Environment" and features eleven grinding heavy metal tracks that are not for the faint of heart. The opening growls of the title song "Product Of My Environment" strap you in and introduces you to the hardcore bashing, chugging guitar riffs and deep howling vocals that you will experience for the next 30 minutes. The 66-seconds of chaos that surround "Silence The Narc" is hard to grasp after one listen, while "An End To Your Sacred World" is an adrenaline punch right to the gut. Jarhead Fertilizer wraps up their new album with the experimental soundscape of "Agony Churning" and the final sonic blast of "Life Is Prison." To find out more about Jarhead Fertilizer and their latest release "Product Of My Environment," please visit

On February 26th we also get a new three-song EP from American metalcore band Of Mice & Men titled "Timeless." At just twelve-minutes long, the band wastes no time diving right in to the intense delivery of the hard-hitting title-track "Timeless." They follow that up with the thunderous heavy metal attack of "Obsolete" and then close out their new short release with the more mainstream, melodic touch of "Anchor." To find out more about Of Mice & Men and their latest release "Timeless," please visit

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Robert Calvert Gets Remixed, The Strawbs Find Their "Settlement," Sandy McKnight & Fernando Perdomo Team Up To "Blitz"

Legendary British rock artist Robert Calvert was a pioneer of the modern electronic music scene, having first rose to fame as the lead singer of the seventies psychedelic, space-rock band Hawkwind, then breaking ground as a solo artist. Although Robert Calvert never found success as a solo artist, his music did influence many underground acts looking for a different outlet from the mainstream. Many of those artists are returning the favor with new remixes of some of Calvert's music, which has been collected for a new album titled "The Last Star Fighter."

It features nineteen tracks, beginning with the eighties, new wave remix of "Over The Moon," done by A Flock Of Seagulls. The album's lead single "Marathon Man" has been rearranged by indie-noise icons Xiu Xiu, delivering a hard-hitting rhythm along side a swirling melody. Another iconic punk legend Rat Scabies (The Damned) has taken on the task of delivering a new version of "Lord Of The Hornets" with a harder, edgier sound, while DJ Xeno & Oaklander give "Hidden Persuasion" a dance club makeover. The post-punk band Soft Kills lays down a dark, goth-like tone to "I Hear Voices" and Small Black remixes "Subterraneans" into a laid-back, modern R&B song. The electronic beats Die Krupps supplies to the remix of "Ned Ludd" really brings the essence of Robert Calvert's music to 21st century. The album closes with the fresh, organic sounds of Inhalt's remix of "Teen Ballad Of Deano," along with more goth-like overtones in "Flight 105" from European Ghost. To find out more about this new remix album of the music of Robert Calvert titled "The Last Star Fighter," please visit

Also on the horizon is the new studio album "Settlement" from the classic English rock band The Strawbs. The history of the band dates back to the mid-sixties and it's been four years since their last album "The Ferryman's Curse." This latest release features a dozen new songs, beginning with the title-song "Settlement," which feels like the perfect opening track, for this band which has shown they have no musical boundaries. All of the songs on this new album were recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown, as each band member worked from a remote location. The Strawbs still showcase their sixties folk-rock vibe with "Strange Time," while "Judgement Day" is a seven-minute, graceful journey about the end of time. They can also rock, as shown in the progressive piece "Chorale," before finishing their new album with the nostalgic pop melody of "Better Days" and the uplifting rock tones of "Liberty." To find out more about The Strawbs and their latest release "Settlement," please visit

Last January, Sandy McKnight and Fernando Perdomo teamed up for the six-song EP titled "San Fernando Beat." The two had such a good time that they decided to return with a new EP titled "San Fernando Blitz." Once again, it features only six tacks, beginning with the addictive, alt-pop melody of "West Side" and "C'mon C'mon." These two artists are undeniable together and remind me of the time when Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello worked together on a possible album that was eventually scrapped. Sandy and Fernando contain that special bond, as shown in tracks like "Pay It Any Mind" and "Seven Words." To find out more about this latest collaboration between Sandy McKnight and Fernando Perdomo, please visit

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Rediscover The Great Work Of Guitarist Tommy Bolin With A New "Lost Sessions" Release

Legendary guitar prodigy, Tommy Bolin, who has worked with Deep Purple and The James Gang, created an enormous amount of music between 1969-1976. So much so that they are still finding new music to release nearly 55 years after his passing. This latest find is a recently discovered collection of "lost tracks" of demos and outtakes from one of his final recording sessions which ended up creating his last studio album "Private Eyes." This new set of songs will be released on February 12th through Cleopatra Records as "Shake The Devil, The Lost Sessions."

