Monday, February 8, 2021

New Music Arriving Soon From Singer-Songwriter Beth Lee & Guitarist-Composer Lyle Workman

Austin-based singer-songwriter Beth Lee goes out on her own with her most-personal solo album "Waiting On You Tonight." It will be released on February 12th and features eleven tracks that allow you into Beth's heart and thoughts about the struggles of long-term relationships. She start things off with the raw, alternative buzz of the title-song "Waiting On You Tonight," as Beth's voice sounds experienced beyond her years. The energy picks up with the swinging, alt-country vibe of "Yale St. And 45," before slowing down for the bluesy-style of "I Won't Give In." Beth will simply draw you in with her vocals on the graceful ballad "Birthday Song," while "Pens And Needles" hits like a ball of punk fury, as Beth flexes her rock and roll muscles with this track. She finishes off her new album with the addictive, soulful ballad "Understand Me" and the deep, emotional touch of "All The Way." To find out more about Beth Lee and her latest release "Waiting On You Tonight," please visit

Guitarist-composer Lyle Workman is preparing the release of his new album "Uncommon Measures" for February 19th. Lyle has also been a familiar session musician for such artists as Sting, Beck and Norah Jones, just to name a few and his new nine-song release finds Workman in the driver's seat, conducting a 63-piece orchestra. Tackles this new album, as if he was scoring a blockbuster movie, beginning with the exciting nine-minute opener "North Star," which finds him combining elements of classical compositions and progressive rock energy. He continues with the graceful build-up of "All The Colors Of The World," which also features an exceptional guitar solo from Workman, along with the epic ten-minute storied instrumental piece "Arc Of Life." Lyle Workman delivers "Imaginary World," a contemporary, energetic rock song, filled with guitar, horns and a jazzy backdrop which keeps the music flowing. He wraps up his new album with the short, classical sounding ballad "Labyrinth Of Love" and the uplifting solo guitar number "Our Friendship." To find out more about Lyle Workman and his latest release "Uncommon Measures," please visit

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