Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Celebrate 20 Years Of 3 Doors Down's Debut Album "A Better Life" With New Anniversary Release

Arriving March 26th is a new 20th anniversary edition of the debut album from American rock band, 3 Doors Down. It arrives as a 3LP or 2CD set and features a new re-mastered version of the album, along with the rare "Escatawpa Sessions," which makes its debut on vinyl. The sound of this new re-mastered version definitely delivers a cleaner sound, which is instantly noticed in their chart-topping single "Kryptonite." The guitars and drums in songs like "Duck And Run" and "The Better Life" have more punch, while the quieter ballad "Be Like That" has an even balance of music and vocals. The songs on 3 Doors Down are all arena anthems that simply shake the foundation and gave us the perfect introduction to one of the premier rock bands of the last two decades.

The 2-disc CD and digital versions of this new release including four bonus tracks, which include acoustic versions of "Be Like That" and "Kryptonite," along with a new remix of "The Better Life" and an alternate version of "Wasted Me." With the great way "The Better Life" was remixed by Grammy-winner Chris Lord-Alge, I wish the entire album was remixed to show even more of the great instrumentation that 3 Doors Down provided in their songs.

The bonus tracks that long-time fans will love is the band's 1996 demo recordings, known as the "Escatawpa Sessions." Listening to these early versions of songs like "Kryptonite," "Life On My Own" and "Down Poison," the songs are already in place, but have a more raw, alternative buzz to the music than their released counterparts. The demo recording also features songs that did not make "The Better Life" album like the chugging guitar boogie of "Wasted Me" and "Sarah Yellin' 86," which shows that 3 Doors Down had something to prove with this early batch of songs. The 3LP set also includes a lithograph, as well as a six-page booklet with never before seen photos and interviews with members of the band. To find out more about this new 20th anniversary release of 3 Doors Down's "A Better Life" album, please visit 3doorsdown.com.

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