Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Discover New Music From Rising Singer/Songwriters Lara Solnicki and Cindy Alexander

Poet, composer, vocalist Lara Solnicki recently released her new studio album "The One And The Other" back on March 12. Lara describes her new set of song as "tone poems," beginning with the epic eight-minute opener "Bit Her Sweet Christopher Street." The song's melody floats along the background, supporting Lara angelic vocals, as she tells us a tale with her poetic writing. Next, Lara uses her voice as an instrument on the playful, experimental mellow jazz of "Idee Fixe," before returning to the sweet, warm tones of "The Embrace." Lara closes her new album with a three-part suite titled "The One And The Other," which begins with a mix of spoken word poetry and the elegant vocals of "Pass A Glass," as she tells us another tale through this jazz/rock opera. The finishing track of the three-part suite returns Lara and her band back to more familiar territory with the free-form jazz of "Hollow The Need." To find out more about Lara Solnicki and her latest release "The One And The Other," please visit

Singer, songwriter Cindy Alexander returns with her tenth studio album "While The Angels Sigh," which will be released on April 23rd. It features eleven tracks that deal with some of the most difficult times in Cindy's life, from her mother's dementia to the pandemic to the civil rights protests going on throughout the country. Her songs reflect these times with heart and emotion, beginning with the build-up chorus of "The Power Of You," showing strength in one's individuality to change the world. The album's lead single "Broken But Beloved" is a loving ballad with a slight country tone, which gives it a more personal feel. There are two versions of her song "Try, Try, Try" (original and acoustic), which finds Cindy pouring her heart and emotions into this inspirational piece. The energy picks up with the country flow of "Alizarin Crimson" and the empowering lyrics of "Lightning." She wraps up her new album with a truthful, stripped-down version of James Taylor's "Carolina In My Mind" and bright, shining motivational sound of "Walking Constellation." To find out more about Cindy Alexander and her latest release "While The Angels Sigh," please visit

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Check Out These New Jazz Releases From The Dave Weckl Band and Dan Rose

Back in 2019, American jazz-fusion drummer Dave Weckl reunited The Dave Weckl Band for a special performance at the Chesterfield Wine & Jazz Festival in St. Louis. This is the first time that the band had played together in over a decade and the only time that the band would perform, since the pandemic hit only months after their performance. With fans begging for live music to return, The Dave Weckl Band decided to release that 2019 show, which will arrive on April 9th, on Autumn Hill Records. Many of the dozen songs on this release come from the band's 1998 debut album "Rhythm Of The Soul," including the high-energy, seven-minute opener "The Zone." Dave Weckl leads the way with his steady rhythmic pattern on "Big B Little B," which allows the band to fill in wherever necessary, whether its horns, guitar, bass or keyboards. The band come together for the funk-fueled groove of "Mud Sauce," before slowing down for the elegant, sweeping jazz of "Tribute." The energy picks back up with the strong, swinging jazz romp of "What Happened To My Good Shoes" and the drum/bass duet "Rhythm-A-Ning." The Dave Weckl Band close out their new live album with the powerful blast of "Tower '99" and "Access Denied." To find out more about The Dave Weckl Band and their latest release "Live In St. Louis," please visit

Jazz guitarist Dan Rose recently released a pair of "memorable" albums. One is a solo guitar instrumental album titled "Last Night..." and the other finds Rose teaming up with French pianist Claudine Francois on another album of instrumentals titled "New Leaves." Dan's solo work finds him covering some well-known jazz standards like "Body And Soul" and "Moonlight In Vermont." He delivers a Duke Ellington medley, with the gentle touch of the string for "Prelude To A Kiss" and "Sophisticated Lady." You will follow Dan's every note, as he softly strums his way through "Tenderly," while also simplifying every note in "If I Loved You. He wraps up his solo album with the sweet melody of "Last Night We Were Young" and the good night sound of "Dreamsville." 

His collaboration with Claudine Francois adds another dimension to the music with, Claudine's piano filling in the empty spots. The album opens with the Dan Rose original "The New Leaf," which is more upbeat than anything on the "Last Night..." album. The two artists work together wonderfully on their cover of "Monk's Dream," while Claudine takes the lead with the rhythmic piano performance of "Ladies In Mercedes." They lock into the perfect groove on Horace Silver's "Senor Blues," before finishing with the gentle sway of "Yes I Do" and the floating melody of "The Seagulls Of Kristiansund." To find out more about Dan Rose and his two new albums "Last Night..." and "New Leaves," please visit

Monday, March 29, 2021

Progressive Rock Artist DarWin Goes "Unplugged" and Mike Tiano Delivers An Autobiographical Album

Arriving April 16th is a new album release from guitarist extraordinaire DarWin. His latest effort titled "DarWin 3: Unplugged" features stripped down and orchestra versions of tracks from his first two albums. These songs first appeared as part of a limited edition double vinyl release of his second album "DarWin 2: A Frozen War," but are now getting their own stand-alone release. The new eight-track album begins with the grand orchestral delivery of "Escape The Maze," which is from his debut album "Origin Of Species." The beautiful acoustics combined with the emotional strings gives songs like "Nightmare Of My Dreams" and "Forever" another dimension to its presentation. One of the few songs with lyrics is "On Horizon," which still carries that progressive feel, even with this stripped down, unplugged version. DarWin wraps up his new album with the exciting orchestral delivery of "Last Chance" and a great acapella version of "Another Year," which features some exceptional harmonies that may make this version more elite than the original. To find out more about DarWin and his latest release "DarWin 3: Unplugged," please visit

