Saturday, February 13, 2021

Check Out New Music From Xael and Blisskrieg

Pavement Entertainment recently released the latest album from the extreme metal band Xael titled "Bloodtide Rising." Although this band has only been together a few years, its members are not strangers to the music world, having performed in other groups, as they bring in different elements to heavy metal. Their new nine-song release begins with with the three-minute Egyptian-style chant of "Suun Rai Aru (Passions Beggets Ruin)," before delivering the melodic metal attack of "As Decreed - The Law Of Vuul Athmar," with its swift rhythms and growling vocals. The power and magic of the music in "The Waste Of Dreadrift" will certainly grab your attention, as Xael incorporate some classical composition within their extreme heavy metal sound. They keep their style of music on the edge, especially with "Dark World Mirrors," in order to keep you guessing which direction the style of the song will take you. Xael finish up their new album with the two part epic "The Red Odyssey," which explodes during the second half titled "Temple Of The Sky," along with the pounding drums and chugging guitar riffs of the closing track "The Odium And The Contrition Master." To find out more about Xael and their latest release "Bloodtide Rising," please visit

Also on arrival is the debut album from the hard rock supergroup, Blisskrieg. The new release titled "Remedy" is exactly what we need right now, as music fans hunger for new music to grab hold of. The ten-track release begins with the addictive guitar riffs, harmonizing vocals and pounding rhythm of "Inside Me," which already sounds like it is a hit single. Blisskrieg flex their hard rock muscle with the attack of "Take It Back," before slowing down for the power ballad "She Cries." They get the blood pumping again with the adrenaline-fueled "Rise And Fall," before wrapping up their new album with the grinding rhythm of "New Age" and the more melodic, uplifting piece "Remedy." To find out more about Blisskrieg and their latest release "Remedy," please visit

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