This new twelve song set begins with a rough, raw alternative mix of the song "Shake The Devil," which carries a funky backbeat and a great guitar/horn exchange to close out the song. The alternative version of "Bustin' Out For Rosey" sounds a little cleaner and could have replaced the original release from the "Private Eyes" album. Bolin's song "Gypsy Soul" appears on here three times, with the previously unreleased acoustic version giving the most meaning and allows you a special glimpse into the creative process. Speaking of demos, there is also and instrumental version of "You Told Me That You Loved Me," which doesn't add much to song, but shows the melody for the song was already in place on this early take. The five minute "Tommy's Instrumental" is a great piece, which finds Tommy and his band just jamming in the studio, as they are all locked together in a groove. The new album closes with an instrumental demo of "Someday We'll Bring Our Love Home," which only features Tommy's guitar work on this early idea of the song. To find out more about this new "Lost Sessions" release from the late, great Tommy Bolin, please visit

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Legendary DJ's Remix Beautiful People's "If 60's Were 90's" Album For New Release

What began as a "one-off" dance/house track of sampled music from Jimi Hendrix has now turned into a two-disc set of remixes using over fifty samples of Hendrix's guitar riffs, vocal leads and word raps. The duo of Duncan Elder (aka Du Kane) and Luke Baldry came together  in the early nineties under the moniker, Beautiful People to create an album's worth of these remixes titled "If 60's Were 90's" and released it back in 1992. The album is now being re-released once again almost thirty years later with a remastered sound and the addition of newly extended remixes, making this one of the unique releases of 2021.

The original album begins with "Comin' To Get You," which combines techno beats and classic Jimi Hendrix guitar riffs and may be something to get used to for Hendrix fans. The music, along with the forgotten lyrics of "Foxey Lady" to make this a journey into modern technology. Beautiful People are great, creating spaced-out, psychedelic vibes, as demonstrated with "Get Your Mind Together," before also showcasing a mellowed out side with the R&B, jazzy groove of the title song "If 60's Were 90's."

If you enjoy what you hear with your trip through the original album, then you will love diving into the extended mixes. The new disc starts off with taking the song, "If 60's Were 90's" and letting PM Dawn remix it into a seven-minute escape filled with guitar riffs, smooth Jimi Hendrix vocals and steady dance beat, which adds another dimension to the track. The Well Hung Parliament remix of "Rilly Groovy" is full-on rave material which concentrates more on the electronics, than the samples of Hendrix. The funk flies high on "DIG!," which is filled with demo outtakes and word samples mixed together in a big pot of groovy beats and sounds.

British DJ, Youth has mixed an entire album's worth of tracks that will also be released as the "If 60's Were 90's: Youth Remixes." He adds a more ambient, disco, dance, club tones to the songs, drawing upon more of his house music experience giving an extra jolt of energy to the album. The highlight for me is the seven-plus minute remix of "The Experience," which captures the full essence of this release in this one new song. This set will be available on February 28th through Gonzo Multimedia as a triple CD set, as well as on purple vinyl. To find out more about this new release from Beautiful People, please visit

Monday, February 15, 2021

Original British Psychedelic Rock Band Nirvana Unleashes Their "Songlife" Box Set

The rock band Nirvana (not the 90's alternative band) but the late sixties, early seventies British rock band is preparing to release a six disc box set titled "Songlife" through Madfish Music on February 26th. This new set will collect all of the band's studio albums, including their never before released 1972 album "Secrets." Nirvana was psychedelic art band lead by the duo of Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Alex Spyropoulos, who released their first album in 1967, which was a concept piece titled "The Story Of Simon Simopath," which is considered one of the first of its kind, pre-dating many classics like The Who's "Tommy" and The Moody Blues "Days Of Future Past." Nirvana also supported acts like The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Traffic during their live runs through England.