Progressive rock songwriter, musician and Yes fan Mike Tiano recently released his debut album "Creetisvan," with help from musicians Billy Sheerwood, David Sancious and Randy George to name a few guests. Tiano may be best known for starting the Yes fanzine "Notes From The Edge," along with creating their official website, YesWorld. Now, he has written, sung and performed most of the guitar tracks on his new "autobiographical" album, which begins with "There Behind You," which flows with attention grabbing solos and an addictive chorus. While Mike's vocals may not be the most accomplished, he pours his heart into the acoustic tale of "On Hold," while "Dance Of The Little Guys" carries that progressive tone that Mike has followed throughout his career with Yes. When Mike strips down his sound, as in "A Natural" is when you see the artist within, which allows his songwriting talents to shine. He closes out his new album with the graceful, floating melody of "The Evergreens" and the up-beat, grand finale prog-rock number "Emerge Triumphant." To find out more about Mike Tiano and his latest release "Creetisvan," please visit

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Classic Rock Comes Alive With New Releases From Cactus, Sweet and Badfinger

American hard rock band, Cactus have returned with their first album of new material in five years and only their third since re-forming in 2006. The band is still led by legendary drummer and original member Carmine Appice, along with long-time members Jimmy Kunes (vocals), Randy Pratt (harmonica) and newcomers Paul Warren (guitar) and James Caputo (bass). Their new twelve-track release is titled "Tightrope" and comes out rocking with youthful energy and a chip on its shoulder, featuring some stellar guitar work matched by Pratt's sharp harmonica skills. They turn their cover of "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" into a gritty, back-alleys rock anthem, while "Poison In Paradise" is just dripping in blues and emotion. Carmine's drumming is still one of the best in the game, as displayed on the rhythm-fueled "Third Time Gone" and the arena rocker "Shake That Thing," which is built for a live concert setting. Any doubts that Cactus can no long hang with the younger bands of today are diminished by the heavy hitting "Elevation" and "Headed For A Fall." To find out more about Cactus and their latest release "Tightrope," please visit

Legendary British rock band, Sweet are unveiling a new album titled "Isolation Boulevard," which is a reworking of many of their classic songs. The album was recorded during the lockdown of 2020 and includes the band's first new music in six years. They start out with a new version of one of their biggest hits "Fox On The Run," which still sounds great and erupts with hard rock passion. The harmonies are spot on for "Still Got The Rock" and "Action" is a burst of energy that rivals the original. Even though "Hell Raiser" was not a huge hit in the U.S., it is an iconic piece to Sweet's legacy and is a sonic blast of good-rocking fun. The band's new song "Set Me Free" has a harder edge than some of their earlier hits, but still carries the band's undeniable seventies sound. Sweet finish up their new album with a pair of classics, including "New York Groove," which also contains lines from Alicia Keys' song "New York," along with their most well-known party-starter "Ballroom Blitz." To find out more about Sweet and their latest release "Isolation Boulevard," please visit

Another new album that was giving us that feeling nostalgic is "No Matter What, Revisiting The Hits" by the British rock band, Badfinger. The album features ten of their hits featuring guests from Jethro Tull, Vanilla Fudge and many others to help give the songs an extra level of attention. Keyboard master Rick Wakeman supports Joey Molland on Badfinger's biggest hit "Come And Get It," while Ian Anderson, Terry Reid and the Manchester String Orchestra give "Day After Day" a special touch of early seventies British rock nostalgia. Rick Springfield adds his expertise to one of Badfinger's final hits "Love Is Gonna Last" and Matthew Sweet lays down a masterful modern alternative pop groove to "Baby Blue." The set closes with the beautiful acoustics supplied by Albert Lee on the ballad "Sweet Tuesday Morning" and the monster hit "Without You" supported by the great Todd Rundgren. To find out more about the latest release from Badfinger, please visit

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Volume 1 Highlights The Early Years Of "The Vinyl Series" Recently Released by Island Records/UMe

Island Records founder Chris Blackwell has curated a new music series on vinyl titled simply "The Vinyl Series." Volume 1 was just recently released and covers the years 1962-1969 of the Island Record label. Each side of the album contains seven tracks, which include highlights from Toots & The Maytals and Desmond Dekker & The Aces. Many of these songs paved the way for what would come in the following decades from Bob Marley & The Wailers and Jimmy Cliff.

This new release kicks off with the very early days of reggae music on record with the island groove of The Pioneers "Long Shot Kick De Bucket" and the original version of "Rivers Of Babylon" by The Melodians. Desmond Dekker & The Aces also introduce the world to ska music with the up-strumming rhythm of their famous hit "Israelites" and then deliver the music of their Jamaican roots with "007 (Shanty Town)."

Island Records also was the home of many pop hits like "My Boy Lollipop" by Millie Small and "Gimmie Some Lovin'," by The Spencer Davis Band, which featured a young Steve Winwood. Even Toots & The Maytals received world recognition with their single "54-46 That's My Number," along with the rhythm & blues style of "Harlem Shuffle," originally by Bob & Earl, but later made famous by The Rolling Stones. This first volume of "The Vinyl Series" lays the groundwork for even bigger success for Chris Blackwell and his Island Records label. For more information on this UMe/Island Records release, please visit

Friday, March 26, 2021

New Music From Guitarists Extraordinaire Gerald Gradwohl, Robert Jurjendal and Carl Verheyen

Arriving April 16th is the new studio album from jazz-fusion guitarist Gerald Gradwohl. The album is titled "Episode 6," and features eight brand new tracks, beginning with a short hard rock guitar driven instrumental titled "Viking," which looks to set the stage for what's to come. The Gerald Gradwohl Group continues with the high-energy jazz movement of "Let's Talk," which introduces you to the other members of the band with some brief solo spots. The band jam together on the nearly eight-minute, modern progressive rock sound of "K-Log," while "Longing For Home" displays a mellow, more melodic side to their jazz-fusion music. The Gerald Gradwohl Group head toward the close of this album with the funk-infused rhythm of "Jabo" and the flowing, ambient soundscape of "Positive Grid." To find out more about the Gerald Gradwohl Group and their latest release "Episode 6," please visit

