Saturday, April 10, 2021

New Music From Sanguisugabogg, Stepson, The Drowned God, Escape The Fate and Bewitcher

Back in March, Century Media Records unleashed the full-length debut album from the Ohio death metal band, Sanguisugabogg. Their new album "Tortured Whole" features eleven tracks of great grimy music, drawn from their enjoyment of cult horror classic b-movies, like "Dead Alive." They kick things off with the growling vocals and grinding guitars of "Menstrual Envy" and the hard-pounding rhythm of "Gored In The Chest." The tempo picks up with the more chaotic bashing of "Dragged By A Truck," while "Dead As Shit" and "Dick Filet" try to shock with the combination of sexual acts and violence. Sanguisugabogg close out their new album with the thrash metal approach of "Urinary Ichor" and the final sonic blast of "Felching Filth." To find out more about the debut album from death metal band Sanguisugabogg, please visit

Also debuting back in March is the latest set of songs from Australian hardcore punk band, Stepson. Their new album "Help Me, Help You" features eleven tracks that look to simply crush your skull with the shear force of their music. They begin with the screaming vocals of "Learning To Let Go," as you are blown back into your seat by the music's shear force. Stepson continue to come at you with the powerful blast of "Run" and "The Entire History Of You," which fully demonstrates the band's passion for their music. The slow down the tempo for the more melodic tone of "I Wish," before wrapping up their new album with the hardcore wave of "Come With Me" and the more mainstream, youthful sounds of "Say Something." To find out more about Stepson and their latest release "Help Me, Help You," please visit

Philadelphia metal band, The Drowned God have returned with a new album "Pale Home," released March 26th through Solid State Records. Their new ten track release kicks off with the hardcore attack of "I Met You" and the aggressive screams of "Buried In The Room." They continue with the chaos of "Awake In The Morning," as The Drowned God showcase the growth and maturity in their music with the doom metal appeal of "Near Spanish Lake" and the big, loud sounding crash of "All Haunted." They finish their new album with the feedback-type buzzing of ""Gnashing Of Teeth" and the nine-minute epic closer "You Remained Silent." To find out more about The Drowned God and their latest release "Pale Home," please visit

Escape The Fate continue their rise up the heavy metal charts with their new album "Chemical Warfare." It is the band's seventh studio album in the last fifteen years and features a dozen new tracks that are filled with the band's signature addictive, hard rock sound. They begin with the high-energy of "Lightning Strike," which has been perfectly built for the arena once we return to live shows very soon. Violinist/singer Lindsey Stirling joins Escape The Fate on the heavy-pounding of "Invincible," adding her signature classical/pop violin solo to the song's aggressive backdrop. The take turn in the pop/rock direction with "Unbreakable" and "Erase You," before Travis Barker (Blink-182) lends a hand on the band's hard rock return with "Not My Problem." Escape The Fate wrap up their new album with the large, powerful sound of "Ashes (Broken World)" and the quiet, melodic ballad "Walk On." To find out more about Escape The Fate and their latest release "Chemical Warfare," please visit

Oregon-based heavy metal band, Bewitcher are also making their Century Media Records debut with their latest release "Cursed Be Thy Kingdom." A western-style, acoustic/electric guitar instrumental leads the way into the band's new ten track release, which explodes into the metal attack of "Death Returns..." Bewitcher speed things up with the quick-hitting beats of "Electric Phantoms," while also delivering a nostalgic, classic heavy metal sound with "Mystifier (White Night City)." They go all out thrash on the speed-drumming of "Cursed Be Thy Kingdom," before closing out their new album with the stellar metal musicianship of "The Widow's Blade" and the chugging finale of "Sign Of The Wolf." To find out more about Bewitcher and their latest release "Cursed Be Thy Kingdom," please visit

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