Nirvana's second album "All Of Us" followed the same experimental psych-pop of their debut release, but with more single-based focus on their songwriting. They did find minor success with the single "Rainbow Chaser" and the gentle ballad "Tiny Goddess," as this album paints the perfect picture of the psychedelic rock landscape in Britain in 1968. The band's third album "Dedicated To Markos III" or "Black Flower" found the band trying to hold on to that epic pop-rock sound, but the album only sold a small amount and was quickly deleted from the band's catalog, but tracks like "Christopher Lucifer" and "It Happened Two Sundays Ago" still carried their iconic sound that brought them stardom only three years earlier.

The set also includes the experimental, two-song suite "Local Anesthetic," which finally changed musically with the time and ushered in more funk and blues sound, but by this time only Patrick Campbell-Lyons was steering the Nirvana ship. Finally, before calling it quits in 1972, Nirvana produced one more album titled "Songs Of Love And Praise," which returned the band's original sound and presented some more iconic tracks like "She's Lost It" and "I Need Your Love Tonight."

The special addition to this new set is the recent discovery of the previously unreleased 1972 album "Secrets." This new fourteen-song set puts the perfect exclamation point on the lifespan of this psychedelic British rock band. Songs like the hard rocking "I Don't Care" and the soulful pop of "It's Good To Have A Heart" showed that their was still gas in the tank for Nirvana to succeed. Singer Sylvia Schuster also makes appearance on the ballad "Two Of A Kind," before the album closes with the funk-fueled "What You Do You Are" and the gospel-like finish of "Freedom Chaser."

Four of the six album have been remastered from the original 1/4 inch master tapes and the sound is stunning for being over fifty years old. A new 52-page booklet is also included with this set with previously unseen photos, posters, record sleeves and new liner notes from author Pete Doggett, along with interviews with Patrick and Alex on the history of the band. To find out more about this great set of classic British rock music from Nirvana, please visit

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Billy Idol & Poolside Remix "Eyes Without A Face" and The Next Waltz Provides Hope With New Compilation

Legendary rocker Billy Idol recently released a new remix of his 1984 hit single "Eyes Without A Face" done by Los Angeles duo, Poolside. Their music has been described as "daytime disco" and that is the perfect words to describe the new version of "Eyes Without A Face." Billy Idol recently performed with Miley Cyrus on the pre-Super Bowl show in Tampa, FL, collaborating on "Night Crawling" and singing his classic song "White Wedding."

The vocals of this newly released single are all original, but this time they are supported by a laid-back dance beat that works perfectly alongside Billy Idol's more mellow vocals. The remix does make the song more "chilled" and gives it a slight update with the beats and summer-type vibe. To find out more about this new single remix released by Billy Idol and Poolside, please visit

Also on the new release block is the third installment of singles from The Next Waltz record label. This new set gathers some of songs from some of the greatest independent songwriters around to give a soundtrack to the crazy times that 2020 provided. The ten tracks that make up this new compilation gives meaning to what, we as music fans, have been dealing with for the past twelve-plus months, beginning with the comfort of Jack Ingram's country vibe of "Times Like These." The band, Flatland Calvary, look to calm your mind and your nerves with the gentle ballad "War With My Mind," which spills over into the loving duet between Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis on "Tennessee Blues." The energy picks up with the simple, swinging soul music of Charley Crockett's "I Can Help," while the great Shinyribs gets into the funk blues of "Bitch Better Have My Money." The compilation closes with the thought-provoking wish of "Wonder If The World Can Wait That Long" provided beautifully by Cody Canada, along with what Robert Ellis sings about in "I Must Be In A Good Place Now," about life returning to a somewhat normal state of living. To find out more about this latest compilation from The Next Waltz, please visit

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Check Out New Music From Xael and Blisskrieg