Fellow guitarist Robert Jurjendal recently released his fourth solo effort titled "Water Finds A Way." It features fourteen new instrumental tracks, beginning with the the elegant, sweeping melody of "Trust" and the fragile, gentle touch of "Morning Land." Robert tells a story through his music, as in "Hikers," with the music taking you on a sonic path to a new destination. His music simply relaxes you with the beautiful harmonic tones of "For The Bees" and "On The Border Of Sleep," while also shifting different emotions with the moody feel of "Before And Now." Robert Jurjendal finishes his new album with the classical sounding "AIR" and the closing, seven-minute, ambient touch of "Everything Goes On." To find out more about Robert Jurdendal and his latest release "Water Finds A Way," please visit

Lastly, we have the new album from guitar virtuoso Carl Verheyen (Supertramp) titled "Sundial." The idea of the album came about during the shutdown of 2020 and features ten songs that find Carl displaying his talents in many different musical genres. The album begins with the contemporary rock of the title track "Sundial," which carries an addictive, uplifting chorus that starts the album off on a positive note. Next, come the hard rocking instrumental "Kaningie," which allows Carl to just let loose on the guitar. The blues come shining through on the mellow tones of "Clawhammer Man," along with the wonderful, inspirational true story of "Garfunkel (It Was All Too Real)." He brings the energy up to an eleven with his ska/reggae cover of The Rascals' "People Got To Be Free," before wrapping up his new album with the country/rock flow of "Michelle's Song" and the beautiful, short instrumental melody reprise of "Sundial Slight Return." To find out more about Carl Verheyen and his latest release "Sundial," please visit

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Explore New Music From Mark Wingfield, Dennis Rea and the Srdjan Ivanovic Blazin' Quartet

Guitarist extraordinaire Mark Wingfield has teamed up with fellow musicians Jane Chapman (harpsichord) and Andriano Adewale (percussion) for a brand new album titled "Zoji." It features eleven tracks, beginning with "City Story," which is a mesh of classical and contemporary music that not only soothes your ears, but also explores different avenues for music to travel. The more progressive feel of "Seven Faces Of Silence" feels like a waltz between Mark's guitar and Jane's harp, as the two are embraced in this musical piece. Then this trio take you on a more epic journey with "Persian Snow Leopard," as the combination of notes tell the story without the need for words. They stretch out their sound with the more experimental sounds of "Land On Sky," before the beautiful melody of "Pasquali Dream" sweeps you away with Jane's stunning performance on the harpsichord. The trio of musicians finish their new album with "Zoji's Pass," which sounds as if each instrument is searching for it's own path throughout the song, while the closing track "Viaduct Road" may be one of the only song on this release that may be in need of vocals in order to keep the music working together. To find out more about this latest release from Mark Wingfield, Jane Chapman and Andriano Adewale, please visit

Next, we have the latest release from fellow guitarist Dennis Rea titled "Giant Steppes." While it features only four tracks, each one is a sonic journey that places you in different locations throughout the world, based on its melody. The album begins with "Live At Gaochang (Uyghur Suite)," which seems to pay homage to the ancient city in ruins, as the music continues to explore different cultural sounds along it nearly 17-minute journey. Dennis takes the progressive rock approach for "Wind Of The World's Finest," as the song feels like a bolt of needed energy, before closing out the album with "The Fellowship Of Tsering," a soundtrack to another ancient time that Dennis Rea has brought back to life with his musical talent. To find out more about Dennis Rea and his latest release "Giant Steppes," please visit

Also newly released is the latest studio effort from Srdjan Ivanovic's Blazin' Quartet. Sarjan is a native of Bosnia and his new Quartet recorded a concept piece titled "Sleeping Beauty." This new 9-track release begins with a soft, mellow "Intro," which sets up the listener for the lush, opening ballad "Sleeping Beauty." The song was inspired by Srdjan's wife and features the beautiful combination of horns and guitar, as they seem to just float along gracefully. The album continues with the ambient soundscape of "The Man With The Harmonica," which opens up the second half of the song with the great guitar work of Federico Casagrande. The horns have their time to shine on the sweeping melody of "Andreas," before picking up the tempo on "Rue Des Balkans," with help from Srdjan's drumming. The album wraps up with a solo guitar rendition of "Sleeping Beauty," along with the soft jazz tones of "A L'aube Du Cinquieme Jour (Gott Mit Uns)." To find out more about the new release from Srdjan Ivanovic Blazin' Quartet, please visit

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

How About Some New Jazz From Matt Panayides, Bruce Brown, Eric Goletz and Lauren White

Arriving April 9th, is the latest release from contemporary jazz guitarist Matt Panayides. The new album is titled "Field Theory" and it is a bit of a departure from his last two albums which were more acoustic-based musical pieces. His new twelve-song release begins with the up-tempo, swinging melody of "Kite Flying," which introduces you to the other members of his band, as each gets their solo spot to shine. Matt continues to roll out his new modern sound with the jazz fusion of "Disturbance," as each instrument seems to find its own separate path to the end of the song. The music gets nice a mellow on "Closer Now," as Matt's guitar work stands out, while the title-track is more progressive rock, than jazz, as the band come alive and deliver a stand-out gem. Matt returns with the swinging jazz of "Energy Mover," before wrapping up his new album with a four-piece, experimental jazz suite titled "Penta Folk," along with the graceful, floating melody of the closing song "Self Narrative." To find out more about Matt Panayides and his latest release "Field Theory," please visit

