Tuesday, April 20, 2021

New Jazz Music From Artists Arturo O'Farrill, Ricardo Silveira and Francesco Amenta

Latin jazz artist extraordinaire Arturo O'Farrill has been keeping busy during the pandemic. Without the ability to tour, he created a new album "Virtual Birdland" with over 35 guest musicians, each performing from the comfort of their living room, bedroom or home studio. This new album was released back on April 9th through ZOHO Music and features ten tracks, beginning with the original Latin jazz composition "Gulab Jamon." The great thing about this opening song is how striking, upbeat and even chaotic the melody and rhythm is to give you a sense of how strong-willed these musicians are all performing together from remote locations. Vocalist Malika Zarra leads the way on the worldly sounds of "Pouvoir," while "Nightfall" allows more spots for brass and piano solos, as the four-piece rhythm section keeps pace. The orchestra slow the tempo down for the elegant, eight-minute "Ana Mashoof," which features Ghazi Faisal Al-Maulaifi on guitar and vocals. Your feet will be moving on the swift Latin flair of "Samba For Carmen," which also feels as if all of the musicians are in the same room, performing together live. Arturo O'Farrill and his Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra finish their new album with the beautiful sweeping melody of "En La Oscuridad" and the Tito Puente original "Para Los Rumeros," which will really get your blood-pumping with the song's exciting rhythm. To find out more about Arturo O'Farrill and his latest release "Virtual Birdland," please visit arturoofarrill.com.

Acclaimed Brazilian guitarist Ricardo Silveira released his debut solo album simply titled "Solo" on April 16th, through Moondo Music. It features eleven tracks, which are a mixture of originals and covers, beginning with the gentle touch of "Rio Texas," as you feel Ricardo's emotions with each pluck of the strings. He continues to work his magic on the beautiful melody of "Preciso Aprender A Ser So," before picking up the energy with the swift work of "Tango Carioca." Ricardo visits the work of the immortal Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim with a heartfelt rendition of "Luiza," along with the story-telling melody of "Zingaro/Retrato em Branco e Preto." He simple relaxes you with the soft, quiet touch of "Noite Clara," before closing with the more upbeat movement of "Amazon Secrets," which keeps you on the his path of enlightenment. To find out more about Ricardo Silveira and his latest release "Solo," please visit en.ricardosilveira.com.

Italian-born saxophonist, pianist, composer Francesco Amenta is preparing the release of the U.S. debut "Midtown Walk." It is only Amenta's second album, his first album was released back in 2015, when he was living in the Netherlands. Now, a member of New York City's jazz scene, his new album was produced by Grammy-winner John Lee and features eight tracks, which were all recorded back in February 3, 2020, before the pandemic hit New York. Francesco starts things off with the upbeat opening of "Dancing," which allows his 3-piece band to introduce themselves with some brief solos of their own. He continues with "Home," as the melody continues to build, as if he is traveling home and getting more excited with each minute. This four-piece jazz band experiment with tempo on "Number 9," before locking into a solid, up-tempo groove, while "06-22" displays the band's softer side on this lush, graceful ballad. Francesco Amenta wraps up his new album with the smooth, funky flow of "Burgundy 45" and a nearly twelve-minute version of the Duke Ellington classic "Come Sunday," which just puts your mind at ease, as if it was the weekend all the time. To find out more about Francesco Amenta and his latest release "Midtown Walk," please visit facebook.com/pg/amenta.francesco.

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