Thursday, February 25, 2021

New Instrumental Music From The David Angel Jazz Ensemble and Gregg Karukas

West coast jazz arranger/composer David Angel has teamed up with musician/producer Jim Self for a new 3-disc anthology titled "Out On The Coast." David Angel has been part of the music industry for over 60 years, first composing work for tv shows like "Bonanza" and "Lassie," before developing The David Angel Jazz Ensemble back in 1969. He has also become a teacher at a number of colleges in California. This new set of songs culminates Angel's work as a musician and a conductor, leading his thirteen-piece ensemble through 22 of David Angel's favorites. The album kicks off with the classic, big band sound of "Out On The Coast 2" and the more solo-filled sounds of "Wig," which also carries that swinging vibe. The melody slows down for the nine-minute emotion ties of "L'ilo Vasche," before diving into the smooth, elegant sounding cover of Duke Ellington's "Prelude To A Kiss." The first disc closes with a trio of epic pieces like horn-infused pace of "Ah Rite!" and David's rearrangement of Johnny Mandel's upbeat song "Hershey Bar."

The set continues with the pure, honest, heart-filled emotion of Jimmy Davis' "Loverman," while the tempo picks up with the "feel good" melody of "Leaves." David Angel invests his love for jazz music into the nearly fifteen-minute flow of "Moonlight," which just flows with magical solos and a solid, flowing melody. The set finishes with the light, airy floating notes of "Love Letter To Pythagoras," along with the rhythmic delivery of "Waiting For A Train Part 2" and the final upbeat, swinging sendoff of "L.A. Mysterioso." To find out more about the latest release "Out On The Coast," from The David Angel Jazz Ensemble, please visit

Grammy Award winning musician/composer Gregg Karukas also recently releases a new album titled "Serenata." It is a solo piano piece that features fifteen tracks, a mixture of covers and originals, beginning with the elegant touch of "Travessia" and the uplifting magic of the keys in the title track "Serenata." Gregg delivers a grand gesture with the emotional touch of "Nascente," before lightening the mood with the wonderful piano key progression of "Paisagem da Janela." The way Gregg Karukas delivers the music is a work of art, as he wraps you around his finger with the beautiful sounds of "O Cantador," before closing out his new solo piano album with the classical piece "Lament (Final Embrace)" and the quiet, gentle touch of "Long Ago." To find out more about Gregg Karukas and his latest album "Serenata," please visit

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