Tuesday, March 9, 2021

The Intelligent Music Project Give Us "The Creation" & Todd Rundgren Delivers A New Live Vinyl Release

Members of Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Styx, Nazareth and Asia have reformed the Intelligent Music Project for their sixth full-length release titled "The Creation." With the success of volume five, the members of these bands came together to give the music and lyrics of Intelligent Music Project creator Milan Vrabevski, MD a higher purpose with a renewed energy. The new twelve-song release begins with the high-powered rocker "A Sense Of Purpose," led once again by form Asia lead singer John Payne. The progressive nature of the album shines on the melodic tone of "The Story," while "A Shelter" is a raw, straight-up rock and roll attack. The support harmonies of "Your Thoughts" gives the song an added dimension of beauty, while "Let It Go," begins as a jazzy piece, before the guitars take over and drive the song's intensity. The Intelligent Music Project finish their latest album with the emotional power ballad "That Something" and the prog-rock build-up to the close the album with "Serve." To find out more about the Intelligent Music Project and their latest release "The Creation," please visit intelligent-music.com.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee Todd Rundgren recently re-released a new vinyl edition of his live album titled "A Wizard, A True Star...Live!." This was a special show recorded in Akron, OH back in 2009, when Todd Rundgren performed his classic 1973 album "A Wizard, A True Star" in its entirety. Back in 1973, when Rundgren originally released the album, it was known as a departure from his straight-up pop/rock songs of previous albums, but showed that he can break-away from the three-minute song and create some more progressive pieces like "Zen Archer" (which pushes past the 8-minute mark live) and "Just One Victory." He mixes up the order slightly on this new live release, moving "When The Shit Hits The Fan, Sunset Blvd." and "Le Feel Internacionale" closer to the end of the show, giving a more hard rocking end to his performance. One of the highlights of this release has to be the 13-minute "Soul Melody" which sounds amazing, with Rundgren leading his band through classics by Curtis Mayfield, Smokey Robinson and The Delfonics. A special rainbow swirl vinyl was created for this release, along with the standard CD, which was released last year. To find out more about this new edition of "A Wizard, A True Star...Live!," please visit cleorecs.com.

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