Jazz vocalist Bruce Brown recently released his latest album "Death Of Expertise," which features fourteen newly written original tracks. Bruce begins his new album off with the swinging melody of the title-track "Death Of Expertise," as his smooth, silky tone just sweeps you back to the great vocalists of the early days of jazz and big band music. Next, he modernizes his sound on the mellow, lounge feel of "They're Everywhere," along with the beautiful ballad "Love Makes Us Who We Are." The energy picks back up with "Back In The Day," as Bruce's vocals are warm and inviting you to let the music move your body. The rhythm of "To Find Things Out" is swift and lets Bruce's band shine on this track, along with the bossa nova melody of "Losers Are People Too." He finishes his new album with the quickness of "We're Up We're Down" and the soft, gentle sway of "The Music Plays Again." To find out more about Bruce Brown and his latest release "Death Of Expertise," please visit

Trombonist/composer Eric Goletz is also prepping an April release of his latest set of music titled "Into The Night." Eric and his five piece band and five piece horn section blast through a set of originals and cover songs, beginning with the up, modern swing of "Say What!?," along with their version of John Coltrane's "Mr. PC," which just hits all the right grooves. The title track "Into The Night" is a thirteen-minute jam that allows the band to stretch out and take the song over for a moment. The horn section comes alive in support of Eric's trombone on the smooth melody of "Steppin' Out," before reaching the second cover song of the album, an upbeat, classic-sounding swinging jazz version of Cole Porter's "What Is This Thing..." Eric Goletz closes out his new album with electrifying jazz fusion piece "Cat On The Corner" and the nod of this release is a smooth, quiet version of The Rippingtons' "Lullaby." To find out more about Eric Goletz and his latest release "Into The Night," please visit

We finish with the latest release from vocalist Lauren White titled "Ever Since The World Ended." It arrives March 26th and showcases what Lauren did with her time during the shutdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lauren is also the producer of the very successful HBO hit show "Homeland," but this is about her stellar voice which soars on the opening track "If You Never Fall In Love With Me" and gets down with the blues of the title-track "Ever Since The World Ended." Lauren lets her emotions pour through her on the beautiful ballad "Alone Together" and displays a nostalgic sound with the smooth jazz backdrop of "Some Of That Sunshine." She wraps up her new album with a cover of Duke Ellington's "Take Love Easy," which allows the band to step in the spotlight for a moment, along with the quiet closer "Shattered." To find out more about Lauren White and her latest release "Ever Since The World Ended," please visit

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Escape With Releases From Diego Baliardo, Juan Carlos Quintero and the "Angela's Ring" Soundtrack

On March 19th, Diego Baliardo, co-founder of the world-famous band Gypsy Kings, released his debut album with his latest musical endeavor, The Gypsy Evolution. The new album titled "Este Ritmo" keeps the tradition of the Gypsy Kings alive, as Diego invites family and friends along to enjoy his musical gift of song. The album begins with the shuffle rhythm of "Me Voy a la Playa" and the upbeat, poetic touch of "No Tengo Dinero," which will have your feet moving without even understanding the language. You will feel that you are home on the island with the tropical, Latin flair of "Mi Centura," while "Bambino" feels like a sing-along that everyone is invited to join in. The album finishes up with Diego's timeless vocals leading the way through "Loquita Loca, " along with the addictive chorus and energetic acoustic strumming of "El Loco." To find out more about Diego Baliardo and his latest release "Este Ritmo," please visit

Columbian guitarist Juan Carlos Quintero is re-releasing his 1997 album "The Way Home" on the world music label Moondo Music LLC. The album has been long out-of-print and needs to be presented again to the world to showcase Juan's amazing talents on the guitar. The ten song release features the energy and charm of South America with songs like "El Baile" and "El Pueblo." Juan Carlos Quintero lets his talent do the talking on his amazing performance of "Libre," while adding a hint of jazz to the Latin sound of "Caribbean Sun Dance." To find out more about this new re-release of Juan Carlos Quintero's album "The Way Home," please visit

Lastly, we have a new jazz opera titled "Angela's Ring" from creators Kabir Sehgal and Marie Incontrera about the European debt crisis. This new two-disc release follows the story of the fall of the Euro and United Kingdom's eventual option of "Brexit" in January 2020. The soundtrack features songs mixed with dialogue to give Sehgal and Incontrera's side of this government debacle. The music perfectly captures the energy of the growing Euro through Greece and the rest of Europe, before its eventual demise and chaos of what to do next, as the music changes along with feelings of those on the European council. The voices of the actors are stellar and give emotion to a debt crisis that angered many in the world. The songs are also interwoven perfectly throughout the opera, giving a soundtrack to this modern upheaval. With Broadway still in a shutdown state, I hope that "Angela's Ring" could one day see the lights of a Broadway stage and give us more insight into this European disaster. To find out more about the soundtrack to "Angela's Ring," please visit

Monday, March 22, 2021

Discover New Roots Music From New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers, Randy Lee Riviere, Dulcie Taylor and Will Porter

Arriving March 26th is volume 2 from the blues supergroup, New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers. Volume 1 was released back in September 2020 and became a Top 20 release on the Billboard charts. This new batch of eleven tracks finds this band of gypsys diving even further into the blues, beginning with the stellar harmonica work from Charlie Musselwhite on the opening song "Blues For Yesterday." They dive back into the early days of the blues with the swinging, sixties-style of "She's About A Mover," led by Grammy-winner Alvin Youngblood Hart. Next, Jimbo Mathus (Squirrel Nut Zippers) brings the blues down south with the New Orleans flavor "Searchlight" and the loose, front porch swagger of "Greens And Ham." The combination of Musselwhite's harp and Jim Dickinson's vocals on "Messin' With The Kid" puts you right in the front row for a lesson on how the blues should be played, while "Black Water" shows the dark side of the blues, as Alvin Youngblood Hart and Luther Dickinson put on a display with their guitars, trying to match the immortal Charlie Musselwhite. The New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers wrap up their new album with slow, steady jaunt of "Blue Guitar" and "Blues Is A Mighty Bad Feeling." To find out more about the New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers and their new "Vol. 2" release, please visit

