Tuesday, April 13, 2021

New Music From Jazz Artists Jeremy Monteiro, The Rebecca Kilgore Trio and Anais Reno

Jazz pianist Jeremy Monteiro has teamed up with fellow artists Jay Anderson (bass) and Lewis Nash (drums) for the new album "Live At No Black Tie." The nine song release is a mixture of originals and covers, beginning with Dave Brubeck's elegant "In Your Own Sweet Way," which is one of Monteiro's favorite songs to perform. Jay and Lewis allow Jeremy's piano work to lead the way, as they keep a steady pace to open the album. The trio continues with a couple more cover songs, the up-tempo vibe of "Just In Time" and the admiring touch of Duke Ellington's "Prelude To A Kiss," featuring a bass solo from Jay Anderson. Next comes a string of Monteiro's originals, included with swinging melody of "Mode For Love" and the be-bop flow of "Mount Olive." This amazing jazz trio wraps up their show with the quiet, gentle touch of "Life Goes On" and the exciting, energetic cover of Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man." To find out more about the "Live At No Black Tie" album from Jeremy Monteiro, Jay Anderson and Lewis Nash, please visit jeremymonteiro.onuniverse.com.

Another trio making their presence known is the Portland-based band, The Rebecca Kilgore Trio. Their new album titled appropriately "Vol. 1," features thirteen cover songs, mixing well-known classics with rare gems that the band turns into one of their own. The album begins with an homage to American pianist Bix Beiderbecke with "Dear Bix," as the trio introduces you to their smooth jazz sound. They pick the tempo up with the more familiar Johnny Mercer classic "Day In Day Out" and the more playful, swinging melody of "Run, Little Raindrop Run" from the 1939 film "Springtime In The Rockies." Rebecca adds some lyrics to the poetic ballad "Talking To Myself About You" and her husband, Dick Titterington adds some more depth to "Like The Brightest Star" with his performance on the cornet, along with Randy Porter on piano and Tom Wakeling on bass. The Rebecca Kilgore Trio wraps up their new album with the Rodgers and Hammerstein penned "The Gentleman Is A Dope" and "There's A Small Hotel" from the 1936 show "On Your Toes." To find out more about The Rebecca Kilgore Trio and their latest release "Vol. 1," please visit rebeccakilgore.com.

Finally, we have the debut album from jazz vocal prodigy Anais Reno, who begins her recording career with "Lovesome Thing: Anais Reno Sings Ellington & Strayhorn." Reno recorded this album last year, when she was only sixteen years old, but her vocals have a much more mature sound than what may have been expected. She begins with some scat-singing on the opener "Caravan," as her backing band (led by pianist Emmet Cohen) also lets their presence known on this iconic Duke Ellington track. The gentle flow of "Mood Indigo" showcases Reno's vocals well beyond her years, before becoming more playful with the light-hearted melody of "Still In Love." Band leader Emmet Cohen adds a bit of the blues to Ellington's "I'm Just A Luck So And So," as Anais' voice once again steals the spotlight with her sultry vocals. The album closes with the gentle, floating sounds of "All Roads Lead Back To You" and the swinging rhythm of "Take The 'A' Train," which allows Cohen to display his talents on the piano. To find out more about Anais Reno and her latest release "Lovesome Thing: Anais Reno Sing Ellington & Strayhorn," please visit anaisreno.com.

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