Pavement Entertainment recently released the latest album from the extreme metal band Xael titled "Bloodtide Rising." Although this band has only been together a few years, its members are not strangers to the music world, having performed in other groups, as they bring in different elements to heavy metal. Their new nine-song release begins with with the three-minute Egyptian-style chant of "Suun Rai Aru (Passions Beggets Ruin)," before delivering the melodic metal attack of "As Decreed - The Law Of Vuul Athmar," with its swift rhythms and growling vocals. The power and magic of the music in "The Waste Of Dreadrift" will certainly grab your attention, as Xael incorporate some classical composition within their extreme heavy metal sound. They keep their style of music on the edge, especially with "Dark World Mirrors," in order to keep you guessing which direction the style of the song will take you. Xael finish up their new album with the two part epic "The Red Odyssey," which explodes during the second half titled "Temple Of The Sky," along with the pounding drums and chugging guitar riffs of the closing track "The Odium And The Contrition Master." To find out more about Xael and their latest release "Bloodtide Rising," please visit

Also on arrival is the debut album from the hard rock supergroup, Blisskrieg. The new release titled "Remedy" is exactly what we need right now, as music fans hunger for new music to grab hold of. The ten-track release begins with the addictive guitar riffs, harmonizing vocals and pounding rhythm of "Inside Me," which already sounds like it is a hit single. Blisskrieg flex their hard rock muscle with the attack of "Take It Back," before slowing down for the power ballad "She Cries." They get the blood pumping again with the adrenaline-fueled "Rise And Fall," before wrapping up their new album with the grinding rhythm of "New Age" and the more melodic, uplifting piece "Remedy." To find out more about Blisskrieg and their latest release "Remedy," please visit

Friday, February 12, 2021

Anthony Phillips Gathers Together His Musical Pieces For New "Missing Links" Box Set

Legendary original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips recently released a newly remastered box set of his "Missing Links" albums volumes one through four, as a new 5CD set. This new release not only includes his collection of library and television music from 1979-1997 spread across two albums "Finger Painting" and "Time And Tide," but also features his great 1994 "Missing Links" album "The Sky Road," which highlights some of Phillips' more epic instrumental pieces like the "Lifeboat Suite" and "The Bitter Suite." He released is last "Missing Links" album in 2009 titled "Pathways & Promenades," which includes some of his most elegant pieces like the acoustic track "Promenade" and the gentle finger-picking of "Danza Cucaracha," along with the elegant soundscape of "Sky Dawn."

The new addition to this box set is a new fifth CD titled "Extra Missing Links," which includes 27 pieces of previously unreleased and rare archival material that has not appeared on any of Anthony Phillips earlier releases. The music jumps around from the eighties sounding "Great Rift Valley," to the island rhythms of "Sumatra," to beautiful solo piano piece "Tropical Moon Romance." Anthony Phillips showcases his worldly charm on the Indian instrumental "Sitar Pastoral" and the classical composition "Citizens Of The Coral." It is also enjoyable just to hear him and a guitar dance together as in "Granada" and "The Beggar And The Thief (instrumental version)." This new box set also includes liner notes from archivist Jon Dann, who work along side Phillips on this amazing new set. To find out more about this latest release from Anthony Phillips titled "Missing Links I-IV," please visit

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Andrew Colyer Brings You The "Mists Of Time" & Paul Christian Gives Us "Everything" He Has

Award-winning composer Andrew Colyer recently released a new album of ambient soundscapes titled "Mists Of Time." It features a dozen instrumental tracks that has Andrew finding inspiration from shows, moments in time and even fellow artists, like the great Brian Eno. The album begins with the short, two-minute melody of "Rain Notes: Storm," as you can picture the scene in your mind of looking out the window at the weather. The elegant piano of "Oliver's Journey" tells the story, as you follow every note to the next to find where this song takes you. The solo piano piece "Climb" showcases Andrew's talents for not only playing piano, but also keeping you involved in meaning behind the musical notes. Andrew also brought back a couple of songs that he had tucked away, including a newly remastered version of his beautiful 2017 release "One Thing" and the contemporary, uplifting tone of "Serenity," which is almost two decades old. Another interesting piece is the second "Rain Notes," but this one aims more at the soundscapes of the "Forest." To find out more about Andew Colyer and his latest release "Mists Of Time," please visit

