Monday, April 19, 2021

Female Jazz Vocalists Amber Weekes, Jeanine Otis and Jacqui Naylor Release New Music

Coming May 1st is the new album from jazz vocalist Amber Weekes titled "'Round Midnight Re-Imagined." This is Amber's homage to New York and the stories that her family and her father would tell her. She remembers her father, who was a jazz musician, talking about his parents luncheonette which saw some special guests like Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan and Harry Belafonte. This twelve song tribute begins with the upbeat, swinging rhythm of "Hazel's Hips" and the lush ballad "Summer Samba." She combines the classic sounds of Gershwin's "Summertime" with the bluesy touch of Sting's "Sister Moon" to give us a perfect soundtrack to a New York evening. Amber's vocals take center stage on the sultry flirtation of "Don't You Feel My Leg," before delivering "The Bar Suite," a three-piece opus to her late father. It features the smooth, laid-back jazz ballad "Something Cool," the closing number for the jazz clubs "One For My Baby" and the final plea of "The Man That Got Away." Amber Weekes finishes her new album with the elegance of the title-track "'Round Midnight" and the uplifting tale of "More Than You Know." To find out more about Amber Weekes and her latest release "'Round Midnight Re-Imagined," please visit

Fellow jazz vocalist Jeanine Otis recently released her new album titled "Into My Heart." It is a nine-track love story that finds Jeanine showing off her singing skills for the first time in eight years. The album begins with the gentle, Latin sway of "Mood For Lovin'," highlighted by Stanton Davis' trumpet solo. The energy picks up with the modern-sounding island flair of "Brazilian Jam," which puts you right in the middle of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The blues come on strong with the simple touch of "Sweet Sad Guitar" and "Lover Man," before Jeanine wraps up her new album with the inspirational touch of "Joy Of Life" and the soulful, gospel-like delivery of the title track "Into My Heart." To find out more about Jeanine Otis and her latest release "Into My Heart," please visit

Lastly, we arrive at the 11th studio album "The Long Game" from acclaimed jazz vocalist Jacqui Naylor, which was released back in February on Ruby Star Records. It features fourteen tracks, beginning with the upbeat rhythm of "Like Someone In Love," led by the stellar piano work of Art Khu. One of the new original tracks on her new album is the modern, R&B ballad "Give Me One More Chance," before the re-imagined version of Coldplay's "Fix You," which touches upon the original melody, as Jacqui accentuates the vocals. The energy and rhythm picks back up with the swinging melody of "I'll Be Loving You," while Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" gets simplified into a mellow jazz piece. Jacqui Naylor and her band rework David Bowie's "Space Oddity" into a lush ballad and recasts Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up" into an inspirational song about achieving your goals. She finishes her new album with the Latin flair of "Speak Low" and the beautiful original "All My Life." To find out more about Jacqui Naylor and her latest release "The Long Game," please visit

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