Thursday, March 25, 2021

Explore New Music From Mark Wingfield, Dennis Rea and the Srdjan Ivanovic Blazin' Quartet

Guitarist extraordinaire Mark Wingfield has teamed up with fellow musicians Jane Chapman (harpsichord) and Andriano Adewale (percussion) for a brand new album titled "Zoji." It features eleven tracks, beginning with "City Story," which is a mesh of classical and contemporary music that not only soothes your ears, but also explores different avenues for music to travel. The more progressive feel of "Seven Faces Of Silence" feels like a waltz between Mark's guitar and Jane's harp, as the two are embraced in this musical piece. Then this trio take you on a more epic journey with "Persian Snow Leopard," as the combination of notes tell the story without the need for words. They stretch out their sound with the more experimental sounds of "Land On Sky," before the beautiful melody of "Pasquali Dream" sweeps you away with Jane's stunning performance on the harpsichord. The trio of musicians finish their new album with "Zoji's Pass," which sounds as if each instrument is searching for it's own path throughout the song, while the closing track "Viaduct Road" may be one of the only song on this release that may be in need of vocals in order to keep the music working together. To find out more about this latest release from Mark Wingfield, Jane Chapman and Andriano Adewale, please visit

Next, we have the latest release from fellow guitarist Dennis Rea titled "Giant Steppes." While it features only four tracks, each one is a sonic journey that places you in different locations throughout the world, based on its melody. The album begins with "Live At Gaochang (Uyghur Suite)," which seems to pay homage to the ancient city in ruins, as the music continues to explore different cultural sounds along it nearly 17-minute journey. Dennis takes the progressive rock approach for "Wind Of The World's Finest," as the song feels like a bolt of needed energy, before closing out the album with "The Fellowship Of Tsering," a soundtrack to another ancient time that Dennis Rea has brought back to life with his musical talent. To find out more about Dennis Rea and his latest release "Giant Steppes," please visit

Also newly released is the latest studio effort from Srdjan Ivanovic's Blazin' Quartet. Sarjan is a native of Bosnia and his new Quartet recorded a concept piece titled "Sleeping Beauty." This new 9-track release begins with a soft, mellow "Intro," which sets up the listener for the lush, opening ballad "Sleeping Beauty." The song was inspired by Srdjan's wife and features the beautiful combination of horns and guitar, as they seem to just float along gracefully. The album continues with the ambient soundscape of "The Man With The Harmonica," which opens up the second half of the song with the great guitar work of Federico Casagrande. The horns have their time to shine on the sweeping melody of "Andreas," before picking up the tempo on "Rue Des Balkans," with help from Srdjan's drumming. The album wraps up with a solo guitar rendition of "Sleeping Beauty," along with the soft jazz tones of "A L'aube Du Cinquieme Jour (Gott Mit Uns)." To find out more about the new release from Srdjan Ivanovic Blazin' Quartet, please visit

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