Friday, February 5, 2021

Check Out New Music From Doug MacDonald Duo, Jonathan Kane & Dave Soldier and Psychedelic Sangha

The jazz duo of Doug MacDonald and Harvey Newmark have teamed up for a new album titled "Toluca Lake Jazz." It features thirteen tracks (six originals and seven standards) performed with just guitar and bass, in order to hear the basic melody of each track. The album begins with the light-touch of "Flamingo," which has a bluesy vibe to Doug's guitar work, while "Foolish Things" appears to tell more of a story with the song's strumming melody. The music comes alive with the energetic bossa nova touch of the title-song "Toluca Lake Jazz," before returning to the emotional playing of "Village Blues." The Doug MacDonald Duo wrap up their new album with the light, airy touch of "Easy Living," along with the gallop rhythmic pattern of "If I Had You" and the exciting, energetic closer "New World.' To find out more about the latest release from Doug MacDonald and Harvey Newmark, please visit

Another duo, Jonathan Kane and Dave Soldier have also recently released a new album titled "February Meets Soldier String Quartet." This album only features four tracks, but each track is a musical journey, beginning with their blues jam of the Little Walter classic "Hate To See You Go," as the melody continues to unfold and evolve. Next, the duo turn the Frank Sinatra classic "It Was A Very Good Year" into a graceful, progressive rock number, while "Vienna Over The Hills" feels like a classic work of art that builds with intensity, as you picture a movie scene in your mind. To find out more about this latest release from Jonathan Kane and Dave Soldier, please visit

Finally, we arrive at the new, Bandcamp Friday release from the improvisational group, Psychedelic Sangha. The hour-long recording titled "Sounds From The Bardo, Vol. II" features the work of Tony Leone (Chris Robinson Brotherhood), Scott Metzger (Joe Russo's Almost Dead) and Jeff Hill (Chris Robinson Brotherhood). They begin with an instructional version and an instrumental version of "Live From Judson Memorial Church," as you are given the pathway for meditation, as this trio lay down an atmospheric backdrop to relax to. The other two tracks that make up this new release are simply "Soundcheck Jams" that find the musicians weaving their way through each other's ideal melody, creating this combined 30-minute trip, for you to just let you mind get lost in. To find out more about Psychedelic Sangha and their latest release "Sounds From The Bardo, Vol. II," please visit

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