Saturday, April 17, 2021

Discover Classic Metal From Kikimora, Amazing Instrumental Guitar Work From Stephan Thelen & Rising Thrash Metal From Newcomers Texas Taliban

European metal band, Kikimora began a decade ago when lead guitarist Nicolo Kotzev return to his native country of Bulgaria. The band was inspired by the works of AC/DC and Deep Purple, but Kotzev wanted to write lyrics in his own native language. On May 14th, Kikimora return with their new studio album "Dirty Nails," which is being released through Escape Music Ltd. The eleven songs are sung in English, beginning with the high-powered "Bogeyman," which carries a nostalgic heavy metal sound. The album continues with the mystical opening of "The Chosen One," which then explodes to showcase the stellar vocals of Nikola Zdravkiv. Kikimora display a softer rock sound with the acoustics of "Free," as they balance their music with the high-powered blast of "The Hustler." The band's stellar musicianship shines on the nearly seven-minute progressive-rock feel of "The Endless Song." The energy picks back up with the classic metal delivery of "King Of Rock N Roll," before Kikimora close out their new album with the steady, heavy pounding of "Cry Baby Cry" and the mainstream metal appeal of "Liar." To find out more about Kikimora and their latest release "Dirty Nails," please visit

World-renown guitarist Stephan Thelen recently released the follow-up to his critically acclaimed instrumental album "Fractal Guitar"(review: The successor, "Fractal Guitar 2" features only six tracks, but each one is a sonic journey, beginning with the fourteen-minute "Cosmic Krautrock." The layers of sound and melody on this opening song demands multi-listens, in order to peel back the different textures and techniques that were used during the recording. The album continues with the title-track "Fractal Guitar 2," which has a gentle flowing feel to the music as it just glides along, led by Thelen's stellar guitar work. The intensity of "Mercury Transit" rises and falls, as you are brought along this twelve-minute sonic adventure. Stephan Thelen finishes up his new album with the raw, progressive rock approach of "Celestial Navigation" and the exciting beats and rhythms of "Point Of Inflection," as Thelen is joined by an all-star cast of musicians on this track. To find out more about Stephan Thelen and his latest release "Fractal Guitar 2," please visit

More new metal music has arrived from the El Paso, TX band, Texas Taliban. Their debut album "Runs On Hate" features only five tracks, but it looks to solidify the band's title of "Texas Thrash Kings." The album kicks off with the aggressive growling vocals of the title track "Runs On Hate," as Texas Taliban flex their metal muscle on this chaotic opening track. The energy continues to roll on with the hard-hitting, sonic blast of "Expect No Mercy" and the speed of "Supremacy," before closing out their debut album with a total 180 degrees, displaying a softer side with the first verse of "Tu Rey Muerto," which then explodes with screaming vocals. To find out more about newcomers, Texas Taliban and their latest release "Runs On Hate," please visit

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