Wednesday, March 17, 2021

New Music From Singer-Songwriters David Olney, Anana Kaye, Natalie D-Napoleon and Brigitte DeMeyer

Arriving March 26th is the final studio album from the late folk artist David Olney and his collaboration with young singer, songwriter Anana Kaye. Their new album titled "Whispers And Sighs" features David's iconic folk sound with a hint of European flavor brought by Anana's powerhouse style. The thirteen track release begins with a short violin instrumental that flows into the dark, storytelling of "My Favorite Goodbye," as David vocals lay the perfect setting for the song's majestic melody. Next, Anana delivers her gentle moving ballad with "My Last Dream Of You," while David injects a jolt of energy with the electrifying rock-based delivery of "Lie To Me, Angel," before returning to the emotional, fragile touch of "Behind Your Smile." Anana's soft touch of "Why Can't We Get This Right?" will have you wondering where her beautiful voice has been hiding for so long. The duo close out their new album with the Rolling Stones-style rocker "Last Days Of Rome," along with a return to the politically-charged, dark overtones of "The World We Used To Know" and the classically-infused folk ballad "The Great Manzini (Disappearing Act)." To find out more about this latest release from David Olney and Anana Kaye, please visit each of their websites at and

After an eight-year absence, Australian-based singer, songwriter Natalie D-Napoleon returns with a new set of original songs titled "You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea." She starts out her new twelve-track release with the acoustic, folk strumming of "Thunder Rumor," which finds her voice in perfect form and a much welcomed return to the music limelight. Her beautiful vocals highlight the country-folk-pop melody of "How To Break A Spell" and "Second Time Around." She almost has a nostalgic, mature feel to her sound, as displayed in "No Longer Mine," then shows off her strength with the blues-infused title track "You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea." She delivers the uplifting prayer of "Mother Of Exiles," before finishing her new album with the country feel of "Cut Your Hair" and the wonderful harmonies of "Broken." To find out more about Natalie D-Napoleon and her latest release "You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea," please visit

Also arriving on March 26th, is the latest release from Nashville-based artist, Brigitte DeMeyer titled "Seeker." The album was produced and co-written by The Wood Brothers' member Jano Rix and features Rix, along with his bandmates Oliver and Chris Wood performing some of the music. The new ten track release begins with the gentle folk ballad "All The Blue," which allows Brigitte's voice to become the early shining star of the album. Then, Brigitte takes a turn toward the blues with the slinky-style of "Cat Man Do" and works with The Wood Brothers on the nightclub blues of "Salt Of The Earth." She belts out the lyrics to "Louisiana" with emotion and a purpose, before stripping everything away for the strong, stark solid delivery of "Already In." She wraps up her new album with the southern, gospel feel of "Wishbone" and the quiet ballad "Roots And Wings And Bones." To find out more about Brigitte DeMeyer and her latest release "Seeker," please visit

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