Thursday, February 11, 2021

Andrew Colyer Brings You The "Mists Of Time" & Paul Christian Gives Us "Everything" He Has

Award-winning composer Andrew Colyer recently released a new album of ambient soundscapes titled "Mists Of Time." It features a dozen instrumental tracks that has Andrew finding inspiration from shows, moments in time and even fellow artists, like the great Brian Eno. The album begins with the short, two-minute melody of "Rain Notes: Storm," as you can picture the scene in your mind of looking out the window at the weather. The elegant piano of "Oliver's Journey" tells the story, as you follow every note to the next to find where this song takes you. The solo piano piece "Climb" showcases Andrew's talents for not only playing piano, but also keeping you involved in meaning behind the musical notes. Andrew also brought back a couple of songs that he had tucked away, including a newly remastered version of his beautiful 2017 release "One Thing" and the contemporary, uplifting tone of "Serenity," which is almost two decades old. Another interesting piece is the second "Rain Notes," but this one aims more at the soundscapes of the "Forest." To find out more about Andew Colyer and his latest release "Mists Of Time," please visit

Also recently released his the latest studio effort from singer-songwriter Paul Christian titled "That's Everything." On this new album, Paul took on the roll of singer, guitarist, drummer and bassist, making this a unique, fully solo effort. He kicks off his new thirteen song release with the acoustic-strumming, country-pop vibe of the title-song "That's Everything," before shifting gears for the raw, edgy rock-style of "Just A Dream." He draws similarities to the late-great Leon Russell on soulful rock tracks like "Memphis Tonight" and "The Boy," while revisiting his quieter side with the folk tale of "The Best Day Of My Life" and the heartfelt "My Little One." Paul Christian keeps you guessing which direction his music will go, as he places the sound of alternative rock of "Bicycle Messenger" along side the country rocker "Worn Answers," as he puts everything out for you to enjoy. To find out more about Paul Christian and his latest release "That's Everything," please visit

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