Sunday, February 28, 2021

Let's Get Rocking With New Music From Radar, Touch and Tremendous

After a chance meeting nearly 40 years ago between David West, Rod Jordan and Gary Stevenson, has turned into one of the longest waits for a debut album. Finally, on February 19th, the band Radar released their long, overdue recording titled "Lost In The Atlantic." The new ten track release kicks off with the energetic, eighties-sounding hard rock blast of "A Trick Of Light" and the more progressive feel of "Goodbye Mr. President." The album continues to deliver that nostalgic, syth-infused sound with "Laena" and "The Calling Time," while also flexing their more aggressive rock side with "Love Wars." The album wraps up with pop sensibility of "Someone's Crying" and the electronic overload of "Olympic Runner." To find out more about Radar and the album "Lost In The Atlantic," please visit

Also on the horizon from Escape Music Ltd. is the third full-length release from the band Touch. Their new album titled "Tomorrow Never Comes" features twelve tracks that simply rock, bringing their classic sound to modern times. They begin with addictive chorus of the title track "Tomorrow Never Comes," which burns with hard rock fury and energy. The guitars come out blazing on the adrenaline shot of "Let It Come" and the epic-sounding masterpiece "Swan Song." Touch come firing back with the electrifying sound of "Fire And Ice," before slowing down for the power ballad "Trippin' Over Shadows." They wrap up their new album with the straight up swagger of "Lil Bit Of Rock And Roll," the bluesy style of "Scream At The Sky" and the seventies-sounding FM radio anthem "Run For Your Life." To find out more about Touch and their latest release "Tomorrow Never Comes," please visit

The U.K. glam rock band Tremendous also recently released their debut album titled "Relentless." It features ten tracks, beginning with the addictive, nostalgic power of "Don't Leave Our Love (Open For Closing)" and the glamorous power ballad "Like Dreamers Do." This trio capture the essence of classic rock with "Rock 'n' Roll Satellite" and energy of "Daniela," in order to deliver a modern glam rock sound that should be turning heads in the music industry. Tremendous deliver the British rock vibe of "Take A Good Look At My Good," before finishing their new album with the aggressive, punk-like attack of "Heart Sinker," along with the big guitar sound that motors through the closer "Copycat Killer." To find out more about Tremendous and their latest release "Relentless," please visit

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