Also recently released his the latest studio effort from singer-songwriter Paul Christian titled "That's Everything." On this new album, Paul took on the roll of singer, guitarist, drummer and bassist, making this a unique, fully solo effort. He kicks off his new thirteen song release with the acoustic-strumming, country-pop vibe of the title-song "That's Everything," before shifting gears for the raw, edgy rock-style of "Just A Dream." He draws similarities to the late-great Leon Russell on soulful rock tracks like "Memphis Tonight" and "The Boy," while revisiting his quieter side with the folk tale of "The Best Day Of My Life" and the heartfelt "My Little One." Paul Christian keeps you guessing which direction his music will go, as he places the sound of alternative rock of "Bicycle Messenger" along side the country rocker "Worn Answers," as he puts everything out for you to enjoy. To find out more about Paul Christian and his latest release "That's Everything," please visit

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Discover The International Side Of Jazz With New Music From Nelson Riveros and Yulia Musayelyan

Acclaimed jazz guitarist Nelson Riveros took on the task of taking the music of jazz great Wes Montgomery and adding a Latin flair to the music for his latest album. It features nine tracks (7 cover songs and 2 originals). The new release begins with the up-tempo, swinging salsa vibe of "Road Song," followed by "Tear It Down," which allows the other members of the band to showcase their musical talents with individual solo pieces. Nelson takes "Wes' Tune" and reworks it just enough to keep the recognizability of the original and then compliments it with his own "Nelson's Groove," which sits perfectly along side these other tracks. Nelson Riveros delivers one more original tracks, the bossa nova rhythm of "Facing Wes," before finishing his new album with the graceful, solo guitar piece "Leila." To find out more about Nelson Riveros and his latest release "The Latin Side Of Wes Montgomery," please visit

Next, we have the new album from flautist Yulia Musayelyan titled "Oblivion." Her latest musical quest, features Maxim Lubarsky on piano, Fernando Huergo on bass and Mark Walker on drums, together they form the Yulia Masayelyan Tango Project. The new eleven track release begins with the airy, uplifting piece "Fuga y Misterio," from the opera "Maria de Buenos Aires," as Yulia leads the way with her blazing fast flute solo, followed by the rest of the band. She delivers her modernized version of Hector Stamponi's "Flor de Lino," before arriving at the graceful touch of emotional title-song "Oblivion," originally from the Marco Bellochio film "Henry IV." Yulia also lends her voice to the Latin piece "Como Dos Extranos (Like Two Strangers)," and then rises the energy once again with the swift moving melody of "La Muerte Del Angel." She finishes her new album with the slow tango of "Nada," which features solo piano and bass sections, along with the closing track, an exciting version of Astor Piazzolla's 1974 muscial piece "Libertango." To find out more about Yulia Musayelyan and her latest release "Oblivion," please visit

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Catch Up With The Latest Releases From Mark Winkler & David Benoit, Mike Scott and Roseanna Vitro

It's hard to see any good that has come from the pandemic, but if anything, music has always been one of the calming and uplifting things in life that helps us escape the trials of real life. A new collaboration between singer-songwriter Mark Winkler and pianist-composer David Benoit may not have happened if both artists have been off doing other projects with their busy schedules, but the national shut down allowed them to work together on a new album titled "Old Friends." It has been over three decades since these two artists have worked together, but now seemed to perfect time to reunite and create some soothing jazz music for all to enjoy.