Back in February, singer/songwriter Randy Lee Riviere created a soundtrack to the American West landscape with his new studio album "Wyoming." It features thirteen original tracks that shows Randy's deep concern for the environment and the Native American culture. The album begins with the pure country sound of "Lots To Say," as Randy has seen enough injustice in this country. He picks the energy up with the southern rock groove of "Keep Your Eyes On Your Station," before slowing down for the serious meaning behind the working force of "Fences." The big guitar chords of "Riverdale" will grab your attention, as you follow Randy's storied lyrics, while "Dependence Day" features a softer country rock approach with a serious statement about the sacrifices that were made for this country. He finishes up his new album with the folk tale of "Red Rain" and the instrumental title track "Wyoming," which soars with a beautiful melody. To find out more about Randy Lee Riviere and his latest release "Wyoming," please visit

On March 12th, fellow singer/songwriter Dulcie Taylor released her new six-song EP titled "Rediscovered." It follows her critically acclaimed EP "Reimagined," released last year and features songs from throughout her 20-year career. The album kicks off with "Woman I Used To Be," a favorite among her fans, as the song simmers with a blues vibe that just rides the red line of rocking out with anger. Next up, is one of the newer songs from her 2018 album "The Better Part Of Me." The song is called "Watch Me Hurt" and deals with heartbreak, done with an elegant touch of acoustic country twang. The music of "First Kiss" simply floats along on this fragile ballad, before Dulcie Taylor closes out her new album with the more up-tempo country pop touch of "Maybe" (from her 2004 album "Mirrors And Windows"), along with "Better Part Of Me," which allows her vocals to become the star of the song. To find out more about Dulcie Taylor and her latest release "Rediscovered," please visit

California-based singer, Will Porter with reissue his 2015 album "Tick Tock Tick" on April 16th. The album included contributions from the late great Dr. John, along with some other special guests, spread across eleven amazing musical numbers. Will kicks off the album with the up-tempo, Cajun-flavored jazz/rock of the title-song "Tick Tock Tick," which features the perfect collaboration of Will's smooth vocals and Dr. John's aged voice. Will brings his smooth sultry voice to the forefront on the R&B ballad "Why Do We Get Blue," then duets with Betty Lavette on the soulful cover of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love." The velvet touch of Will's vocals on "This California Sun" gives this autobiographical song a special gospel-like feel, while "Treadin' Water" returns you to that New Orleans boogie-woogie sound. To find out more about this new reissue of Will Porter's album "Tick Tock Tick," please visit

Saturday, March 20, 2021

New Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Releases From Dreamshade, Witherfall, Saga and Ego Kill Talent

Melodic, heavy metal band, Dreamshade recently releases their fourth full-length studio album titled "A Pale Blue Dot." It features fourteen tracks that just explode with energy, beginning with the raw, exciting, quick-hitting opener "Safe Harbor," which just start the album off with a bang. Dreamshade take it up another notch with the aggressive attack of "Lightbringers" and the screaming vocals of "Question Everything," as Dreamshade look to become one of the primer metal acts on the globe. The band invite Italian popstar Rose Villain to lend her talents to the harmonies of "Stone Cold Digital," as the band continue to flex their hardcore metal muscle. The electrifying solos in "Shanghai Nights" and the musicianship of "Elephant" displays Dreamshade's addictive heavy metal sound, as the band still deliver hard-hitting anthems with a chip on their shoulder. They wrap up their new album with Darket Hour's frontman John Henry joining them on a big, fat shot adrenaline in the form of "Nothing But The Truth," along with the tempo changes of the closing track "Save This." To find out more about Dreamshade and their latest release "A Pale Blue Dot," please visit

Next, we get a little darker with the new album "Curse Of Autumn" from fellow hardcore, melodic metal band, Witherfall. Their new twelve-track release sets you up with the opening instrumental "deliver Us into The Arms Of Eternal Silence," which opens up the flood gates to the quick-hitting attack of "The Last Scar" and the chugging guitar riffs of "As I Lie Awake." The stellar musicianship of "Tempest" is one of Witherfall's more epic pieces on this release, displaying the multiple levels of heavy metal music that this band can portray. The short, acoustic title-track "Curse Of Autumn" invites you to the second half of their new album, which wastes no time knocking you back in your seat with the aggressive attack of "The Unyielding Grip Of Each Passing Day" and "The Other Side Of Fear." Witherfall finish up their new album with their fifteen-minute progressive metal piece "...And They All Blew Away" and the wonderful harmonies of their cover of Boston's "Long Time." To find out more about Witherfall and their latest release "Curse Of Autumn," please visit

Canadian progressive rock band, Saga recently released an album of acoustic versions of some of the band's most well-known songs titled "Symmetry." The new twelve-track release begins with "The Pitchman," a song from their 1983 album "Heads or Tales." The song also shows that isn't some laid-back, float down memory lane type of album, it shows how innovated they are, with the adjustment of acoustic instruments. Saga follow that up with the eight-minute progressive masterpiece "The Perfect Time To Feel Better," which features some stellar harmonies. They dive back to their earliest days with the soft, mellow acoustic sounds of "Images (Chapter One)" from 1979, before leading up to the mystical flow of the fan favorite "Say Goodbye To Hollywood." Saga close out their new album with energetic strumming of "The Right Side Of The Other Hall" and the shuffle-rhythm of "Tired World (Chapter Six)," as this new set of songs showcase another side to Saga's complex musicianship. To find out more about Saga and their latest release "Symmetry," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release "The Dance Between Extremes" from the hard rock band, Ego Kill Talent. The band was scheduled last year to be the opening act for a South American tour with Metallica and Great Van Fleet, but the COVID-19 virus put an halt on all tour early 2020. So the band decided to release chunks of their new studio effort "The Dance Between Extremes" during the shut down last year. On March 19th, Ego Kill Talent finally released the full-length album, which includes twelve new tracks, beginning with the slow build-up of energy for "Now!" and the addictive, mature feel of "The Call." They dig down for the raw, straight-up attack of "Deliverance" and the nostalgic L.A. rock swagger of "Sin And Saints." Ego Kill Talent deliver a more hardcore metal sound with "Starving Drones (A Dinner Talk)," before finishing with the accessible, mainstream feel of "Our Song" and the uplifting melody of the closing song "The Reason." To find out more about Ego Kill Talent and their latest release "The Dance Between Extremes, please visit

