Saturday, March 20, 2021

New Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Releases From Dreamshade, Witherfall, Saga and Ego Kill Talent

Melodic, heavy metal band, Dreamshade recently releases their fourth full-length studio album titled "A Pale Blue Dot." It features fourteen tracks that just explode with energy, beginning with the raw, exciting, quick-hitting opener "Safe Harbor," which just start the album off with a bang. Dreamshade take it up another notch with the aggressive attack of "Lightbringers" and the screaming vocals of "Question Everything," as Dreamshade look to become one of the primer metal acts on the globe. The band invite Italian popstar Rose Villain to lend her talents to the harmonies of "Stone Cold Digital," as the band continue to flex their hardcore metal muscle. The electrifying solos in "Shanghai Nights" and the musicianship of "Elephant" displays Dreamshade's addictive heavy metal sound, as the band still deliver hard-hitting anthems with a chip on their shoulder. They wrap up their new album with Darket Hour's frontman John Henry joining them on a big, fat shot adrenaline in the form of "Nothing But The Truth," along with the tempo changes of the closing track "Save This." To find out more about Dreamshade and their latest release "A Pale Blue Dot," please visit

Next, we get a little darker with the new album "Curse Of Autumn" from fellow hardcore, melodic metal band, Witherfall. Their new twelve-track release sets you up with the opening instrumental "deliver Us into The Arms Of Eternal Silence," which opens up the flood gates to the quick-hitting attack of "The Last Scar" and the chugging guitar riffs of "As I Lie Awake." The stellar musicianship of "Tempest" is one of Witherfall's more epic pieces on this release, displaying the multiple levels of heavy metal music that this band can portray. The short, acoustic title-track "Curse Of Autumn" invites you to the second half of their new album, which wastes no time knocking you back in your seat with the aggressive attack of "The Unyielding Grip Of Each Passing Day" and "The Other Side Of Fear." Witherfall finish up their new album with their fifteen-minute progressive metal piece "...And They All Blew Away" and the wonderful harmonies of their cover of Boston's "Long Time." To find out more about Witherfall and their latest release "Curse Of Autumn," please visit

Canadian progressive rock band, Saga recently released an album of acoustic versions of some of the band's most well-known songs titled "Symmetry." The new twelve-track release begins with "The Pitchman," a song from their 1983 album "Heads or Tales." The song also shows that isn't some laid-back, float down memory lane type of album, it shows how innovated they are, with the adjustment of acoustic instruments. Saga follow that up with the eight-minute progressive masterpiece "The Perfect Time To Feel Better," which features some stellar harmonies. They dive back to their earliest days with the soft, mellow acoustic sounds of "Images (Chapter One)" from 1979, before leading up to the mystical flow of the fan favorite "Say Goodbye To Hollywood." Saga close out their new album with energetic strumming of "The Right Side Of The Other Hall" and the shuffle-rhythm of "Tired World (Chapter Six)," as this new set of songs showcase another side to Saga's complex musicianship. To find out more about Saga and their latest release "Symmetry," please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release "The Dance Between Extremes" from the hard rock band, Ego Kill Talent. The band was scheduled last year to be the opening act for a South American tour with Metallica and Great Van Fleet, but the COVID-19 virus put an halt on all tour early 2020. So the band decided to release chunks of their new studio effort "The Dance Between Extremes" during the shut down last year. On March 19th, Ego Kill Talent finally released the full-length album, which includes twelve new tracks, beginning with the slow build-up of energy for "Now!" and the addictive, mature feel of "The Call." They dig down for the raw, straight-up attack of "Deliverance" and the nostalgic L.A. rock swagger of "Sin And Saints." Ego Kill Talent deliver a more hardcore metal sound with "Starving Drones (A Dinner Talk)," before finishing with the accessible, mainstream feel of "Our Song" and the uplifting melody of the closing song "The Reason." To find out more about Ego Kill Talent and their latest release "The Dance Between Extremes, please visit

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