Friday, March 12, 2021

Check Out New Experimental Releases From Magnet Animals and Babyflow

Arriving March 26th is the latest release from experimental, progressive rock band Magnet Animals. Their new album titled "Fake Dudes" features ten tracks that reflect the "sign of the times," as the music ranges between, mellow jazz and raging metal. They begin with the steady rhythm of "Believe," which allows singer/guitarist Todd Clouser to talk through his lyrics and just let his playing make the statement. Next comes "Burn The Whole Thing Down," which is 90 seconds of intense music in the form of aggressive heavy metal, while "Freaks" follows a mellow jazzy groove, highlighted by waves of cymbals. Magnet Animals take the idea and melody of the eight-minute "Hell Is An Empty Place" out to the brink of chaos, before reeling it back in. They wrap up their new album with the poetic lyrics of "Man And Machine," while the funky-styled music motors the song's energy, along with the accessible prog-rock closer "The Kids Are Gonna Win." To find out more about Magnet Animals and their latest release "Fake Dudes," please visit

Veteran Washington DC artist Anthony W Rogers is releasing a debut album with his latest musical project, Babyflow. The new release titled "Obvious" was recently released digitally and on limited edition vinyl, and is a special nod to the classic "The Who Sell Out" album, with specially performed commercials between tracks. The thirteen track release begins with the up-and-down melody of "Daddy Got Played," which showcases Anthony's ability to break down song time signatures, while "Wrong" carries a Randy Newman political vibe. The surf-style commercial track "Covid Beach" is pure fun, with a hint of truth, along with the nostalgic, Beach Boys harmonies of "Invisible Mask." Babyflow bring in the blues with the slow-moving tempo of "Wish Away" and "Listen," before finishing their new album with the final commercial of "Karen For Hire," along with the beautiful tones of "Rain Clouds," which feels like a lullabye to close the album. To find out more about Babyflow and their latest release "Obvious," please visit

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