Wednesday, April 28, 2021

New Jazz Releases From Gabor Lesko, Ojoyo and The Purple Why

Jazz guitarist/keyboardist Gabor Lesko is preparing the release of his new album titled "Earthway." It features eight soaring jazz fusion tracks that take you on a set of sophisticated journeys through music. Gabor begins his new album with the ever-climbing guitar work of the title-track "Earthway," as the song's energetic rhythm pushes the music along. He keeps the exciting flow moving swiftly with the bright, uplifting feel of "Fiesta," before slowing down to display his quieter, softer side with the emotional ballad "Still Here For You." The passion Gabor shows for his music comes shining through on the electrifying guitar solo of "Gently Obsessive," while the funky backdrop of "Push It!" shows the pure collaborative effort of the band. Gabor Lesko closes out his new album with the elegant jazz groove of "Mickey Mouse Love Jazz" and the ambient flow of "Air (Lost Key Part Two)." To find out more about Gabor Lesko and his latest release "Earthway," please visit

Next, we have the new 25th anniversary reissue of the 1996 album "Ojoyo Plays Safrojazz." The Ojoyo band was led by saxophonist Morris Goldberg, who wanted to explore his South African heritage and invited some top-notch musicians to join him on his trip. The music puts you right in Cape Town, Africa, as you can feel of the vibe of songs like "Station Road Strut" and "Harare" move your body to the rhythm. Trumpeter Chris Boti leads the band through the emotions of "Madagascar," while drummer Anton Fig and bassist Bakithi Kumalo lay down the perfect rhythm in "Dolphin Jive." This new reissue closes with two live tracks "Rockwela" and "Sophiatown Society," which gives even more ethnicity to the music. To find out more about this new reissue of "Ojoyo Plays Safrojazz," please visit

Then we travel back to 1968 with two unreleased live performances by bassist Steve Tintweiss and his band The Purple Why. The new release is titled "MarksTown" and finds the band performing their avant-garde style of jazz at St. Mark's Church and at the Town Hall in New York City. The album begins with the chaotic flow of "Ramona, I Love You" and the interesting art piece "How Sweet?" The band comes together for the wildly exciting jazz piece "N.E.S.W. Up/Down," before closing out the show with musical waves of "The Purple Why Theme." The band's second show features more extended jams, as they find ways through eight minutes of "Just Be Mine," followed by ten minutes of flowing horns and rolling drums, which make up "Monogamy Is Out." To find out more about this newly released live album from Steve Tintweiss and The Purple Why, please visit

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