Sunday, April 11, 2021

New Music From Heavy Metal Bands Wheel, Miasma Theory and Yellowtooth

German metal band, Wheel have returned after an eight-year absence with an album of new material titled "Preserved In Time." It features seven classic sounding heavy metal tracks that will make the album worth the wait. Wheel begin with the epic-sounding "The Night They Came Upon Us," which feels like it would fit in an episode of "Game Of Thrones," while "When The Shadow Takes You Over" is a modern day doom metal masterpiece. They flex their heavy metal muscle on the pounding drums of "She Left In Silence" and the chugging guitar riffs of "Hero Of The Weak," before closing their new album with the nine-minute epic tale of "Daedalus," which showcases the true musicianship of the band. To find out more about Wheel and their latest release "Preserved In Time," please visit

Making their debut is a band of heavy metal musicians who go by the name of Miasma Theory. They are led by Northern Crown's Zachary Randall and features fellow artists from other bands coming together (virtually) for their love of heavy metal. Their new self-titled album contains five tracks, beginning with the stellar music and vocals of "Forever End Today," which displays a mature nature to the band's sound. Their songs are epic sounding, as Miasma Theory take you on a sonic journey with "Together As One" and the nearly nine-minute, melodic touch of "Vector." They finish up their new album with a dark, doom metal cover of Candlemass' "Under The Oak," that is sure to please long-time fans of Northern Crown. To find out more about Miasma Theory and their new self-titled debut album, please visit

Finally we arrive at the latest release from heavy metal giants Yellowtooth. Their new album titled "The Burning Illusion" features eight tracks, beginning with raw, slow-burning, doom/grunge sound of "From Faith To Flames." They quicken your pulse with the hard-hitting attack of "Atrocity" and "The Illusion," as Yellowtooth are still out to prove why they are one of the best independent metal bands around. The finish off their new album with the pulsating riffs of "Dead Flowers" and the aggressive death metal delivery of "Lazarus Syndrome." To find out more about Yellowtooth and their latest release "The Burning Illusion," please visit

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