Wednesday, April 14, 2021

New Music From Indie-Artists Crown Vic Royal, Mike Donehey, Olivia Flanigan and Box Turtle

Back in March, Chicago's Crown Vic Royal released a new three-song EP titled "Cosmic Nights." The growth in the band's sound since their 2019 debut is immensely, as the opening track "Peyote Embers" is like a smooth, mellow sip of bourbon, as you sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet harmonies and simple rhythm of the song. Next, Crown Vic Royal add a hint of blues to the nostalgic sixties instrumental rock of "In The Palace Of The Desert Birds," before finishing their new EP with the mixed influences of "Prayer For Summer," feels rough around the edges compared to the other two tracks. To find out more about Crown Vic Royal and their latest release "Cosmic Nights," please visit
Next up is the latest release from Nashville-based singer, songwriter Mike Donehey. His new three-song EP titled "A Father & Two Sons" is based on the classic tale of "The Prodigal Son." He begins with the alternative-rock vibe of "Pushing Me Away," which features an addictive melody and chorus that draws you in to the album's three-part storyline. The album continues with the guitar strut and smooth harmonies of "I Don't Love You Like I Should," before closing with the mellow, pop elements of "In The Middle." To find out more about Mike Donehey and his latest release "A Father & Two Sons," please visit
Fellow singer-songwriter Olivia Flanigan recently released her debut solo album titled "Girl." It features eight songs, beginning with the title track "Girl," which has a classic seventies soulful vibe with a modern touch of energetic flair to give song a little attitude to enjoy. The harmonies are wonderful on the mellow backdrop of "HD," while Olivia's voice simply floats along the jazz/funk melody of "Mannequin." She wraps up her new album with the soft, quiet, emotional ballad "How Are You" and the upbeat, jazzy swing of "Sorry," as Olivia's delivery of the lyrics fits perfectly into song's nostalgic vibe. To find out more about Olivia Flanigan and her latest release "Girl," please visit

Finally we arrive at "The Chocolate Chip Mothership" from the Austin-based country duo, Box Turtle. Dalton and Lindsay Chamblee has crafted five new songs that have that warm, "homey" feel, beginning with the wonderful poetic lyrics of the title-track "Chocolate Chip Mothership," which feels like the perfect pick-me-up song when your feeling down. The album continues with the sweet, southern harmonies of "A Dedication To You," as the emotion and love come pouring out of the song's feel good melody. Box Turtle finish their new five-song EP with the six-minute, storied blues of "Sarsaparilla Mountain" and the beautiful emotion-filled "Take It All With You." To find out more about Box Turtle and their latest release "The Chocolate Chip Mothership," please visit

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