Friday, March 19, 2021

Punk Legends Down By Law and D.I. Return With New Albums & Skold Delivers "Dies Irae"

Legendary California punk band Down By Law have returned with a new studio album titled "Lonely Town." It is the band's 12th studio album since starting out over 30 years ago. This new release features thirteen tracks, beginning with the energetic classic punk fury of "Denim & Leather," along with "Anthem," which shines with the band's iconic sound. Down By Law add harmonies and melody to the album with the title-track "Lonely Town," showing a maturity to their music that evolved over the years. A raw energy returns with "Steal The Night" and "Darkest Sun," as Down By Law show that they still have that quick bolt of punk energy to inject into their music. Instead of updating their sound to the modern technology of today, the band continues to stay true to their roots with songs like "Black Sheep" and "My Reservation's Been Confirmed." To find out more about Down By Law and their latest release "Lonely Town," please visit

Fellow California punk legends D.I. were once of the premier American punk bands of the early eighties and drove the California punk movement for over a decade. The band would continue to tour with numerous line-up changes and released an album of their favorite cover songs last year. Now, they return with new versions of some of their most well-known hits gathered for the new release "Greatest Hits A-Z." It features 23-tracks that instead of going chronologically, flow alphabetically, beginning with "Amoeba," which D.I. frontman Casey Royer wrote with his previous band, but record with the currently line-up of D.I. for this new release. The band's renewed energy flows through the punk fury of "Colors And Blood"  and "Falling Out," which sound as great now as their original version did back in the day. It is great having many of their well-known classics like "Hang Ten In East Berlin," "Johnny's Got A Problem" and "Pervert Nurse" on one album, as Casey's vocals still sound timeless. As the release flows from A-Z, the album finishes with new versions of their early hits like "Stand Up" and "Venus De Milo." To find out more about D.I. and their latest release "Greatest Hits A-Z," please visit

Lastly, we arrive at the latest release from former Marilyn Manson band member Tim Skold and his new album "Dies Irae." This is Skold's fifth studio album and revolves around the "day of wraith" as the album title suggests, which almost reflects the world we sometimes live in today. The album begins with the raw, metal buzz of "First Horizon" as he repeats "everything is alright" if we just "let it burn." He experiments more with his sound with the electronic melody of "Unspoken" and "Terrified," showcasing his dark, industrial metal side, before returning to the chugging riffs and hardcore metal attack of "This Is The Way." Tim Skold wraps up his new album with the goth-like tone of "As Above So Below" and the exciting, guitar-riven closer "Goodbye," which is the hidden gem of this release. To find out more about Tim Skold's new album "Dies Irae," please visit

Thursday, March 18, 2021

New Hard Rock/Metal Releases Arriving Soon From Tomahawk, Serj Tankian and Images Of Eden

Arriving March 26th, just in time to celebrate their 20th anniversary is the new studio album from the hard rock supergroup, Tomahawk. Their new album is titled "Tonic Immobility" and it features members of Mr. Bungle, Helmet and The Jesus Lizard coming together once again to present a set of new tracks to help escape the hard times of the real world. They begin with the quiet opening of "SHHH!," which just explodes during the chorus, exposing all of their hard rock prowess. The chugging guitars of "Valentine Shine," allows Mike Patton's vocals to lead the way on this heavy metal assault, while "Doomsday Fatigue" is a dark, gloomy ballad that carries an alternative "grunge" vibe. The album's first single "Business Casual" rides along a steady bass/drum rhythm, as the repetitive chorus gets lodged into your brain, along with the rhyming lyrics. Tomahawk showcase the wide range of their sounds, first with aggressive, hardcore metal sound with "Howlie," then with the more melodic tone of "Sidewinder," which feels like an political argument. They finish off their new album with high-energy, alternative rock clash of "Recoil" and the album's second single "Dog Eat Dog," which feels like a flashback with its guitar-driven, seventies hard rock sound. To find out more about Tomahawk and their latest release "Tonic Immobility," please visit

American singer, songwriter and political activist Serj Tankian is releasing a new EP of songs on March 19th titled "Elasticity." Serj may be best known as the lead singer and keyboardist for the hard rock band System Of The Down, and returns to that sound with this new set of songs. He begins with the title-track "Elasticity," which showcases the diversity in his songwriting by combining many different elements of rock to deliver another addictive song. The album continues with the politically charged "Your Mom," which takes the ideas of radicals to the extreme, while "Rumi" feels like a grand, elite sounding power ballad in the same vein as Guns N Roses' "November Rain." Serj Tankian wraps up his new five-song release with the final sonic hard rock blast of "Electric Yerevan," as he gives his last plea for justice. To find out more about Serj Tankian and his latest release "Elasticity," please visit

Progressive metal act, Images Of Eden return with a new concept album titled "Angel Born," which will be released on March 26th through Pavement Entertainment. Their new twelve track release begins with the high-powered openers "Autumn Is Burning" and "Angel Born," as chugging guitar riffs, strong vocal harmonies and a powerful rhythmic backbone display why Images Of Eden are one of the premier acts in metal music today. The band's progressive songwriting shines on the build-up of "If" with a strong melody that showcases the band's musical strengths. Images Of Eden dig their heels back into the metal assault of "Killing God" and "War Room," as they continue to present a complex style to their sound. They finish off their new album with the slow burning power ballad "Serenity Reigns" and the epic, elaborate prog-metal closer "In Memory Of Me." To find out more about Images Of Eden and their latest release "Angel Born," please visit

