Monday, March 1, 2021

Support Women In Music, Check Out New Releases From Jana Herzen, Annicia Banks and Fely Tchaco

Jazz vocalist and guitarist Jana Herzen will be releasing her new live album on March 12th, with a vinyl edition arriving in June. The album was recorded at Joe's Pub in New York City on October 29, 2019 and features eleven tracks. The show was to preview Jana's latest studio album "Nothing But Love," which was released in January 2020, but instead has become a reminder of the need of live music to return once again. Her new live album kicks off with the bebop jazz flow of "Nothing But Love," while "Speak" is more airy, with a folk appeal to the music. Next, Jana takes you down south with the Brazilian jazz appeal of "My Latin Love," before slowing down for the gentle ballad "Night Blooming Jasmine." The energy picks back up with smooth, R&B/jazz tempo of "With An Open Heart" and the playful, addictive melody of "Like A River." Jana Herzen closes her new live album with the emotional flow of "Thinking Of You" and the poetic, graceful touch of "In The Name Of Love." To find out more about Jana Herzen and her latest release "Live," please visit

Also arriving in March is the debut EP from reggae artist Annicia Banks. Her new seven-song release titled "Up Front" finds Annica stepping up to the lead singer spot, beginning with the upbeat, island groove of "Jamaica Forever," which features support from King Kohai. The album's lead single is a cover of Dennis Brown's "Love Has Found It's Way," which combines elements or reggae with jazz and R&B, to give the song a modern dance vibe. The pure rhythms of Jamaica are heard on "Hush," while Annicia's voice simply soars on "It's Too Late." She finishes her new album with the soulful, gospel-like touch of "Restore My Soul." To find out more about Annicia Banks and her latest release "Up Front," please visit

San Francisco bay-area artist Fely Tchaco is preparing the release of her new album "Yita (Deep Water)" for March 8th, International Women's Day. This is Fely's fifth full-length release and features eleven tracks that have been inspired and dedicated to the African and Middle Eastern migrants who have lost their live crossing the Mediterranean Sea in hopes for a better life. The tribal rhythms of the opening track "Ato Lagoh" only begins your adventure to the style of music that may not be discussed on today's radio. The wonderful harmonies of "Cawe Yoko" are simply uplifting, Fely slows down for the quieter flow of "Blamer Les Autres." The addictive beats work back in to the eight-minute, storied lesson of "Djebi Dje" and the worldly sounds of "Zaouli." Fely modernizes her sound with the dance club sound of "Zante," before finishing her new album with the undeniable pop melody of "It's Never Too Late" and the techno-infused "Kubeli." To find out more about Fely Tchaco and her latest release "Yita (Deep Water)," please visit

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