Thursday, February 4, 2021

Jazz Guitarists Albare "Plays Jobim" & Dave Stryker Brings Us Inside The "Baker's Circle"

Moroccan-born guitarist Albare returns with his second tribute to Brazilian songwriter/composer Antonio Carlos Jobim with the release of "Albare Plays Jobim, Vol. 2." This new album follows last year's successful volume 1 release and features 11 more Jobim-penned songs that have been carefully reworked for Albare's signature guitar work. He begins with the slow, elegant touch of "Dindi," as you can picture Albare's fingers floating up and down the fretboard of the guitar. The energy picks up with the sweeping melody of "Summer Samba," before Grammy-winning horn player Randy Brecker adds another dimension to Jobim's swinging salsa "So Danco Samba." The lush sound of "Caminhos Cruzados" allows Albare to let his emotions flow through the music, before finishing the album with the Jobim classic "The Girl From Ipanema," which has been slowed down to a waltz, along with the rhythm fueled "Favela" and the final jazz movement of "Meditation." To find out more about Albare and his latest release "Albare Plays Jobim, Vol. 2," please visit

Also returning with a new album is fellow jazz guitarist Dave Stryker and his latest release "Baker's Circle." It features ten tracks, beginning with a trio of originals, which get the blood pumping with the up-tempo rhythm of "Tough" and the funk-infused jam of "El Camino." Then, Dave Stryker and his band dive into the covers, beginning with the beautiful waltz-style melody of Cole Porter's "Everything I Love" and the blues riffs of the pop hit "Superstar," made popular by The Carpenters. Dave Stryker sneaks in one more original with the upbeat tone of the title song "Baker's Circle," before finishing off his new album with the funky jazz beat of Marvin Gaye's "Inner City Blues" and the exciting, uplifting melody of "Trouble (No. 2)." To find out more about Dave Stryker and his latest release "Baker's Circle," please visit

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