Monday, March 29, 2021

Progressive Rock Artist DarWin Goes "Unplugged" and Mike Tiano Delivers An Autobiographical Album

Arriving April 16th is a new album release from guitarist extraordinaire DarWin. His latest effort titled "DarWin 3: Unplugged" features stripped down and orchestra versions of tracks from his first two albums. These songs first appeared as part of a limited edition double vinyl release of his second album "DarWin 2: A Frozen War," but are now getting their own stand-alone release. The new eight-track album begins with the grand orchestral delivery of "Escape The Maze," which is from his debut album "Origin Of Species." The beautiful acoustics combined with the emotional strings gives songs like "Nightmare Of My Dreams" and "Forever" another dimension to its presentation. One of the few songs with lyrics is "On Horizon," which still carries that progressive feel, even with this stripped down, unplugged version. DarWin wraps up his new album with the exciting orchestral delivery of "Last Chance" and a great acapella version of "Another Year," which features some exceptional harmonies that may make this version more elite than the original. To find out more about DarWin and his latest release "DarWin 3: Unplugged," please visit

Progressive rock songwriter, musician and Yes fan Mike Tiano recently released his debut album "Creetisvan," with help from musicians Billy Sheerwood, David Sancious and Randy George to name a few guests. Tiano may be best known for starting the Yes fanzine "Notes From The Edge," along with creating their official website, YesWorld. Now, he has written, sung and performed most of the guitar tracks on his new "autobiographical" album, which begins with "There Behind You," which flows with attention grabbing solos and an addictive chorus. While Mike's vocals may not be the most accomplished, he pours his heart into the acoustic tale of "On Hold," while "Dance Of The Little Guys" carries that progressive tone that Mike has followed throughout his career with Yes. When Mike strips down his sound, as in "A Natural" is when you see the artist within, which allows his songwriting talents to shine. He closes out his new album with the graceful, floating melody of "The Evergreens" and the up-beat, grand finale prog-rock number "Emerge Triumphant." To find out more about Mike Tiano and his latest release "Creetisvan," please visit

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