Thursday, March 11, 2021

Expand Your Musical Palette With New Music From Shijin, Sonic Twist and Reza Khan

Improvisational jazz quartet, Shijin have their sophomore effort ready for mass consumption. The album titled "The Theory Of Everything" features eight interactive works that combine elements of acoustic and electric jazz together in order to create a unique presentation of their music. The album begins with the high-energy release of "Mystery Of A White Dwarf," as each member feeds off each other on this opening jam. Shijin work in different tempo for a more complete, melodic flow of "Unexpected Discovery," while the eight-minute delivery of "Golden Age" carries a progressive rock/jazz fusion that gives each member at spotlight to shine in. Funk finds it way into the flow of "Implosion," before Shijin close out their new album with the energetic sonic groove of "You Are There," which feels like it can go on for more than just four minute, while "Curved Wrinkles" follows a steady pace. To find out more about Shijin and their latest release "The Theory Of Everything," please visit

Next comes the latest experimental release from the jazz duo, Sonic Twist. Their new album titled "Unity" features seventeen tracks that utilizes the vocal abilities of Judi Silvano and the guitar work of Bruce Arnold. The album begins with the flowing sounds of "A Ha" and the subtle changes to "Capricious," which find the two artists creating sonic dance with sounds. Bruce gets his moment to work the pedals of his guitar to create the unique sounds of "Bruce's Boogie," while "Lacewing" has a bluesy feel to the music. The ambient feel of "Flutterby" and "Home Free" display another dimension to the music created by Sonic Twist, along with the exciting, experimental piece "Shaman's Plane," which grabs your attention and never lets go. The album finishes with the ska-jazz sounds of "Frisky" and psychedelic flow of "Compression Expansion." To find out more about Sonic Twist and their latest release "Unity," please visit

Finally we arrive at the new, upcoming release from guitarist Reza Khan titled "Imaginary Road." He is joined by special guests Miles Gilderdale, Philippe Saisse, David Mann and Mark Egan, creating ten new tracks that features some of Khan's best playing. He begins with the exciting opener "Waiting For The Sky," which features an exceptional electric guitar solo from Miles Gilderdale of the band Acoustic Alchemy. Khan's beautiful guitar work on "I See Stars" is a smooth, mellow touch of jazz that just floats on by, as you follow his every note. He builds up the energy of "Midnight Runner" with each pluck of the strings, while "Broken River" feels like the perfect balance of jazz and rock to create and addictive musical touch. Reza Khan wraps up his new album with the upbeat jazzy touch of "It's Happening" and the beautiful, airy feel of the title-track "Imaginary Road." To find out more about Reza Khan and his latest release "Imaginary Road," please visit

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