Monday, February 22, 2021

Blackmore's Night Finds "Nature's Light" With New Release & Saxon Pays Homage With "Inspirations"

Arriving March 12th from legendary guitarist Richie Blackmore is the new album from his latest endeavor, Blackmore's Night. The new release titled "Nature's Light" is the band's 11th studio album and their first set of new music in six years. Right from the opening notes of "Once Upon A December," Blackmore and his merry band of minstrels lay down the perfect backdrop for lead singer, Candice Night to tells us a tale of a frigid winter long ago. While the band's Renaissance sound is still present on "Four Winds," their is also a touch of acoustic rock making its first appearance on the new album. The tempo picks up with the swift movement of "Feather In The Wind," before the earthly acoustics of "The Twisted Oak" are the perfect match to Candice's soothing vocals. The title-song "Nature's Light" feels like an medieval announcement with it brush, grand chorus, while "Wish You Were Here" is a poetic ballad that fills you with emotions. Blackmore's Night close out their new album with the uplifting tone of "Going To The Faire" and the six-minute epic piece which finally allows you enjoy the magnificent work of guitarist extraordinaire during his electrifying solo. To find out more about Blackmore's Night and their latest release "Nature's Light," please visit

Another legendary act releasing new album is the British heavy metal band Saxon and their newest release "Inspirations." This is the band's 23rd studio album during their illustrious 44 year career and this one pays homage to some of their favorite songs with a full-on covers album. The new eleven-song set begins with a raw, crunching version of The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black," which gives the classic song a shot of adrenaline. Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" is the perfect fit for Saxon to cover, as the band perform a perfect rendition of this high-powered classic. Saxon add heavy metal speed to The Beatles' "Paperback Writer," taking the song's energy up another notch, while Motorhead's "Bomber" is perfectly executed by lead singer Biff Byford and the band. One of the most pleasant surprises on this new set of cover songs is their version of Toto's "Hold The Line," which adds another dimension to the band's hard-hitting, guitar riff-infused sound. Saxon finish their new album with the hard-edged strut of AC/DC's "Problem Child" and a muscled-up power ballad version of The Kinks' "See My Friends." To find out more about Saxon and their latest release "Inspirations," please visit

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