Thursday, March 4, 2021

New Jazz Music From Schapiro 17, Rebecca Dumaine & The Dave Miller Trio and Ian Charleton Big Band

Jazz composer Jon Schapiro is ready to release is latest studio recording "Human Qualities" on March 12th. Schapiro conducts his 17-piece band through a set of seven original tracks and one special cover song. The album begins with the high-energy, big band swinging tempo of "Count Me Out," followed by the soft, sultry sway of "Tango," which pulls you in with its relaxed melody. The Schapiro 17 turn the traditional ballad "The First Time Ever I Saw You Face" into one of their own, as the band jam as one complete unit throughout the nearly ten minute composition. They fill up all eleven-plus minutes of "Hallelujah" with a spaced out jazz fusion that take the music of Schapiro 17 to another level. The album closes with the band returning back to the nostalgic big band swing of "A Bounce In Her Step," along with the funky jazz beats of "House Money." To find out more about the Schapiro 17 and their latest release "Human Qualities," please visit

Vocalist Rebecca Dumain and The Dave Miller Trio are also preparing the release of their new album titled "Someday, Someday." It is an uplifting set of fourteen swinging numbers, beginning with fun, energetic "Just Friends," as you instantly fall in love with this combo. Rebecca's voice leads the way through Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again (Naturally)," while The Dave Miller Trio add the perfect backdrop for the title track "Someday, Someday." The wonderful lyrics of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" are perfectly given their rightful due in this jazz setting, before the band get a little funky with the beats of "Time To Get Unstuck (Happy Little New Song)," one of only two originals that appear on the album. The Dave Miller Trio add an interesting time signature to the classic "Cry Me A River" and Rebecca shines on the French traditional pop standard "La Vie En Rose/Au Privave." They finish their new album with the light-hearted sway of "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams" and the jazzed up pop hit "Sunny," made famous by Bobby Hebb." To find out more about Rebecca Dumain and The Dave Miller Trio's latest release "Someday, Someday," please visit

Last, but not least we have the first new recordings from jazz composer/bandleader Ian Charleton titled "A Fresh Perspective." Ian leads his 18-piece big band through ten exciting musical numbers, beginning with the upbeat, eye-opening romp of "1 West 67th Street." The relaxed feel of "Sunday Morning" just takes its time moving through each solo with no rush," while "Everything I Got" is a quick, swinging number sung by vocalist Emily Charleton. The band fully embraces the graceful touch of the well-known "Stardust" and deliver a reworking of Irving Berlin's classic "Blue Skies." Ian Charleton Big Band wrap up their new album with the quiet, elegant touch of "Tea For Two," the salsa twist of "When Sunny Gets Blue" and the eight-minute swinging finale of "Party On Park." To find out more about Ian Charleton's Big Band and their latest release "A Fresh Perspective," please visit

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