Wednesday, March 24, 2021

How About Some New Jazz From Matt Panayides, Bruce Brown, Eric Goletz and Lauren White

Arriving April 9th, is the latest release from contemporary jazz guitarist Matt Panayides. The new album is titled "Field Theory" and it is a bit of a departure from his last two albums which were more acoustic-based musical pieces. His new twelve-song release begins with the up-tempo, swinging melody of "Kite Flying," which introduces you to the other members of his band, as each gets their solo spot to shine. Matt continues to roll out his new modern sound with the jazz fusion of "Disturbance," as each instrument seems to find its own separate path to the end of the song. The music gets nice a mellow on "Closer Now," as Matt's guitar work stands out, while the title-track is more progressive rock, than jazz, as the band come alive and deliver a stand-out gem. Matt returns with the swinging jazz of "Energy Mover," before wrapping up his new album with a four-piece, experimental jazz suite titled "Penta Folk," along with the graceful, floating melody of the closing song "Self Narrative." To find out more about Matt Panayides and his latest release "Field Theory," please visit

Jazz vocalist Bruce Brown recently released his latest album "Death Of Expertise," which features fourteen newly written original tracks. Bruce begins his new album off with the swinging melody of the title-track "Death Of Expertise," as his smooth, silky tone just sweeps you back to the great vocalists of the early days of jazz and big band music. Next, he modernizes his sound on the mellow, lounge feel of "They're Everywhere," along with the beautiful ballad "Love Makes Us Who We Are." The energy picks back up with "Back In The Day," as Bruce's vocals are warm and inviting you to let the music move your body. The rhythm of "To Find Things Out" is swift and lets Bruce's band shine on this track, along with the bossa nova melody of "Losers Are People Too." He finishes his new album with the quickness of "We're Up We're Down" and the soft, gentle sway of "The Music Plays Again." To find out more about Bruce Brown and his latest release "Death Of Expertise," please visit

Trombonist/composer Eric Goletz is also prepping an April release of his latest set of music titled "Into The Night." Eric and his five piece band and five piece horn section blast through a set of originals and cover songs, beginning with the up, modern swing of "Say What!?," along with their version of John Coltrane's "Mr. PC," which just hits all the right grooves. The title track "Into The Night" is a thirteen-minute jam that allows the band to stretch out and take the song over for a moment. The horn section comes alive in support of Eric's trombone on the smooth melody of "Steppin' Out," before reaching the second cover song of the album, an upbeat, classic-sounding swinging jazz version of Cole Porter's "What Is This Thing..." Eric Goletz closes out his new album with electrifying jazz fusion piece "Cat On The Corner" and the nod of this release is a smooth, quiet version of The Rippingtons' "Lullaby." To find out more about Eric Goletz and his latest release "Into The Night," please visit

We finish with the latest release from vocalist Lauren White titled "Ever Since The World Ended." It arrives March 26th and showcases what Lauren did with her time during the shutdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lauren is also the producer of the very successful HBO hit show "Homeland," but this is about her stellar voice which soars on the opening track "If You Never Fall In Love With Me" and gets down with the blues of the title-track "Ever Since The World Ended." Lauren lets her emotions pour through her on the beautiful ballad "Alone Together" and displays a nostalgic sound with the smooth jazz backdrop of "Some Of That Sunshine." She wraps up her new album with a cover of Duke Ellington's "Take Love Easy," which allows the band to step in the spotlight for a moment, along with the quiet closer "Shattered." To find out more about Lauren White and her latest release "Ever Since The World Ended," please visit

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