Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Discover New Music From Rising Singer/Songwriters Lara Solnicki and Cindy Alexander

Poet, composer, vocalist Lara Solnicki recently released her new studio album "The One And The Other" back on March 12. Lara describes her new set of song as "tone poems," beginning with the epic eight-minute opener "Bit Her Sweet Christopher Street." The song's melody floats along the background, supporting Lara angelic vocals, as she tells us a tale with her poetic writing. Next, Lara uses her voice as an instrument on the playful, experimental mellow jazz of "Idee Fixe," before returning to the sweet, warm tones of "The Embrace." Lara closes her new album with a three-part suite titled "The One And The Other," which begins with a mix of spoken word poetry and the elegant vocals of "Pass A Glass," as she tells us another tale through this jazz/rock opera. The finishing track of the three-part suite returns Lara and her band back to more familiar territory with the free-form jazz of "Hollow The Need." To find out more about Lara Solnicki and her latest release "The One And The Other," please visit

Singer, songwriter Cindy Alexander returns with her tenth studio album "While The Angels Sigh," which will be released on April 23rd. It features eleven tracks that deal with some of the most difficult times in Cindy's life, from her mother's dementia to the pandemic to the civil rights protests going on throughout the country. Her songs reflect these times with heart and emotion, beginning with the build-up chorus of "The Power Of You," showing strength in one's individuality to change the world. The album's lead single "Broken But Beloved" is a loving ballad with a slight country tone, which gives it a more personal feel. There are two versions of her song "Try, Try, Try" (original and acoustic), which finds Cindy pouring her heart and emotions into this inspirational piece. The energy picks up with the country flow of "Alizarin Crimson" and the empowering lyrics of "Lightning." She wraps up her new album with a truthful, stripped-down version of James Taylor's "Carolina In My Mind" and bright, shining motivational sound of "Walking Constellation." To find out more about Cindy Alexander and her latest release "While The Angels Sigh," please visit

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