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

New Music From Singer-Songwriters David Olney, Anana Kaye, Natalie D-Napoleon and Brigitte DeMeyer

Arriving March 26th is the final studio album from the late folk artist David Olney and his collaboration with young singer, songwriter Anana Kaye. Their new album titled "Whispers And Sighs" features David's iconic folk sound with a hint of European flavor brought by Anana's powerhouse style. The thirteen track release begins with a short violin instrumental that flows into the dark, storytelling of "My Favorite Goodbye," as David vocals lay the perfect setting for the song's majestic melody. Next, Anana delivers her gentle moving ballad with "My Last Dream Of You," while David injects a jolt of energy with the electrifying rock-based delivery of "Lie To Me, Angel," before returning to the emotional, fragile touch of "Behind Your Smile." Anana's soft touch of "Why Can't We Get This Right?" will have you wondering where her beautiful voice has been hiding for so long. The duo close out their new album with the Rolling Stones-style rocker "Last Days Of Rome," along with a return to the politically-charged, dark overtones of "The World We Used To Know" and the classically-infused folk ballad "The Great Manzini (Disappearing Act)." To find out more about this latest release from David Olney and Anana Kaye, please visit each of their websites at and

After an eight-year absence, Australian-based singer, songwriter Natalie D-Napoleon returns with a new set of original songs titled "You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea." She starts out her new twelve-track release with the acoustic, folk strumming of "Thunder Rumor," which finds her voice in perfect form and a much welcomed return to the music limelight. Her beautiful vocals highlight the country-folk-pop melody of "How To Break A Spell" and "Second Time Around." She almost has a nostalgic, mature feel to her sound, as displayed in "No Longer Mine," then shows off her strength with the blues-infused title track "You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea." She delivers the uplifting prayer of "Mother Of Exiles," before finishing her new album with the country feel of "Cut Your Hair" and the wonderful harmonies of "Broken." To find out more about Natalie D-Napoleon and her latest release "You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea," please visit

Also arriving on March 26th, is the latest release from Nashville-based artist, Brigitte DeMeyer titled "Seeker." The album was produced and co-written by The Wood Brothers' member Jano Rix and features Rix, along with his bandmates Oliver and Chris Wood performing some of the music. The new ten track release begins with the gentle folk ballad "All The Blue," which allows Brigitte's voice to become the early shining star of the album. Then, Brigitte takes a turn toward the blues with the slinky-style of "Cat Man Do" and works with The Wood Brothers on the nightclub blues of "Salt Of The Earth." She belts out the lyrics to "Louisiana" with emotion and a purpose, before stripping everything away for the strong, stark solid delivery of "Already In." She wraps up her new album with the southern, gospel feel of "Wishbone" and the quiet ballad "Roots And Wings And Bones." To find out more about Brigitte DeMeyer and her latest release "Seeker," please visit

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Celebrate 20 Years Of 3 Doors Down's Debut Album "A Better Life" With New Anniversary Release

Arriving March 26th is a new 20th anniversary edition of the debut album from American rock band, 3 Doors Down. It arrives as a 3LP or 2CD set and features a new re-mastered version of the album, along with the rare "Escatawpa Sessions," which makes its debut on vinyl. The sound of this new re-mastered version definitely delivers a cleaner sound, which is instantly noticed in their chart-topping single "Kryptonite." The guitars and drums in songs like "Duck And Run" and "The Better Life" have more punch, while the quieter ballad "Be Like That" has an even balance of music and vocals. The songs on 3 Doors Down are all arena anthems that simply shake the foundation and gave us the perfect introduction to one of the premier rock bands of the last two decades.

The 2-disc CD and digital versions of this new release including four bonus tracks, which include acoustic versions of "Be Like That" and "Kryptonite," along with a new remix of "The Better Life" and an alternate version of "Wasted Me." With the great way "The Better Life" was remixed by Grammy-winner Chris Lord-Alge, I wish the entire album was remixed to show even more of the great instrumentation that 3 Doors Down provided in their songs.

The bonus tracks that long-time fans will love is the band's 1996 demo recordings, known as the "Escatawpa Sessions." Listening to these early versions of songs like "Kryptonite," "Life On My Own" and "Down Poison," the songs are already in place, but have a more raw, alternative buzz to the music than their released counterparts. The demo recording also features songs that did not make "The Better Life" album like the chugging guitar boogie of "Wasted Me" and "Sarah Yellin' 86," which shows that 3 Doors Down had something to prove with this early batch of songs. The 3LP set also includes a lithograph, as well as a six-page booklet with never before seen photos and interviews with members of the band. To find out more about this new 20th anniversary release of 3 Doors Down's "A Better Life" album, please visit

Monday, March 15, 2021

District 97 Deliver Their Live "Screenplay" & Jon Anderson Expands His Album "Olias Of Sunhillow"

Chicago progressive rock ensemble, District 97 are ready to release their new live album titled "Screenplay" on March 26th. The show was performed in October 2019 and finds the band performing their critically acclaimed album "Screens" from start to finish. The show kicks off with the free-form rock approach of "Forest Fire" and solo-filled breaks of "Sheep," as you adapt to District 97's style of music. Their sound may sound impulsive and at times chaotic, but it is actually a precise measure of artistry that keeps you locked into their music, as they take you on a nearly fourteen-minute sonic journey with "Ghost Girl."

