Sunday, March 14, 2021

New Music From The Kali Trio, Joe Macre and Jane Getter Premonition

The Swiss music ensemble, Kali Trio is preparing to release their sophomore effort "Loom" on March 19th. While the album only contains four tracks, is does clock in near the 45-minute mark, as each composition is a journey of music created by these three talented artists. The album begins with "Shipol," which continues to rise with each note, as the music feels like a soundtrack to a futuristic utopia. They follow that with the steady course of "Transitoriness," which keeps a steady flow of sound, as each instrument takes the lead. Kail Trio finish their new album with "Folding Space," a nearly fifteen-minute ambient soundscape that relaxes you, as well as stimulates your ears. To find out more about Kali Trio and their latest release "Loom," please visit

Original Crack The Sky bassist, Joe Macre recently released one of two completed albums titled "Bullet Train." It features Joe working with many other talented artists who stopped by his studio during the pandemic to record some new music. The album was recorded and mixed over the course of almost two years and features ten outstanding new tracks that simply rock, beginning with the high-powered, guitar-driven delivery of "Drag It Down." The excitement and energy continue to flow through tracks like "Slow Ryder" and "Diesel Locomotive," while "That's Summer" carries a nostalgic, late-Beach Boys sound. Joe Macre wraps up his new album with a re-imagined version of the "Wizard Of Oz" classic, "If I Only Had A Brain," along with an emotional delivery of Paul McCartney's "Goodbye." Look for Joe's second album to drop this spring. For more information on "Bullet Train," please visit

Award-winning guitarist, composer and vocalist Jane Getter is also preparing the release of her new Jane Getter Premonition album titled "Anomalia." It features loads of special guests, including Alex Skolnik (Testament), Vernon Reid (Living Colour) and Chad Wakerman (Frank Zappa) just to name a few. Her new nine-song release begins with the grand, guitar wizardry of "Kryptone," which brilliantly opens the album with excitement and energy. Her sound turns more progressive on the follow-up track "Lessons Learned," before displaying her softer side with the beautifully written ballad "Alien Refugee." She returns to the raw, bluesy-style rock of "Queen Of Spies," while "Disappear" begins as a gentle ballad that explodes with a stellar solo break. The Jane Getter Premonition close out the album with a gentle, solo guitar instrumental titled "Safe House." To find out more about Jane Getter and her new album "Anomalia," please visit

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