Friday, March 19, 2021

Punk Legends Down By Law and D.I. Return With New Albums & Skold Delivers "Dies Irae"

Legendary California punk band Down By Law have returned with a new studio album titled "Lonely Town." It is the band's 12th studio album since starting out over 30 years ago. This new release features thirteen tracks, beginning with the energetic classic punk fury of "Denim & Leather," along with "Anthem," which shines with the band's iconic sound. Down By Law add harmonies and melody to the album with the title-track "Lonely Town," showing a maturity to their music that evolved over the years. A raw energy returns with "Steal The Night" and "Darkest Sun," as Down By Law show that they still have that quick bolt of punk energy to inject into their music. Instead of updating their sound to the modern technology of today, the band continues to stay true to their roots with songs like "Black Sheep" and "My Reservation's Been Confirmed." To find out more about Down By Law and their latest release "Lonely Town," please visit

Fellow California punk legends D.I. were once of the premier American punk bands of the early eighties and drove the California punk movement for over a decade. The band would continue to tour with numerous line-up changes and released an album of their favorite cover songs last year. Now, they return with new versions of some of their most well-known hits gathered for the new release "Greatest Hits A-Z." It features 23-tracks that instead of going chronologically, flow alphabetically, beginning with "Amoeba," which D.I. frontman Casey Royer wrote with his previous band, but record with the currently line-up of D.I. for this new release. The band's renewed energy flows through the punk fury of "Colors And Blood"  and "Falling Out," which sound as great now as their original version did back in the day. It is great having many of their well-known classics like "Hang Ten In East Berlin," "Johnny's Got A Problem" and "Pervert Nurse" on one album, as Casey's vocals still sound timeless. As the release flows from A-Z, the album finishes with new versions of their early hits like "Stand Up" and "Venus De Milo." To find out more about D.I. and their latest release "Greatest Hits A-Z," please visit

Lastly, we arrive at the latest release from former Marilyn Manson band member Tim Skold and his new album "Dies Irae." This is Skold's fifth studio album and revolves around the "day of wraith" as the album title suggests, which almost reflects the world we sometimes live in today. The album begins with the raw, metal buzz of "First Horizon" as he repeats "everything is alright" if we just "let it burn." He experiments more with his sound with the electronic melody of "Unspoken" and "Terrified," showcasing his dark, industrial metal side, before returning to the chugging riffs and hardcore metal attack of "This Is The Way." Tim Skold wraps up his new album with the goth-like tone of "As Above So Below" and the exciting, guitar-riven closer "Goodbye," which is the hidden gem of this release. To find out more about Tim Skold's new album "Dies Irae," please visit

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