Saturday, February 20, 2021

New Heavy Metal Music From Newcomers Coronary, Sleepless, Lunar Shadow and Herzel

Finnish metal squad, Coronary just recently released their full-length debut album titled "Sinbad" through Cruz Del Sur Music. It features ten tracks that capture that nostalgic early days of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal sound, beginning with the high-powered attack of the title-track "Sinbad." Chugging guitar riffs and swift heavy metal drumming is what Coronary is all about, as they bring the energy to tracks like "Firewings" and "Reflector." The rawness of their sound is definitely present on "Burnout," which draws up similarity to early Saxon. Coronory close out their new album with the dark, simmering tone of "Mestengo" and the aggressive pounding of "Wonders Of The World" to finish off on a heavy metal high. To find out more about Coronary and their latest release "Sinbad," please visit

Speaking of classic metal, members of 80's death metal pioneers Dead Conspiracy have teamed up with guitarist, singer, producer Kevin Hahn to create the new band, Sleepless. They are preparing to release a new four-song EP titled "Blood Libel," which arrives March 12th through Necromantic Press Records. The trio kick things off with a renewed energy displayed in "The Man Who Could Not Sleep," as they capture your attention with raw emotion and never let it go. They speed things up with the quick-hitting attack of "Host Desecration," before wrapping up their new, short release with the classic death metal sound of "Blood Libel (A Vampire Tale)." To find out more about Sleepless and their latest release "Blood Libel," please visit

Also arriving in March from Cruz Del Sur Records is the latest release from Germany's indie-hard rock band Lunar Shadow. Their new album "Wish To Leave" includes only six tracks, but begins and ends with two, epic progressive rock pieces that will have you want more extended musical piece from this band. They take their time building up the energy on the nearly eight-minute "Serpents Die," which showcases a band that is much more experienced beyond their years together. Lunar Shadow delivers a nostalgic hard rock vibe with the addictive sounds of "I Will Lose You" and the more intense approach of "And Silence Screamed," before finishing with the ten-minute sonic journey of "The Darkness Between The Stars." To find out more about Lunar Shadow and their latest release "Wish To Leave," please visit

The French epic-metal band Herzel will finally release their full-length debut album "Le Dernier Rempart" on March 19th through Gates Of Hell Records. It features only six tracks, beginning with the over eight-minute "Maitres de I'ocean," which is sung in their native language, along with the high-energy music makes this and international release that needs to be heard. Herzel flex their heavy metal muscle on the quick-hitting attack of "La Flamme" and "L'epee des Dieux," before finishing with the more melodic, guitar riff infused adventurous closer "L'ultime Combat." To find out more about Herzel and their latest release "Le Dernier Rempart," please visit

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