Saturday, March 13, 2021

Discover New Releases From Downes Braide Association, Eternal Return and Unique Music LTD

The fourth studio effort from the Downes Braide Association was recently released through the Spirit Of Unicorn Music label back in January. What began as a studio outlet for Geoff Downes of Yes fame, has grown into a magical partnership with singer/producer Chris Braide, producing some of the greatest progressive rock music of the last decade. The new album is titled "Halcyon Hymns" and features a dozen tracks, beginning with the acoustic build-up of the opener "Love Among The Ruins," which crests with an amazing electric guitar solo by Dave Bainbridge. The harmonies on "King Of The Sunset" are perfectly balanced, while their collective minds make "Your Heart Will Find The Way" and "Beachcombers" a pair an addictive power pop/rock singles to behold. The Downes Braide Association show off their progressive nature on the seven-minute stand-out track "Today," before finishing up with the beautiful ballad, "Late Summer" and the nearly twelve-minute epic journey of "Remembrance." To find out more about the Downes Braide Association and their latest release "Halcyon Hymns," please visit

Members of Porcupine Tree and Robert Fripp's Crafty Guitar School have joined forces to release a new album under the group name, Eternal Return. This new five-piece ensemble have created six, epic sounding progressive rock numbers that interweave their instruments in a dance of melodic proportion. The album is titled "Once Only" and begins with rock opera feel of "Nomad," followed by the more experimental piece "The Void." The goth-rock sounds of "The Triggering Town" showcase how these musicians contain their creative side to make a concise work of at, before closing out their new album with the climbing, acoustic rock/pop style of "The Sky." To find out more about Eternal Return and their latest release "Once Only," please visit

Unique Music LTD was a concept and company started by JP Rossi, who grew up inspired by the British rock bands of the 70's and 80's. His latest adventure is a concept album titled "In The Name Of... (A Prayer For Our Times)," which features Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Markus Reuter (Stick Men) and Frederic L'Epee (Yang) just to name a few members. The new eleven-track release begins with the swirling sounds of "Anaerobic Awakenings," which flows into the free-form, experimental jazz piece "Feeling Unity." The music and melody begin to take shape during the ten-minute flow of "Conditional Cases," before exploding into the aggressive rock approach of "Monopolizing Spaces." The quietness of "The Lullaby For Uma Devi" gives way to the chaos of "Another Sound Of Now," before finishing with the twelve-minute epic soundscape of "The Introspection Of Edward Maitland" and the spaced out closer of "Post Epiphany." To find out more about this new concept album from Unique Music LTD, please visit

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