Instead of writing an entire album of new music, Winker and Benoit took some of their favorite songs and added their own style to them, beginning with the upbeat, swinging tempo of Bob Dorough's "I've Got Just About Everything" and "Better Than Anything." The beautifully elegant Henry Mancini ballad "Two For The Road" could have been created especially for Winkler and Benoit, as the two artists dance together. The title of the album is taken from the Simon & Garfunkel classic "Old Friends/Bookends," as these two artists pour their heart into this emotional version of the song. One of the few originals on this set is the jazz/pop sounding "In A Quiet Place," which was originally an instrumental titled "Kei's Song," in which Benoit asked Mark Winker and Shelly Nyman to write new lyrics for it. The album closes with with the poetic touch of "Dragonfly," which was written nearly six years ago for an album David Benoit did with artist Jane Monheit, along with the perfect parting song, "Some Other Time." To find out more about this latest collaboration between Mark Winkler and David Benoit, titled "Old Friends," please visit

Fellow jazz artist Mike Scott recently released a new studio album titled "Collecting Things." It features ten tracks that find Scott collaborating with longtime Southern California artists Joe Bagg, Darek Oles and Jake Reed. Scott begins his new album with the subtle solo piece "Sol Minor Prelude," which leads into the swinging tempo of "Sol Minor." He adds a touch of blues with his guitar work on "Jack's Dilemma," while "Boom Diddle It" has a much welcomed spark of energy. The only cover song on the album is rearrangement of Burton Lane's 1965 song "On A Clear Day," which fits in perfectly along side the other tracks on the album. Mike Scott finishes his new release with swift pace of "Rondo," the soft-rock oriented composition "Coda" and addictive pop/rock sounding "49," which Mike Scott wrote on his 49th birthday. To find out more about Mike Scott and his latest release "Collecting Things," please visit

Grammy-award nominated artist Roseanna Vitro is re-issuing her debut album "Listen Here" on February 12th on CD and for the first time in digital format. The eleven-song release finds the songstress performing covers of Duke Ellington, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Rogers and Hart, along with Dizzy Gillispe. Roseanna's vocals are pure joy on songs like "Love You Madly" and "This Happy Madness," as she delivers a timeless quality to these musical pieces. He band is also top-notch, providing the perfect background for the swinging melody of "It Could Happen To You" and "Black Coffee." To find out more about this new reissue of Roseanna Vitro's album "Listen Here," please visit

Monday, February 8, 2021

New Music Arriving Soon From Singer-Songwriter Beth Lee & Guitarist-Composer Lyle Workman

Austin-based singer-songwriter Beth Lee goes out on her own with her most-personal solo album "Waiting On You Tonight." It will be released on February 12th and features eleven tracks that allow you into Beth's heart and thoughts about the struggles of long-term relationships. She start things off with the raw, alternative buzz of the title-song "Waiting On You Tonight," as Beth's voice sounds experienced beyond her years. The energy picks up with the swinging, alt-country vibe of "Yale St. And 45," before slowing down for the bluesy-style of "I Won't Give In." Beth will simply draw you in with her vocals on the graceful ballad "Birthday Song," while "Pens And Needles" hits like a ball of punk fury, as Beth flexes her rock and roll muscles with this track. She finishes off her new album with the addictive, soulful ballad "Understand Me" and the deep, emotional touch of "All The Way." To find out more about Beth Lee and her latest release "Waiting On You Tonight," please visit

Guitarist-composer Lyle Workman is preparing the release of his new album "Uncommon Measures" for February 19th. Lyle has also been a familiar session musician for such artists as Sting, Beck and Norah Jones, just to name a few and his new nine-song release finds Workman in the driver's seat, conducting a 63-piece orchestra. Tackles this new album, as if he was scoring a blockbuster movie, beginning with the exciting nine-minute opener "North Star," which finds him combining elements of classical compositions and progressive rock energy. He continues with the graceful build-up of "All The Colors Of The World," which also features an exceptional guitar solo from Workman, along with the epic ten-minute storied instrumental piece "Arc Of Life." Lyle Workman delivers "Imaginary World," a contemporary, energetic rock song, filled with guitar, horns and a jazzy backdrop which keeps the music flowing. He wraps up his new album with the short, classical sounding ballad "Labyrinth Of Love" and the uplifting solo guitar number "Our Friendship." To find out more about Lyle Workman and his latest release "Uncommon Measures," please visit

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Feel Inspired By New Albums From Singer-Songwriters Joyann Parker and Susan Anders

