Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Escape With Releases From Diego Baliardo, Juan Carlos Quintero and the "Angela's Ring" Soundtrack

On March 19th, Diego Baliardo, co-founder of the world-famous band Gypsy Kings, released his debut album with his latest musical endeavor, The Gypsy Evolution. The new album titled "Este Ritmo" keeps the tradition of the Gypsy Kings alive, as Diego invites family and friends along to enjoy his musical gift of song. The album begins with the shuffle rhythm of "Me Voy a la Playa" and the upbeat, poetic touch of "No Tengo Dinero," which will have your feet moving without even understanding the language. You will feel that you are home on the island with the tropical, Latin flair of "Mi Centura," while "Bambino" feels like a sing-along that everyone is invited to join in. The album finishes up with Diego's timeless vocals leading the way through "Loquita Loca, " along with the addictive chorus and energetic acoustic strumming of "El Loco." To find out more about Diego Baliardo and his latest release "Este Ritmo," please visit moondomusic.com.

Columbian guitarist Juan Carlos Quintero is re-releasing his 1997 album "The Way Home" on the world music label Moondo Music LLC. The album has been long out-of-print and needs to be presented again to the world to showcase Juan's amazing talents on the guitar. The ten song release features the energy and charm of South America with songs like "El Baile" and "El Pueblo." Juan Carlos Quintero lets his talent do the talking on his amazing performance of "Libre," while adding a hint of jazz to the Latin sound of "Caribbean Sun Dance." To find out more about this new re-release of Juan Carlos Quintero's album "The Way Home," please visit moondomusic.com.

Lastly, we have a new jazz opera titled "Angela's Ring" from creators Kabir Sehgal and Marie Incontrera about the European debt crisis. This new two-disc release follows the story of the fall of the Euro and United Kingdom's eventual option of "Brexit" in January 2020. The soundtrack features songs mixed with dialogue to give Sehgal and Incontrera's side of this government debacle. The music perfectly captures the energy of the growing Euro through Greece and the rest of Europe, before its eventual demise and chaos of what to do next, as the music changes along with feelings of those on the European council. The voices of the actors are stellar and give emotion to a debt crisis that angered many in the world. The songs are also interwoven perfectly throughout the opera, giving a soundtrack to this modern upheaval. With Broadway still in a shutdown state, I hope that "Angela's Ring" could one day see the lights of a Broadway stage and give us more insight into this European disaster. To find out more about the soundtrack to "Angela's Ring," please visit facebook.com/kabirsehgal.

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