The second disc of this new live set begins with the high-energy delivery of a brand new song that was recorded during the quarantine titled "Divided We Fall." The song keeps you on edge with its pounding rhythm and harmonic vocals. Also included are some live versions of songs from the band's back catalog, like the intensity of "Snow Country" and "Termites," which were recorded during the band's UK and European tours. District 97 close out the set with some live, in-studio recordings of some favorite cover songs like Yes' "Long Distance Roundabout," King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man," featuring the late John Wetton on vocals, along with Led Zeppelin's "Out On The Tiles." To find out more about District 97 and their new live album "Screenplay," please visit

Also arriving March 26th is a newly expanded version of Yes' Jon Anderson's 1976 debut solo album "Olias Of Sunhillow." The original eight-song release has been remastered from the original master tapes and is accompanied by a DVD, which contains a high-res version of the album, along with a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album. Anderson handled all the instrumentation for this album, which ended up taking nearly two years to complete and follows the story of an alien race searching for a new world, following the volcanic destruction of their home planet. The music was a slight departure from Yes' more musical endeavors, but showed that Jon Anderson was more than just a lead singer, with the performances of harps, keyboards and percussion. This new expanded edition also includes an illustrated booklet with a new essay about the music Jon was creating nearly 45 years ago. To find out more about Jon Anderson's new version of his "Olias Of Sunhillow" album, please visit

Sunday, March 14, 2021

New Music From The Kali Trio, Joe Macre and Jane Getter Premonition

The Swiss music ensemble, Kali Trio is preparing to release their sophomore effort "Loom" on March 19th. While the album only contains four tracks, is does clock in near the 45-minute mark, as each composition is a journey of music created by these three talented artists. The album begins with "Shipol," which continues to rise with each note, as the music feels like a soundtrack to a futuristic utopia. They follow that with the steady course of "Transitoriness," which keeps a steady flow of sound, as each instrument takes the lead. Kail Trio finish their new album with "Folding Space," a nearly fifteen-minute ambient soundscape that relaxes you, as well as stimulates your ears. To find out more about Kali Trio and their latest release "Loom," please visit

Original Crack The Sky bassist, Joe Macre recently released one of two completed albums titled "Bullet Train." It features Joe working with many other talented artists who stopped by his studio during the pandemic to record some new music. The album was recorded and mixed over the course of almost two years and features ten outstanding new tracks that simply rock, beginning with the high-powered, guitar-driven delivery of "Drag It Down." The excitement and energy continue to flow through tracks like "Slow Ryder" and "Diesel Locomotive," while "That's Summer" carries a nostalgic, late-Beach Boys sound. Joe Macre wraps up his new album with a re-imagined version of the "Wizard Of Oz" classic, "If I Only Had A Brain," along with an emotional delivery of Paul McCartney's "Goodbye." Look for Joe's second album to drop this spring. For more information on "Bullet Train," please visit

Award-winning guitarist, composer and vocalist Jane Getter is also preparing the release of her new Jane Getter Premonition album titled "Anomalia." It features loads of special guests, including Alex Skolnik (Testament), Vernon Reid (Living Colour) and Chad Wakerman (Frank Zappa) just to name a few. Her new nine-song release begins with the grand, guitar wizardry of "Kryptone," which brilliantly opens the album with excitement and energy. Her sound turns more progressive on the follow-up track "Lessons Learned," before displaying her softer side with the beautifully written ballad "Alien Refugee." She returns to the raw, bluesy-style rock of "Queen Of Spies," while "Disappear" begins as a gentle ballad that explodes with a stellar solo break. The Jane Getter Premonition close out the album with a gentle, solo guitar instrumental titled "Safe House." To find out more about Jane Getter and her new album "Anomalia," please visit

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Discover New Releases From Downes Braide Association, Eternal Return and Unique Music LTD

The fourth studio effort from the Downes Braide Association was recently released through the Spirit Of Unicorn Music label back in January. What began as a studio outlet for Geoff Downes of Yes fame, has grown into a magical partnership with singer/producer Chris Braide, producing some of the greatest progressive rock music of the last decade. The new album is titled "Halcyon Hymns" and features a dozen tracks, beginning with the acoustic build-up of the opener "Love Among The Ruins," which crests with an amazing electric guitar solo by Dave Bainbridge. The harmonies on "King Of The Sunset" are perfectly balanced, while their collective minds make "Your Heart Will Find The Way" and "Beachcombers" a pair an addictive power pop/rock singles to behold. The Downes Braide Association show off their progressive nature on the seven-minute stand-out track "Today," before finishing up with the beautiful ballad, "Late Summer" and the nearly twelve-minute epic journey of "Remembrance." To find out more about the Downes Braide Association and their latest release "Halcyon Hymns," please visit

Members of Porcupine Tree and Robert Fripp's Crafty Guitar School have joined forces to release a new album under the group name, Eternal Return. This new five-piece ensemble have created six, epic sounding progressive rock numbers that interweave their instruments in a dance of melodic proportion. The album is titled "Once Only" and begins with rock opera feel of "Nomad," followed by the more experimental piece "The Void." The goth-rock sounds of "The Triggering Town" showcase how these musicians contain their creative side to make a concise work of at, before closing out their new album with the climbing, acoustic rock/pop style of "The Sky." To find out more about Eternal Return and their latest release "Once Only," please visit

Unique Music LTD was a concept and company started by JP Rossi, who grew up inspired by the British rock bands of the 70's and 80's. His latest adventure is a concept album titled "In The Name Of... (A Prayer For Our Times)," which features Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Markus Reuter (Stick Men) and Frederic L'Epee (Yang) just to name a few members. The new eleven-track release begins with the swirling sounds of "Anaerobic Awakenings," which flows into the free-form, experimental jazz piece "Feeling Unity." The music and melody begin to take shape during the ten-minute flow of "Conditional Cases," before exploding into the aggressive rock approach of "Monopolizing Spaces." The quietness of "The Lullaby For Uma Devi" gives way to the chaos of "Another Sound Of Now," before finishing with the twelve-minute epic soundscape of "The Introspection Of Edward Maitland" and the spaced out closer of "Post Epiphany." To find out more about this new concept album from Unique Music LTD, please visit