Arriving February 12th is the sophomore effort from singer-songwriter Joyann Parker titled "Out Of The Dark." She start out her new eleven-track release with the slow-moving, alternative-country blues vibe of "Gone So Long" and the more electrifying guitar boogie of "Carry On," as Joyann's vocals are strong and fully in-charge. She showcases her soulful side with the uplifting sounds of "Bad Version Of Myself" and the nostalgic pop tones of "What Did You Expect," which just explodes with addictive excitement. Joyann's voice simply soars on the stark, acoustic blues of "Either Way," while "Dirty Rotten Guy" struts around with power and force. Joyann Parker finishes up her new album with the upbeat, swinging melody of "Fool For You" and the emotional ballad "Out Of The Dark. To find out more about Joyann Parker and her latest release "Out Of The Dark," please visit

A month later (March 5th) we have the arrival of the latest release from fellow singer-songwriter Susan Anders. Her new album titled "13 Women" is her fourth solo outing and was inspired by extraordinary women in American history. Susan begins her new album with the gentle, acoustic strumming of "Just Give Me Everything" and the edgier vocals of "Spell." She sings about the forgotten deeds of pioneering women like schoolteacher, Lucy Goldthorpe with "Open Prairie" and Julia Morgan, one of the first female architects, with the sweet melody of "Castles." Susan Anders picks up the tempo with the pop sounding "Girl You Never Knew" about the iconic historical figure, Rosie The Riveter, along with the soft-shoe shuffle of "Wave That Rocks Me," about sculptor Edmonia Lewis, who was orphaned and beaten for being Black. Susan closes her new album with the upbeat folk beat of "Walk This Freedom" and the powerful message of "What A Woman Can Do." To find out more about Susan Anders and her latest release "13 Women," please visit

Friday, February 5, 2021

Check Out New Music From Doug MacDonald Duo, Jonathan Kane & Dave Soldier and Psychedelic Sangha

The jazz duo of Doug MacDonald and Harvey Newmark have teamed up for a new album titled "Toluca Lake Jazz." It features thirteen tracks (six originals and seven standards) performed with just guitar and bass, in order to hear the basic melody of each track. The album begins with the light-touch of "Flamingo," which has a bluesy vibe to Doug's guitar work, while "Foolish Things" appears to tell more of a story with the song's strumming melody. The music comes alive with the energetic bossa nova touch of the title-song "Toluca Lake Jazz," before returning to the emotional playing of "Village Blues." The Doug MacDonald Duo wrap up their new album with the light, airy touch of "Easy Living," along with the gallop rhythmic pattern of "If I Had You" and the exciting, energetic closer "New World.' To find out more about the latest release from Doug MacDonald and Harvey Newmark, please visit

Another duo, Jonathan Kane and Dave Soldier have also recently released a new album titled "February Meets Soldier String Quartet." This album only features four tracks, but each track is a musical journey, beginning with their blues jam of the Little Walter classic "Hate To See You Go," as the melody continues to unfold and evolve. Next, the duo turn the Frank Sinatra classic "It Was A Very Good Year" into a graceful, progressive rock number, while "Vienna Over The Hills" feels like a classic work of art that builds with intensity, as you picture a movie scene in your mind. To find out more about this latest release from Jonathan Kane and Dave Soldier, please visit

Finally, we arrive at the new, Bandcamp Friday release from the improvisational group, Psychedelic Sangha. The hour-long recording titled "Sounds From The Bardo, Vol. II" features the work of Tony Leone (Chris Robinson Brotherhood), Scott Metzger (Joe Russo's Almost Dead) and Jeff Hill (Chris Robinson Brotherhood). They begin with an instructional version and an instrumental version of "Live From Judson Memorial Church," as you are given the pathway for meditation, as this trio lay down an atmospheric backdrop to relax to. The other two tracks that make up this new release are simply "Soundcheck Jams" that find the musicians weaving their way through each other's ideal melody, creating this combined 30-minute trip, for you to just let you mind get lost in. To find out more about Psychedelic Sangha and their latest release "Sounds From The Bardo, Vol. II," please visit